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True Earth Man

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posted on Mar, 9 2006 @ 07:01 PM
What will happen when a child is born who is of every race? What do you guys think he/she will look like? Could such a man be the next step in our evolution?

posted on Mar, 9 2006 @ 07:24 PM
Well, assuming that this person is of equal parts every "race" (and remember that the borders between races are themselves extremely blurred), you would end up with a person with a larger nose and lips, darker - but not black - skin complexion, and slanted eyes.

This is because the two largest populations on the planet, and the ones that have "affected" the gene-pool the most are: Chinese, Indian, African

Those are the three biggest populations around, and eventually, to quote Russell Peters (a Canadian stand-up comedian) "Everyone's just going to be a shade of beige"

This isn't "the next step" of evolution, people would just look different. Almost all people in the world are, for all intents and purposes, genetically identical. There is very little that seperates us. This is because the "human" species has been so MASSIVELY successful evolutionarily speaking that it has spread everywhere in an extrodinarily quick amount of time. Because of this, a cumulative human, so to speak, wouldn't be different in really any respect - and would actually probably look rather normal.

posted on Mar, 9 2006 @ 07:37 PM
Ah but that is where you are wrong. Every major ethnicity has it's own little quirks. If you are caucasian, you lack melanin which helps to adapt to the sun. Asians are genetically predisposed to being of a smaller frame. A person who has genes from every race or ethnic group would probably have the best of each.

posted on Mar, 9 2006 @ 07:51 PM
Or the worst of each...

Why should we assume the best?

posted on Mar, 9 2006 @ 08:44 PM
Positive selection?

The evolution of DNA.

posted on Mar, 9 2006 @ 09:35 PM
Ah, but evolution is also assuming a "forward" process. However, evolution simply favours that which survives as a species (either through resilience or reproduction). Sure some bacteria are able to survive and reproduce even in near-boiling water, but they haven't covered the globe. Why? Because other bacteria reproduce faster and out-compete the boiling bacteria. So although the tougher bacteria may be "better", evolution favoured the ones that consumed and reproduced faster.

So our World Man (I'll call him Toddd... with three d's to show off his massive mightiness) may have been born exactly equal of all parts of human sub-species in him. How did these parts get into him? Did we create him in a lab, or is it from people intermixing?

If it's intermixing, like I said, it's very unlikely for Toddd to be made of equal parts (due to the overwhelming number of certain sub-species in the world of humans). Also, it's unlikely that Toddd and his children would be superior, because evolution doesn't necessarily work that way.

However, if Toddd were lab-created, then who decided which parts of which DNA went into him? Because we are dealing with PARTS of every sub-species, and not the DNA of the whole. So we can bio-engineer him to be with the best parts of each, and none of the worse parts. Or we can make him with ONLY the worst parts (in which case he probably dies very quickly).

So why would Toddd be superior? If anything Toddd would simply possess facial and skin differences that could loosely connect him to other sub-species in the world.

Want a good example? Italians.

There really is no "Italian" sub-species of human. Why? Because Italians have been thoroughly intermixing with other humans for thousands of years. Italians in the south tend to possess more African and Middle-Eastern characteristics (this is where the "hairy" Italian tends to come from). These Italians generally have dark hair, dark (but not black) skin, and brown eyes. Meanwhile, Italians in the north come from more of the European stock - especially in the north-eastern sections where it is especially germanic. These Italians tend to have lighter skin, blue or green eyes, and many have blonde or light coloured hair as well.

They are all Italian.

Now, does this make an Italian inbetween them (say someone from Rome) better? No. These people have characteristics of both these Italians in them. This is where your standard American-Style Mafia Italian comes from... a kind of very natural looking person really (minus a big nose, and a craving for meat, wine, and cheese
- and no one can say I'm racist right now because I'm Italian! w00t!).

So Toddd is likely just some guy walking around between India and China, wondering what all this fuss is about.

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