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Know what you are paying 4 computer hardware

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posted on Mar, 7 2006 @ 09:11 AM

I went to my local "Best Buy" to get a thumbdrive(micro USB Drive) they had on sale.

It cost $75.99-$20.00 "instant rebate" =$55.99.

The young woman who scaned the bar code initially came up with "that will be $150.00". I said no, it is on sale.

She said," oh, there is a rebate, thats the difference".

I said, "NO!, get your manager," She rescanned it and SURPRISE!, it came up $55.99.

The funny thing is I was talking to the guy inline behind me discussing how if you have the add, they give the correct price, if not they don't.

As you might guess, I was holding the add showing the correct sale price.

I am sure this was an uncommon occurance, but it goes to show you need to know what everything you buy costs and estimate the total while still inline-it will help prevent you from getting ripped off.


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