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Who pays more?

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posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 10:15 AM
Yes. red dragon I understand what you are getting at. This is the way you divide your labor with your husband and to the two of you this is acceptable.
It is not acceptable to me. I am not looking for a abscence of Peace in my life only to accept great cost.
Peace is much more valuable to me than Piece.
There is nothing wrong with encouraging each other to do better at ones profession or even relaxation. That is a good thing.
What I am not intrested in is a woman who is so high maintenance that the home I return to at the end of the day is not a place of Peace for me. Where it is as busy and chaotic as the world outside. I can get chaos myself ..I dont need a woman or a woman and kids for chaos. I do not need a woman and kids to replace my need for Peace with thier consumption rates at the expence of Peace a career for me. Understand???
This is obviously a concept that has escaped many many women out here in lieu of their consumption rates of themselves and thier children. It has obviously escaped the notice of many they too are on this treadmill. I see this alot in the men with whom I often puzzles them but they are not groomed to think outside of female approval and trying out for approval....even unto thier demise.
I can get Piece and company without taking up with a woman..all day and night long. It is one of the easiest commoditys for a knowlegable man to acquire. Peace is very difficult to acquire and maintain.
Most of what passes for high maintenance women I am not intrested in simply because I know it means no Peace for me. They are alright for company once in awhile but not permanent.

Thanks for your post,

posted on Mar, 28 2006 @ 10:23 AM

Originally posted by croatianguy

Ive been going out with her for six years. Is this an old fashioned attitude to have? Im sure girls under 30 dont have this expectation anymore. Do I just happen to be going out with a girl that is in the minority with this view? I wouldnt know cause I havent dated another girl. Am I getting the wrong end of the stick? I know that she loves me, but then she uses the phrase "If you love me, then you would spoil me like other guys do to their partners."

To quote MP:

"Run away! Run away!"

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