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Patriot Act expansion may lead to national police force

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posted on Mar, 9 2006 @ 08:45 PM
Just what we need, our own Gestapo!

Patriot Act Renewal Includes Creation of a Federal Police Force

Patriot Police

What I don't get is that the first link says that they're just remixing a Gestapo in DC. I guess it makes sense, seeing how they put stuff on paper way before they put it out in the public arena.

Anyhow, the bill is what it is. It's not enough that the state and local police get militarized, but they gotta all go federal now? Here's a suggestion for some: it's pretty hard to lick boots when they're stomping all over you.

First Homeland Security, then detainment centers, now a SS police force? Nope, still no resemblance to Nazi Germany.

posted on Mar, 13 2006 @ 06:47 PM
I thought the FBI were the 'Feds' ?

Creating a national police force just creates a hydra with no local loyalties or ties...but hey, now theres an idea...If you don't live or come from an area, have no friends or family there eithere, wouldn't it be easier for you to 'do' your job and sleep easy at the end of the day?! Now I just have to think where that ideas fro..Its got to be either a communist Russia idea or Nazi Germany.. I'll have to go have a look.

posted on Mar, 13 2006 @ 09:13 PM
"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it"
A few people on here quoted that and it holds truer than ever, first nazi's then the Gulag, followed by the Chinese attempts and success in both, now the US is doing the same.
Still I am going to ask again but no one likes to answer it: What are you going to do about it?

As for the ones who say concentration camps are impossible ect ect ect. Its these freedoms that allow us to say all the BS we want..... etc etc etc...
Well ask them this:
Do you shoot the sheep or the herder?
If you shoot the sheep the herder just goes and gets more sheep.
If you shoot the herder the sheep become disorganized and no longer know which way to go or who to turn to. They will mule and bleet but wont fight you, they no longer have an icon to follow which they derive moral from. Its the herder who shows them what to do, where to go. If there is no herder well they dont know what to do.
No idiot in power would go after the people as a whole, they would go after the ones who ORGANIZE people against them, the ones who try and stop them basically leaders, they would leave the followers alone. After taking about three or four waves of leaders people will loose hope and stop protesting out of fear that they may be next.

Process of elimination
That sums up what they are going to do, not now but over the next 100 years or so. They are VERY patient and will make people think that whats going on is sheer greed, when its FAR more than that. Whats going on now is the prelude of a long book, one that has a bitter ending for those who love freedom. People keep looking at the small picture, and thus will never see the big one. Let me sum that up:
If you look at the water trickling around your feet you will think your in a stream and need only step a short distance to get out, but if you look up, you find your in a raging river, and if you step forward you will be engulfed in the river and swallowed up.
People need to stop looking at the puddle they are standing in and look around for once and see the whole not the one. Doom is imminent for those who refuse to see that there is more at stake than just freedom or lives. This is something that goes far beyond it, this is basically a game of chess for them and they hold the upper hand, we have no king, no queen, no rooks, no bishops and only one castle while they still have their entire arsenal at their disposal. We can win, but we need to stop sending forth the pawns and start working on strategy and realize the predicament we are in. What they are doing will affect the whole world, this is just one step towards owning the whole en-chillada, with the US under their thumb there will be NOTHING to stop them from moving north, south, east, or west. China tries to control them but their own short sightedness will kill them, they are playing into these peoples hands.

We need to start learning how to goose step and sing nazi national anthems because that will probably be next or something much like it.

posted on Mar, 13 2006 @ 11:12 PM
The Uniform division of the Secret Service has been around for some time.
US Secret Service UD

They simply protect the White House and other Federal Buildings in the DC area. They also have counter sniper teams, bomb detection K-9 units, Crime Scene Investigators, and emergency response units. The secret service can already make arrests nationwide. But they only investigate financial crimes. Which was why it was originally created, to stop counterfeiting during the mid 1800's. Any police officer can make an arrest without a warrant if a felony is being committed in their prescence as well as if they have probable cause, this has been around well before the Patriot Act. Its basic weve been going through this kind of stuff in my Police Operations and Constitutional Law classes. This article speaks as if they dont want police to be able to arrest someone who is commiting a crime in plain sight, just read the last paragraph of the article from prisonplanet and youll see what I'm saying.

posted on Mar, 14 2006 @ 05:33 PM

Originally posted by truthseeka

Patriot Act Renewal Includes Creation of a Federal Police Force

First Homeland Security, then detainment centers, now a SS police force? Nope, still no resemblance to Nazi Germany.

Nope. No resemblance.

Actually, with all that domestic wiretapping going on, we need a Federal Police Force.

Hmmm. Could this be one of the things O'Connor is worried about? ...and Feingold?

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