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the perfect way to reduce the population

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posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 10:43 AM
airtrax007, I'm a bit confused... What does all that have to do with the topic at hand? Let's keep it on topic.

posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 10:59 AM
I'm just trying to put eveything together into a nice package,i should have just posted the middle of the paragraph which states; The dessimination of biowarfare agents in America to reduce population needed a convenient cover and the "terrorists" scenario provided it.

scenerio ; Government induces bio-weapon's into the american public's food-water -air and inoculations.Then eliminates the one's who can cure these problem's.

Then they distract the american public with 911 and the gulf war to ensure that the population control system that they set in place has a way to mastasize.

posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 11:27 AM
Ok you asked for background info on the dead scientists, i copied a few but the rest can be seen here

In 1994, Jose Trias and his wife were murdered in their Chevy Chase, Md. home. They met with a friend of theirs, a journalist, before the day of their murder and told him of their plan to expose HHMI (Howard Hughes Medical Institute) funding of "special ops" research. Grant money that goes to HHMI is actually diverted to special black ops research projects

By Claire W. Gilbert, Ph.D., Copyright 1996
Blazing Tattles


If I had heard the news on Cable Network News a week earlier, I would have totally ignored it. I heard a non-English name I couldn't remember, and that he had been shot and killed, along with his young daughter, in LaJolla, California. He was dead behind the wheel of the car, the side window had been shot out, and the door was open. His daughter appeared to have tried to run away and she was shot dead, also. The hit was compared to other killings of Japanese in this country by muggers. What made my antenna stand on end is that the victim was an expert in abnormal proteins in Alzheimer.

ABNORMAL PROTEINS? I had just put together May Blazing Tattles with its EXTRA! on the Gajdusek bust by the FBI. (See Dr. D.C. Gajdusek and Mad Cows, Page 10.) I had already interviewed Mark Purdey in Somerset England twice by telephone. (See "Mark Purdey and the Mad Cows" on Page 9.) I was becoming familiar with the expression "abnormal brain protein." Is it a coincidence that scientists studying brain protein (a very rare area of study) seem to be having hard times?

As soon as I heard on TV "brain protein" and "there were no witnesses," I said to myself: "This is a professional hit. This is not a random killing by muggers." (My judgement was later borne out by a Reuters report [5/11/96, San Diego] which called the double murder "very professionally done.") I was also becoming familiar with violence against scientists and others victims who were all involved in one way or another with abnormal brain proteins. Some of them implicated a chemical in Mad Cow Disease and its species-transmissible form, including the human version, CJD.

Purdey's house was burned down and his lawyer who was working with him on Mad Cow Disease had been driven off the road by another vehicle and subsequently died. The veterinarian on the case also died in a car crash. Purdey's new lawyer, too, had a car accident, but not fatal. Dr. C. Bruton, a CJD specialist -- who had just produced a paper on the a new strain of CJD -- was killed in a car crash before his work was announced to the public. Purdey speculates that Bruton might have known more than what was revealed in his paper. The Brits have a tendency to knock each other off in car crashes it seems. In the US, we do it by drownings (See "William Colby and CIA dirty tricks, or, Did George Bush have a joint bank account with Saddam Hussein?" on page 15.) or shootings. Both the wives of Colby and Saitoh were out of town at the time of their husband's deaths.

What all of these have in common -- Alzheimer Disease (AD), Mad Cow Disease, and CJ Disease -- is abnormal brain proteins.

After I heard the news, I continued to listen from program to program to learn as much as possible. The victim's name is Tsunao Saitoh, aged 46. The name of his 13-year-old daughter's is Loullie.

5 Microbiologists October 4, 2001

A commercial jetliner traveling from Israel to Novosibirsk, Siberia was shot down over the Black Sea by an
"errant" Ukrainian surface-to-air missile, killing all on board. The missile was over 100 miles off-course.
Despite early news stories reporting it as a charter, the flight, Air Sibir 1812, was a regularly scheduled

According to several press reports, including a Dec. 5 article by Barry Chamish and one on Jan. 13 by
Jim Rarey (both available at, the plane is believed by many in Israel to have had as many
as five passengers who were microbiologists. Both Israel and Novosibirsk are homes for cutting-edge
microbiological research. Novosibirsk is known as the scientific capital of Siberia, and home to over 50
research facilities and 13 full universities for a
population of only 2.5 million people.

