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Not everything is connected

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posted on Mar, 9 2006 @ 09:35 AM
David Icke is trying to solve a 10,000 piece puzzle. Unfortunately, he has 500 pieces from 20 different puzzles, and he has been trying to force-fit them to make one complete picture for decades.

He has a mix of legit as well as bogus information on many secret societies. He has made clever observations that the political leaders of the world also have their own private social/business meetings outside politics. There are also strange ways in which powerful people rise and fall and even die. There were at one time ancient cultures that practiced bizarre and cruel rituals. Almost every culture in the world has their own mythology about dragons.

Does it all have to connect? I think not, but ol' Davey does. He can probably sell more books that way - desperate people believe them, and curious skeptics can't pass up the opportunity to have a good laugh at a 300-page version of the National Enquirer.

Here is David Icke's biggest mistake which he keeps on repeating:

Scottish Rite Freemasons control freemasonry and the world.

What a joke. Here is one link that completely disproves his hypothesis:

The most important line on the page is this:

One must be a Master Mason to join, but the good part is that there isn't any memorization work like there is in the first three degrees. It is a very educational and enjoyable event. It is truly a series of lessons which capably round out one's Masonic knowledge.

The Scottish Rite does not involve some long, arduous climb up a socio-political ladder, or years of hard work mastering the arcane arts of witchcraft. You fill a petition for admission, you pay the initiation fees and lodge dues, and then participate in a two-day program in which the 4th through 32nd degrees are presented all in a row. Yes, there is another 33rd degree, but that is given to those who show a significant devotion to charity and service to their community... their vicinal community, not their masonic community.

So, it should NOT be a big deal if you know a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Freemason. All of them in the Scottish Rite are, and if someone isn't, it's because he had a heart-attack or severe diarrhea at some point during the two-day session and had to leave.

Another favorite of Senor Icke: The death/assassination of Princess Diana.

D.Ick. contends that Princess Di was the only member of the royal family that was not inhabited by blood-eating reptilian demons from the lower-fourth dimension, and that they killed her because she knew their secret and was fighting against them politically. Also, the Eternal Flame that they keep burning at her grave is a secret Illuminati symbol, and it is used to show the world that it was the Illuminati that killed her.

But I thought that the blood-eating reptilian demons from the lower-fourth dimension killed her? Oh that's right... they are the ones that must have appeared to Johann Adam Weishaupt and Adolf Freiherr Knigge and taught them the arcane knowledge needed to start the Illuminati. And, of course, these same blood-eating reptilian demons from the lower-fourth dimension are also the same ones that appear in ancient Babylonian sacrificial rituals, as well as every dragon story that ever existed.

So therefore, the idea that the Bavarian Illuminati was a group of intellectual free-thinkers with a moderate disdain for government and religion, and a strong opposition to mixing them, was just a cover-up for a new strain of reptilian infiltration.

And, naturally, the Illuminati want to induct members that have a lifetime of mindless devotion to ritualistic imagery, and so 33rd-degree Scottish Rite Freemasons are the #1 draft pick. Oh wait... I forgot... getting to the 32nd degree itself takes two days, negating the notion of a lifetime of mindless devotion to ritualistic imagery.

Anyway, David Icke has been very busy with his scissors, sandpaper, and wood glue in order to make his puzzle pieces fit and to create the next-biggest fantasy since the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Personally, I think he was huffing his wood glue.

posted on Mar, 9 2006 @ 10:22 PM
Good post. I always thought David Icke's ideas were a little weird. I'm into conspiracies but the whole reptile thing is a little bit much.

posted on Mar, 15 2006 @ 12:20 AM
Excellent post.

I've started trying to sort the "wheat from the chaff" concerning David Icke's ideas, but it's an arduous task.

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