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Is the first nuclear-bomb test linked up with the Roswell event?

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posted on Mar, 8 2006 @ 03:32 AM

I am new on ATS and this is my first post. I dont think that there is a Topic about this theme.

On Google Earth i have looked for the Trinity-Test Site. This was the first nuclear-bomb detonated on earth. Date: 16-07-1945

The Roswell incident which happens on 06-07-1947 is about 110 miles in
the east of the Trinity-Test Site.

The Los Alamos Laboratory is about 155 miles in the north of the trintiy test site, where the aliens have been brought.

Maybe the Aliens have noticed the first nuclear-detonation on earth and decided to visit earth? We dont know what happens in a nuclear-explosion at all. Maybe the power of the detonation sends out gravitational waves, special em waves or whatever.

The Facts are that the roswell incident happens 2 years (travel-time?) after the first nuclear-bomb test in the very near (110 miles) of the test-site.
And since the roswell incident, the aliens have become so popular.

Is the Roswell incident maybe linked to the first nuclear-bomb test?
Maybe they want our nuclear weapons, or they try to stop that we will
destroy our planet with a-bombs. Or they had waited for the evolution of
humankind until they can divert an atom?
What do you think?
(Sry for my bad english

posted on Mar, 8 2006 @ 05:02 AM
If you hunt up the map co-ordinates (sorry I don't have them) of the second Roswell crash site, you'll find they are right on top of the Trinity Site. The co-ordinates are given in a communication from (I think) General Ramey. What's really odd is that the Trinity Site is never mentioned, only the surrounding mountain peaks are used for reference to the location.

The second crash site was supposedly where the bulk of the craft and alien bodies or survivors ended up. I have suspicions about the Trinity Site and whether it's really what they say it is.

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