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Change the kid's freakin' diaper for cryin' out loud!!

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posted on Mar, 7 2006 @ 01:21 PM
My boss' daughter came to our office today and brought her three kids, one 3 y/o and the other two 1 y/o twins.

So besides the fact that the kids are spoiled rotten and don't stop screaming and crying, one of the twins took a dump in his diaper that damn near cleared the place out. Basically our whole office now smells worse than the livestock show at the rodeo. The kid walked around with a dirty diaper for freakin' hours while mommy had to use the xerox machine. I kept dropping hints to her about how the place stinks like a sewer and that I wish she'd change his diaper but she never snapped to it. It's the boss' daughter so what can I do?

They've since left and I'm still wretching from the smell.


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