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Muslims protest outside Ontario's Legislature

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posted on Mar, 9 2006 @ 07:50 AM

Adults and children took to Queen's Park with flags, posters and stickers at once expressing their love for the Prophet and their outrage at the cartoon depictions of him.

The Danish newspaper that originally published the cartoons, which included images of the Prophet wearing a turban made of a bomb, has issued an official apology, but to hear some of the Muslims on hand Sunday tell it, that isn't nearly enough.

“We’re never going to be totally free until Islamic law is the law of the world,” said one protestor.

It’s the hope of organizers that momentum generated from their protests will force the Canadian government to enact legislation preventing any further cartoons or illustrations of the Prophet Muhammad from being published in Canada.


The video is at the top of the site. The comment from the muslim man about not being free until islam is the law of the land is ludicrous. This is the problem with these folks, they do not want to abide by other countries laws and do not respect the seperation between church and government, these folks don't care if 90% of the world don't want to live under islamic law, they wouldn't be/feel free, they would have their rights and freedoms infringed upon, and at the same time these folks would feel free if that happened?! These people are loco.


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