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Abu Graib to close

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posted on Mar, 10 2006 @ 01:22 PM
Abu Graib, infamous since it was built, is to be closed and razed...something, considering it's history, that should have been done when we invaded. Will it change anything?
Abu Ghraib, the prison which will be forever linked with images of Iraqi detainees stripped naked and humiliated by their American jailors, is to be closed, US military officials said yesterday. The sprawling, low-slung prison in the western suburbs of Baghdad, a torture chamber under Saddam Hussein that gained even more notoriety with the photographs of abuse committed by US troops, is likely to close within three months.

Its 4,500 inmates will be transferred to other jails in Iraq - including Camp Cropper, the facility at the Baghdad airport where Saddam is being held. Lieutenant Colonel Keir-Kevin Curry, the spokesman for US detention operations in Iraq, told Reuters news agency: "No precise dates have been set, but the plan is to accomplish this within the next two to three months." He said the handover would take place in phases, beginning with the training of Iraqi prison guards.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Abu Graib, the location of what should be (considering all our high flung reteroic) lasting American shame, is to be closed and demolished within three months. It should have been torn down immediately upon toppling Saddam, since it was a symbol of his power and abuse, but no, we decided in all our arrogance to keep it going. If it hadn't bitten us on the arse with its horrific pictures of American abuse, we would still be using it. Sad thing is I doubt it will change anything...this administration has learned nothing and besides the damage hasa already been done.

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