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Interested In North Korea? Then Visit the Countries WEBSITE!!!

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posted on Mar, 7 2006 @ 10:10 PM
Wow! North Korea actually has a website…

It’s not one done about them but one made by them to tell world how wonderful they (and the Great Leader) really are…

Inside you mongrels of the capitalist system will learn how the country is desperate for foreign investment…
(Despite the lavish lifestyle of most North Koreans the country boasts of the some of the cheapest labour in Asia).

You may also learn about how you and your children can enjoy a holiday to this uniquely isolated country. Here are some pictures of what you might expect to see…

And 9 pictures from the 2004 tourist delegation:

You will have your own guide of course, and will be able to stay in some wonderfully imposing 80’s style hotels.

A lot of information contained on this site is easy to miss so here is a summary of your re-education...

Best Links…
1. I found the holiday video contained on this page kind of funny
2. By far THE BEST LINK (easy to miss)
3. This menu also contains over two pages of fascinating VIDEO’S (Some of these are kind of scary!!!)
4. Here is their more general information link:

Other Must Sees…
1. Other Links:
2. One of which contains Korean News (propaganda of course)
3. This link gives more detail about “mind over people power”
4. Here you can damn a few dollars by joining something called the Korean Friendship Organization (I found this a bit boring).
5. This link contained a video I couldn’t download
6. Some interesting engineering facts about the wall
7. Want to ask some government official a question? Then they gave me this email address (Be careful I'm not sure what might happen to them!)

North Korea is a democracy because its title is the DPKR (Democratic Peoples Korean Republic). And both great leader one and two have always worked tirelessly for the people…

But there are certain things you cannot take…
Among these are mobile phones and foreign music (you wouldn’t want to shatter any illusions would you?).
And like any country there are certain things you must not do. Amongst these are public demonstrations of affection and criticism of Great Leader (1 or 2). Sadly the North Korean legal links seem to have been removed.

Do Not Buy from Their Shop: It can be visited here but don’t buy any of their trashy stuff because you’re be supporting this amazing country (probably illegally too for certain nationals).

P.S I am in no way receiving money, food, political (and or) personal freedoms by promoting this site.

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posted on Mar, 7 2006 @ 10:58 PM
Ok, so they have a website, I'm astounded(insert sarcasm). I mean, I see your motive with this thread, its not that hard to see. I'm sure that there are some very nice areas in NK, and there are those that live a lavish lifestyle, though its not most of the people as you claim. You really believe that Kim Jong Il is not a dictator, why dont we go down memory lane and see how long he has been in power. Kim Jong Il and Kim Yong Nam are members of hte same party and ran unopposed in their elections, yeah, sounds real democratic to me.
North Korea
North Korean Govt K
Kim Jong Il has supreme power and no one else, has had it since his father died in 1994, he inherited it, he didnt get elected in.

I especially love the link for the library. Theres one piece in which Kim Il Sung(Kim Jongs father) speaks of abolishing nuclear weapons. Yeah, North Korea really followed down that road didnt they. He called for peace yet he was building up the NK military. For what? Most of the pieces are anti-american, japanese, democracy but well written I will give them. They almost sound like they mean what the write. Not to mention they are mostly written by Kim Il Sung or Kim Jong Il themselves, not much variety in that so called library. They dont seem to want anyone to read anyone elses ideas but their own, let alone think for themselves. Sounds like NK is the posterchild for freedom of thought, speech, religion(which the state controls to give the impression of religious freedom by the way), and the press.
You feel that North Korea has a free press, thats why they ranked 167th on the world free press index in 2005. They are in a free press "black hole," meaning that a free press doesnt exist. Its state controlled. Sorry to burst your bubble but I cant let anyone go on not knowing the truth.

And this link made me laugh.
Korean Wall
Let me get this straight, this wall was created by the "imperialists" and wasnt a result of the Korean war(in which the North invaded the South) and the political fallout after it was over. So I guess in your mind if the South doesnt want to live under the rule of the North then the North was justified in invading them? It was OK with you? And to tell you the truth, the wall as described there doesnt exist, there are smaller walls designed to obstruct tanks. There are also guard towers and mine fields there to seperate the large number or NK tanks and troops from SK. Another piece of NK propoganda.
Tank Barriers

All in all, I was somewhat confused as to what you were advocating at first. But as I read the links you provided it became clear. If you think North Korea is so lovely, leave the freedoms you enjoy in England and go live there. I'm sure you can enjoy the same life there you have in your home country.

Have a gander here and you will see what I mean.
Life in NK
Life in NK 2
Life in NK 3

posted on Mar, 7 2006 @ 11:27 PM
Let's put it this way, North Korea is still a country which must be respected eventhough they probably would want to nuke anybody that stands in their way. Yes, almost every nation would want to promote their nation as a tourism hub or at least an ideal destination for tourist to enjoy the world's natural splendors.

However, the very least you could suspect is those websites are in one way or another propaganda. It is to influence someone's thinking about that certain issue. I have seen a lot of hardships there through news and articles and the DPRK are in desparate need of help.

The way I look at them as a frail country in pressure by the big powers of the world and that frail country is trying to protect itself with a gun(nuclear weapons).

There's many good things that you can overlook if you are brainwashed by the ideas of others. For example, communism, I would probably guessed that many of you would instantaneously have the sense of enmity attached to communism. Why is this? Because U.S and it's allies have brainwashed the world with it's propaganda against communism during the Cold War.

Basically, communism is about definite equality and togetherness which is a very divine and graceful idea but look at how the U.S portrayed it in the cold war--evil and destructive idea. However, communism too has wrong way of portraying capitalism--money hungry and ignorant dog. See how people just uses the ugly side of someone to favour their objectives?

Too bad nowadays people overlook the good in others. I hear you, Liberal1984 but don't get too careless and indirectly follow them with your arguments.

posted on Mar, 7 2006 @ 11:41 PM
Sorry Ludachris but you obviously failed to notice some of my own sarcasm. Like how I’m not receiving food for doing this or my earlier reference to "mind over people power".
Neither might you have noticed my warning not to buy anything from their shop (because you will be supporting their amazing country).

And it is amazing right? The fact that a whole nation can be so isolated yet remain such an absolute prison for so long. North Korea interests me because I know that if enough people don't care about politics, or if some of our would-be leaders become too successful then perhaps we too might end up like that.

But the details in your comments where good. I had no idea that Kim was talking about abolishing all nuclear weapons and other details like that would be good. And yes of course you would be right if you said he's lying his ass of.

My motive is that I simply find this sort of propaganda fascinating as well as scary. It's like something out of par ell dimension.

You're a traitor to the will of the people Ludachris. Insulting great leader (1 or 2) will get you nowhere.
Should you have been privileged enough to have been born into a more ideal part of the world you would understand the truth behind the workers paradise differently. You would know that only great leader 1 and 2 can control the wind and make the people of this wonderful world kneel before them. You would know these things otherwise you would be shot as a traitor to what we mortals often refer to as the "greater good", and you're family would been re-educated (not just for their well-being but also for the good of this great nation). (End of sarcasm).

[edit on 090705 by Liberal1984]

posted on Mar, 7 2006 @ 11:59 PM
At times I couldnt tell if you were being supportive or being sarcastic. Damn all that wasted effort for nothing haha. I deduced from your links that you were being supportive and being sarcastic about the responses you were waiting on.
Anyhow, in the future lets leave sarcasm out of the begining of threads. I think you had another poster going as well. Its too confusing to have a thread start out that way, at least throw in the rolling eyes and such for effect. Oh well, till next time.

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