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Armed Raiders Target Swedish Airport

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posted on Mar, 8 2006 @ 08:06 AM
Several men each armed with machine guns have carried out an armed robbery at a Swedish airport. The gates of the airport with rammed open using a Volvo and a 4x4 belonging to the robbers. They then drove onto the runway of the airport, and stole a "large sum" of money from a plane which was unloading foreign currency. After the ordeal the men left a box on the runway with an antennae sticking out, sparking a bomb scare which led to the airport being evacuated and all international flights delayed.
The plane was reportedly a from London which was unloading a foreign currency into a security van. When baggage handlers started unloading the crates of money they were held up by the robbers, some who were wielding assault rifles. Two getaway vehicles were reported to have been used, which were found burnt out several miles from the airport.
"The robbery was extremely well organised. They are no beginners," said Hans Lippens, the police superintendent in charge of the investigation.
The plane was also carrying passengers who witnessed the robbery.
Ms Rosenberg said the passengers and other witnesses were being questioned while a police helicopter and several patrol cars were searching for the gang.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Without doubt this was an inside job. New reports claim Swedish police have already arrested a suspect in the robbery; only hours after the incident took place. We do not know how much money has been stolen; only that it was a big sum.

It’s quite strange the amount of robberies and heists to have reached the news in the last few weeks, the £53 Million heist in Kent seems to have sparked off a few more of these ‘security’ van robberies. I read this morning in the paper of another attempt to rob a security depot but failed.

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