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Canadian Medical Marijuana Ruling

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posted on Oct, 8 2003 @ 10:03 AM

Canada's law against possessing small amounts of pot came back into effect today after the Ontario Court of Appeal struck down parts of Ottawa's medicinal marijuana program. Federal regulations governing the program unfairly restrict qualified users in getting the drug, the court found. But it stopped short of the true goal for many marijuana advocates: striking down the law in its entirety.

The ruling also struck down a requirement that sick people get two doctors to validate their need to use marijuana as a drug.

The ruling also allows medicinal marijuana users to grow pot in co-operation with each other.
I think this is a good ruling is good in that it helps medicinal users because pot is pretty good for the stuff they use it for and it can be very beneficial to the user, but i'm not liking the reinstated recreational possession prohibition, however the marijuana decriminalization act is being pushed towards it's second reading in parliament and is expected to be read as soon as late this week.

posted on Oct, 8 2003 @ 02:14 PM
Why don't they just let anybody do whatever they want whenever they want right?

Let's turn this world into chaos!

Yeah man!

Pot is okay but what scares me is that some people can't handle it, that's all.

posted on Oct, 8 2003 @ 02:31 PM
great news for sick people. efficiency and ease will make a lot of people happy.

I can see the benefit of making recreational use and possession illegal, though im not entirely for the principal. The major reason i see for this are the incongruities of the outright ban on arresting recreational users.

For example, a person could smoke weed in school, in restaraunts and clubs and in many other places where cigarette smoking is banned. It caused somewhat of a hypocritical stance in favor of marijuana smokers that definately did not show any beneficial social stimulation or rationality (duh). As NEO puts it, ontario was in a state of "chaos," that had many people wondering if it was a joke. how can it be legal to smoke pot in school, but not cigarettes?

As far as the legalization of cannabis causing world chaos, yeah ok, now that seems probable... (I'm being sarcastic)

*Edit: Ok NEO, maybe not the legalization of weed, but i see what you mean. people will say, well hey, if pot can be legalized, why not legalize ___, or ___ and things slowly get out of hand. got it*

[Edited on 8-10-2003 by insite]

posted on Oct, 9 2003 @ 10:27 AM

Originally posted by THENEO
Pot is okay but what scares me is that some people can't handle it, that's all.

some people can't handle alcohol, it has no value for anyone's health, why is it legal at all?

anyways i live in ontario and i was in high school during part of the temporary legalization, it wasn't chaos, us pot heads didn't go out doing anything crazy, it wasn't legal to smoke pot at school, i dunno where u got that from, u can't smoke anything on school grounds legally, but legal or not it wouldn't affect people doing it at school or not cuz the people who are gonna smoke at scholol are gonna smoke whether it's legal or not, i don't think the temporary legalization really changed much, there was some pot heads who celebrated by smoking up outside police stations but thats far from chaos i must say. You truely believe they would have an unrestricted legalization of pot?? the act they were first gogn for had an age limit, 16, which i think is young but is still better than nothing, and if you think for a second that they are gonna let people smoke pot at school ur nuts, u can't even drink at school if ur of age, u can't do salvia divinorum at school either and it's completely legal

also about people thinking hey pot can be legalized why can't whatever else, whats stopping them from thinking it now? nothing

posted on Oct, 9 2003 @ 10:31 AM
Legalize all drugs.

The list of things that you can Legally inject into your bloodstream is far scarier than the list of things that are illegal to inject into your bloodstream.

The principal difference is that the illegal substances give some people a feeling of pleasure.

posted on Oct, 9 2003 @ 10:34 AM
uh banjochef, i got the idea that you can smoke pot in school with no legal repercussions from Cannabis Culture, the CANADIAN counterculture magazine. Ever heard of it? It's the most recent issue so go pick it up and read. In Ontario there were NO laws against marijuana, that means you could smoke anywhere you damn well pleased, whenever you damn well pleased. You should have tried it, the courts wouldnt have been able to do #

P.S. I'm for the legalization of all drugs. Treat addicts to hard substances like Crack, Crank, PCP, Meth's and Herron like victims, not criminals. But there need to be certain guidelines and regulations. You cant just let a 7 year old kid eat a roll with his daily multi vitamin. (*Extreme Example*)

[Edited on 9-10-2003 by insite]

posted on Oct, 11 2003 @ 05:12 AM
Just because there is no law that states you can't smoke marijuana in school, doesn't mean you can. Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think there is a law that states you can't chewgum in school, yet I wasn't allowed to. Ditto for wearing a hat in school. Schools have rules. In Manitoba the legal drinking age is 18. That means about half of Grade 12 students are 18 before they graduate. The government says they are allowed to be drunk if they want (granted they can't drive), but in my school you were not allowed to be drunk when you came to class. So I don't see them letting you be high when you come to class either.

posted on Oct, 11 2003 @ 05:42 AM
Damn what the #! Sucks for Canadians! Well people can still smoke, just not out in the open where people can see. Downloading songs is illegal, but doesn't make that a bad thing if it's against the law. Just you can't go out in the middle of the street and start downloading songs. Just do it in ur own private space. Nothing to worry about.

posted on Oct, 11 2003 @ 06:19 AM
Need to do 80 years study on the long term effects of marijuana use. What causes the users to think that they are one with each other and the trees .
much work needs to be done before this should be even thought about being legalized
Look at the negative sides of this drugs abuse and the eratic behaviour of the users.

posted on Oct, 11 2003 @ 09:26 PM
this why i don't trust our PM and his liberals they do dumb things like this

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