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(don't laugh) survivor conspiracy?

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posted on Mar, 10 2006 @ 02:55 PM
ok, first off let me i love this site and have been an avid watcher for a couple of years, though never had a reason to post til now.
at first i didn't think this was worth it but here goes....

on the television series survivor this season there was an interesting couple of contestants....
Misty Giles -engineer - ties to military - voted off
Terry Deitz -retired navy fighter pilot - still there
Dan Barry -retired astronaut - voted off last night

now had one of these people been on this show i would of
course think nothing of it...but the combination of all three
got me thinking...
also there in panama
also cbs -the eye -illuminati

could there be something in or around panama
that would involve / need such skills?
just a thought that i would put out there

this is my first post sorry if this should be in another forum
thanks all
-good hunting


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