Jeffrey Paris Wall, 41 November 6, 2001

Body was found sprawled next to a three-story parking structure near his office. Mr. Wall, 41, had studied
at the University of California, Los Angeles. He was a biomedical expert who held a medical degree, and
he also specialized in patent and intellectual property

November 21, 2001: World-class microbiologist and high-profile Russian defector Dr. Vladimir Pasechnik,
64, dies of a stroke. Pasechnik, who defected to Britain in 1989, succeeded in producing an aerosolized
plague microbe that could survive outside the laboratory. He was connected to Britain's spy agency and
recently had started his own company. "In the last few weeks of his life he had put his research on anthrax
at the disposal of the [British] Government, in the light of the threat from bioterrorism.

From the United States, the story moves to England. On November 23rd, Dr. Vladimir Pasechnik, a former
microbiologist for Biopreparat, the Soviet biological-weapons production facility was found dead. The Times
was the only newspaper to provide an obituary for Dr. Pasechnik, and said:

"The defection to Britain in 1989 of Vladimir Pasechnik revealed to the West for the first time the colossal
scale of the Soviet Union's clandestine biological warfare programme. His revelations about the scale of the
Soviet Union's production of such biological agents as anthrax, plague, tularaemia and smallpox provided an
inside account of one of the best kept secrets of the Cold War. After his defection he worked for ten years
at the U.K. Department of Health's Centre for Applied Microbiology Research before forming his own
company, Regma Biotechnics, to work on therapies for cancer, neurological diseases, tuberculosis and
other infectious diseases. In thelast few weeks of his life he had put his research on anthrax at the disposal
of the Government, in the light of the threat from bioterrorism

Three more dead microbiologists: Dr. Yaakov Matzner, dean of the Hebrew University school of medicine; Amiramp Eldor, head of the haematology department at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv and a world-recognized expert in blood clotting; and Avishai Berkman, 50, director of the Tel Aviv public health department and businessman.

WATERBURY, Conn. (AP) - A 24-year-old Russian surgeon studying in Connecticut was fatally struck by a car as he fled a store with three stolen rolls of film, police said.

Doctors who worked with Roman Kuzmin at Waterbury Hospital said they were stunned to hear of his death Sunday evening and many couldn't believe the circumstances.

"I think that's rubbish," said Ted Kennon, a Yale physician who worked closely with Kuzmin. "I'd be very surprised if there was anything to that."

According to police, Kuzmin was carrying the film when he walked outof BJ's Wholesale Club in Waterbury and security guards chased him across a parking lot after an alarm sounded.

By the time two police officers arrived, Kuzmin had fled into aravine that runs along Interstate 84, Capt. Paul Bruce said. When the officers' flashlights came upon Kuzmin, he scrambled up the embankment and onto the highway.

"The officers warned him to stop, not to go into the highway," Bruce said.

Kuzmin left Vladivostok in September to study orthopedic surgical techniques at Waterbury Hospital under a Keggi Othopedic Foundation program. Dr. Kristaps Keggi, who organized the program, said Kuzmin was "very able, very bright - a superb student and a superb individual."

Keggi said he thought it impossible that the young man would steal. He said Kuzmin was so honest that he refused to take toilet paper from the surgeon's lounge when he ran out at his apartment.

