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Iranian Special Ops in Israel – Sleeper cells waiting for activation

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posted on Mar, 9 2006 @ 08:18 AM
Israeli and Palestinian officials have information that leads them to believe there are cells of Iranian special operators waiting to be activated in Israel. They think that these Iranian operatives could have been in Israel for as much as three years.

The problem is, Iran and Palestine have the same agendas in regards to the Israeli’s, and I cannot imagine any Palestinian help rooting these cells out. It’s quite the opposite for certain, especially now that Iran has increased Palestinian relief money in the absence of the west’s support.

This is a tight spot for the Israel’s, I can imagine the feverish pace they must be operating at to catch the Iranian operators. I suspect an assassination attempt on Israeli leaders may be in our near future by these Iranian spy’s.

Iranian Spy’s

JERUSALEM – There have been some indications elite Iranian soldiers infiltrated Israel and established dormant cells in the West Bank to be activated by Iran at a later date, security officials told WND.

Israeli and Palestinian security services have searched in the West Bank for the soldiers, who are thought to be members of the Al-Quds Forces, the extraterritorial operations unit of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards, security officials said.

The Iranian agents may have infiltrated as long as three years ago with instructions to set up inactive cells in the West Bank that would become operational later, said the officials, adding they do not suspect the agents are regularly involved in current terror activity or in channeling Iranian funds to Palestinian terror groups.

"Their purpose would be to create an infrastructure for the day they are called to act against Israel," said a senior security official.

Not a fun time for Israel, no wonder why they are anxious to keep Iran from attaining nuclear weapons.

posted on Mar, 9 2006 @ 09:36 AM
Considering it was the Iranians that blew up the bierut embassy, i'm not at all suprised with this news.

Iran has always been a very dangerous element in the middle east mix with far too many western eyes turned away from this fact - Some may also say complicit in the covering up of this factor to middle east politics.

Theres a very scary book by Robert Baer (Ex-CIA Spook. Front line not desk warrior!) and his research into the iranian militarys actions inside the Israeli sphere is shocking. The books called 'see no evil' and its a great look at the middle east through his career as a frontline CIA operative.

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