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Intelligent beings?

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posted on Mar, 8 2006 @ 06:20 PM
So from what I gathered. People who lack intelligence are they more persuaded by the overall powerfull political system of america? News media I am sure plays a role in it as well. However..... I can just see the typical person sitting in front of a TV just sucking up everything the News Like Fox and Cnn feeds him. In the end I am sure he would have a very big oppinion as too what happens in the world today. I mean yeah I watch that News station Fox and Cnn only to laugh at the topics they have and really question there legit truth.

posted on Mar, 10 2006 @ 12:43 AM
Yep mind control is very real and it's everwhere
Most people can't see it though (which is why they're being controlled).

posted on Mar, 10 2006 @ 01:21 AM
Uh is intelligence exclusive to people that tend to be left wing btw? I mean if a person votes Democrat or Liberal then that means they are more intelligent than say a Republican or a conservative?

posted on Mar, 11 2006 @ 01:09 AM
More specifc, what if you don't lean either way? What if you do not vote at all? Are these the neanderthals of modern man?

I don't think intelligence is inhereted (which I think I misspelled) based upon deciding a party, or watching a certain news network, or voting, etc.
Rather, it is accumulated through social interaction and work ethic. A naturally gifted and intelligent person who practices poor study habits and displays a wealth of laziness will easily be overshadowed by someone who is not naturally gifted, born of the lower rank (generally applicable everywhere on earth) who instead of the naturally gifted individual, displays a strong will and desire to study, and therefore displays a stronger work ethic.

Having a strong work ethic I will assume will greatly enhance an individuals capablity in distinhiushing between rubish, down right pathetic and unbelievable material, therefore along thei succeptablity towards being persuaded by some powerful political system to be greatly diminished.

I think when an individual realizes that sitting in front of the boob tube 8 hours a day watching MTV or FOX NEWS is not going to cut it, that individual has taken the first step in establishing a work ethic outside of the armchair "I'll do it tomorrow" mentality. Or when an individual realizes that reading their favorite science magazine does not cut, or their favorite business report does not cut it and instead applies themself to a college to attend the appropriate classes, that individual has displayed something a large portion of the gerneal populous lacks: a curious mind.

Most peoples curiousity lies in "Can I make more money" "Will this make me more money" "If I make him more money will it make me more money". I think some people enjoy living vicariously through the television.

I recently saw a program on a health channel which cataloged the story of an excessively overweight woman's attempted triumph to lose weight (she was well over 600 pounds). She seemed like a very depressed woman, unhappy with her current status (which is why she allowed the producers to document her epic journey to the operating room, and I mean epic!). The woman stated that since she could not move about freely outside of her bed, all she is capable of doing is watching television all day long so she can know what is happening in the world.

HUMBUG! I thought. That is the best way this woman thinks she can asses what it going on in the world outside her apartment? That is pathetic, no wonder she is unhappy, not because she is overwieght, but because she does absolutley nothing. COnfined to a limited space 24 hours a day, I can think of much more enjoyable things to do. Read! She did not seem much of a reader. No magazines scoured about the room unlike what appeared to be television guides.

I said to myself 'Read some history books, art books, write poetry, sing, teach yourself number theory, write music based upon functions producing prime numbers every time for any given real number as the domain (don't think such a formula exist), do something that will burn some calories!'.

I hate to think it, but there could be potentially millions of people out there much like herself. No, not people that do not participate in the arts, but people who think all that is their's,their imigination, their knowledge, their means of transportation, only relegates them to watch tv everyday for a majority of time spent.

Creativity, use it wisely.

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