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The Potential Iraq Civil War

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posted on Mar, 7 2006 @ 05:58 PM
I know, I know. "It was the Shiites! It was the Shiites!" But this is ATS. We are smarter, and don't think that way. What if it wasn't the Shiites...

Both sides, the Sunnis and Shiites, have been attacked many times. Some of the attacks were performed so carefully and professionally, that it makes you wonder; How well trained are these terrorists? Are they so good that they escape into thin air, and our best Iraqi/American forces have no clue where they went? How do you explain the fact that they suspect, but cant prove , that it was the other side?

What about all of the anti-war advocates? The some 80% of countries in the world who disagree with this war?

Back to the main point...What if the Iraqis had nothing to do with these attacks? Come on...There are so many people who would want to make us fail in Iraq. And hey-What better a way to show the US's ultimate failure than to spark a civil war and force us out. The world would see our "Iraqi Freedom" war as a complete and total failure. Bush and his administration would be seen as disgraces to the US. The ultimate goal of some extreme anti-war advocate.

So what are these attacks? Was Iraq headed in the right direction, until those mysterious people who have screwed with our past time and time again decided that Iraq didnt need to be a Democracy? And if so, why?

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