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Why ATS Is Definitely NOT Corrupt...

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posted on Mar, 8 2006 @ 05:24 AM
I just read the Redpill thread accusing above top secret of being CIA...

It's a scary thought but let's remember a few things...
1. Most Membership of this site is free
2. Full members have all access to all the ATS threads
3. Every thread-post has an author which means if any law is broken they can be identified.

Now is it or is it not true that the government has some pretty powerful computers? Is it or is it not true that nearly every piece of mainstream software can be accessed by built in back doors?
Does anyone not think that software that can't so easily be accessed will be prime targets for CIA computer geeks and their budgets?

Recently I read that in the U.K telecommunications companies are bound by law to help MI5 with its investigations.

Just imagine that ATS is in fact a government website. What is the advantage?

I mean you have a site which anyone with a computer can join (this means CIA members as well as members of the public).
And you have computers with cooling systems bigger enough to walk through sitting in various government agencies throughout the world.

Yes its a scary thought, and its true.

I have always believed that there are government agents keeping tabs on this site (just like there probably are on any similar site). And it’s hardly a stretch of the imagination to think some of these people might have joined sites like this in order to prize out information.
Maybe they even try to sabotage other member’s threads and other member’s efforts?

I actually wonder if they would try to discredit the whole site!!!

But to say they would own it is just ridiculous. I thought the CIA was here to solve the problem of information not to contribute to it.
I'm not denying the idea wouldn’t make sense (if everyone's computer was limited to the processing power of a standard PC) (or if everyone’s hacking skills were the same as an average PC user).
Trouble is this just isn't so.

If Simon Gray is a CIA agent using taxpayers money to run a somewhat anti government service then good luck to him.
If he (and people like him) are just keen to leave the world a richer place for their existence than without it then we are lucky to share our world and our lifetime with them.

So surely this CIA-ATS advantage is quite ridiculous?

Another problem with this CIA theory is that there isn't nearly enough pornography, Celeb News and other rubbishy sections. (They could easily go into some extra (additional) section and would keep at least some people away from politics). (Not saying it would be all a bad idea though!!!)

On A "Separate" Note...

Does anyone here think Red Pill Press is a crappy CIA website designed to rubbish bigger better websites that aren’t subject to them (or their friends in "New World Order")? As surely this would be money well spent!!!

After all just look at the reaction it got, and the small amount of money it would cost to do.
Maybe this is a better idea than building up an anti government website from scratch and turning it into something enormous only to use it for everything you hate, and with no advantage over free membership and the already existing supercomputers and teams of fully paid hackers?

And why is the Red Pill Press site so selective about quality control? Oh to protect the public of course (ring any bells?).

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posted on Mar, 9 2006 @ 11:18 AM
Yeah, I've just read the thread

I agree that saying ATS is ran by the CIA is more than a little far fetched and the red pill press article sounds like a large bunch of sour grapes.

I am slightly concerned however about the treatment of the poster known as St Jude as it seems to me he was hounded and belittled by Moderators and posters despite the fact he told them time and time again that he had nothing to do with the red pill press article and only posted the original link because he thought members of ATS would be interested in it.

The thread reads as though nobody is actually reading his posts and the level of abuse he suffered should really be questioned.

I think it was admirable that he never backed down and stuck to his guns despite the opposition and it seems his stance might have cost him.

Search for any posts from St Jude after his last post on this thread and you won't find any and if he's been banned then why doesn't it say banned member under his name?

If he has been banned then I think a terrible unjutice has been done.

Anyway, I better stop now or the powers that be will coming ssniffing around me.


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