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Men's reproductive rights

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posted on Sep, 8 2006 @ 07:55 PM
"Women can go around having sex with whoever they please and are rewarded... not only with the grace of having a child, but with the guy's money to take care of it. "

the women usually end up with a lifelong commitment to a son or daughter...ya know, sleepless nights with collicky babes and so on....heck, my kids are for the most part grown...and well, I have one heading for IRaq, that I can worry day and night hoping I can find the time shuffling him around town while he looks for work, and a third, which I am sure, will find another thing for me to worry about....that grace you talk about comes with alot of worries, alot of responsibilities....
and ta lk about money???

between the three of them, they owe me over 200 bucks, close to half of which I borrowed to bail them out of this problem or that....

what you are asking for is risk free sex....a return to the good ole days where, hey if you wanted a kid, you made the commitment of marriage and started a family, if you didn't well, you settled for the dumber girls who didn't think to wait for that commitment, and then if pregnacy occured you just disappeared leaving the mother and kid to a life of proverty and shame.. why is it that teen boys can consider the number of girls they bed before graduation as trophies, but to the girls it's a shame? and how many times do you expect to have sex this month, and with how many girls? do you plan on have several girls on the side, all with signed contracts, or just one....

because the morning after pill is only something like 86 or 89% effective, and that's only after it is take within 72 hours of intercourse.....long before a women would know if she was pregnant! so how many times a month do you expect your girls to be popping pills that cause nasea and vomiting so you can enjoy your risk free sex anyways?

only the dumber girls are gonna be willing to accept your contract, and well, I'll warn you now, alot of these girls are so dumb, well, more than likely you won't be the only one they will be sleeping with I think you might be better off worrying about vd than about pregnacy!!!

oh, and just what brought the end to those good ole days of risk free sex to begin with......oh, ya, we thought we might be able to relieve some of that proverty, developed costly social welfare programs, and eventually, because of the cost of these programs, child collection enforcement to force men to take responsibility for some of those bastard sons and daughters that THEY HELPED bring into the world!!
sorry to be so callous, but by God!! it isn't nearly as callous as allowing your son or daughter to go without the necessities of life because you didn't want her to be born!

no god bllessed birth control is 100% effective! none of them...I know, I was on various methods of birth control when I had my last two children! if the attitude of some men ever become mainstream and accepted, I pray to God that every women in this country responds by using the only 100% effective method of birth control! abstinence!!

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