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Site with tons of info on all major testing facilities!

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posted on Mar, 7 2006 @ 02:18 PM
Go here:

Information galore with addresses, pictures, descriptions, ect. Sorry if this has already been posted!

posted on Mar, 7 2006 @ 02:42 PM
Some might also find this interesting posted on ATS (off-subject)

Radio frequencies for Plant 42 (Palmdale, CA)
Frequencies (in MHz) (AM unless otherwise indicated): <

121.9 - Palmdale ground control
123.325, 123.425 - Lockheed - aero band
123.7 - Palmdale tower
124.55 - Palmdale departures
126.1 - Joshua Approach/Departure (I have heard controller giving private planes instructions on how to avoid Plant 42's and Edwards AFB restricted air space on 126.1)
149.505 (FM) - Plant 42 (now encrypted?)
153.025 (FM) - EG&G
153.2 (FM), 158.295 (FM) - Lockheed Corp. (I have heard Lockheed's fire department on 158.295)
163.4875, 163.5875 - Air Force SPs [used nationwide]
460.1 (FM), 460.525 - Palmdale Airport police
462.425 - Lockheed (security?? encrypted some of the time)
482.8625 - Los Angeles County Sheriff (Antelope Valley - it's always good to have local law enforcement in your radio, in case a base calls them)


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