Dr. Benito Que was found comatose on a street in Miami, FL. He had left his job at a research laboratory at the University of Miami Medical School, apparently heading for his Ford Explorer parked on NW 10th Ave. The Miami Herald, in its only story on Dr. Que, referred to the death as an "incident", and quoted Miami police as saying his death may have been the result of a mugging. Police made this statement despite saying there was a lack of visible trauma to Dr. Que's body. Among Dr. Que's friends and family there is firm belief that Dr. Que was attacked by four men, at least one of whom had a baseball bat. Dr. Que's death has now been officially ruled "natural", caused by cardiac arrest. Both the Dade County medical examiner and the Miami Police will not comment on the case, saying it is closed. The public relations office at the University of Miami Medical School says only that Dr. Que was a cell biologist, involved in oncology research in the hematology department.

December 10, 2001: Dead microbiologist: "Dr. Robert Schwartz, 57, was stabbed and slashed with what police believe was a sword in his farmhouse in Leesberg, Va. His daughter, who identifies herself as a pagan high priestess, and three of her fellow pagans have been charged." [Globe and Mail, 5/4/02] All were part of what they called a

coven, and interested in magic, fantasy and self-mutilation. The police have no motive as to why they would have wanted to kill Schwartz, who was a single parent and said to be very close to his children. Schwartz worked at Virginia's Center for Innovative

Technology on DNA sequencing and pathogenic microorganisms.

Dr. Robert M. Schwartz was a founding member of the Virginia Biotechnology Association, and the Executive Director of Research and Development at Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology. He was extremely well respected in biophysics, and regarded as an authority on DNA sequencing. Co-workers became concerned when he didn't show up at his office, and he was later found dead at home. Loudon County Sheriff's officials said he was "apparently" stabbed. It has been theorized that Dr. Schwartz may have interrupted a burglary in progress. Nothing, however, has indicated that investigators found evidence of unauthorized entry, or anything missing. An adult and two teen-agers have been arrested in the case. The three are said to have a fascination with both swords and Satanism, and the murder may have been part of a ritual. The Loudon County Sheriff Criminal Investigation Division will not release any additional information on the case, which remains open.

Loudoun law enforcement authorities said the three piled into a black Honda Civic on Saturday and drove in the rain up the steep, winding dirt road to Robert M. Schwartz's isolated fieldstone-and-log farmhouse. Authorities are uncertain what exactly went on inside, but they said that Schwartz, 57, was stabbed and slashed repeatedly with the sword and that an "X" was carved in the back of his neck. County officials will not comment on a motive in the slaying. They said the three suspects are acquainted with Schwartz's younger daughter, Clara. Law enforcement sources said detectives are investigating whether Robert Schwartz may have been killed because he would not allow Clara to associate with the others. Clara Schwartz has not been accused of any wrongdoing.

"Set Van Nguyen, 44, appeared to have died after entering an airlock into a storage laboratory filled with nitrogen. His body was found when his wife became worried after he failed to return from work. He was killed after entering a low temperature storage area where biological samples were kept. He did not know the room was full of deadly gas which had leaked from a liquid nitrogen cooling system. Unable to breathe, Mr. Nguyen collapsed and died."

Now for the intriguing part of this story. On Friday, November 2nd, the Washington Post reported:

"Officials are now scrambling to determine how a quiet, 61-year-old Vietnamese immigrant, riding the subway each day to and from her job in a hospital stockroom, was exposed to the deadly anthrax spores that killed her this week. They worry because there is no obvious connection to the factors common to earlier anthrax exposures and deaths: no clear link to the mail or to the media."

The name of this quiet 61 year old hospital worker was Kathy Nguyen.

posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 11:35 AM
consider some factors...
true, this is not a hugely significant number of any industry deaths..

but the number does not matter as much as the few suspicious deaths that are among all the list. There are a few that are quite obviously poorly covered up suicides, and "cleaning jobs".

If we were to look at the significant factors of these few unusual deaths (among the many) then we might see a true pattern of a particular company or network of companies that IS hiding research.

throwing in every scientist that died just pollutes the data as far as i can see...

also, this indicates that it is a UK and USA plan (and perhaps other nations)... So is there some overseas ties with certain "infamous" companies that indicate a network of a few, that are in the know? (perhaps skull and bones connections)

also... remember, that some wierd deaths may NOT be connected...

people as a whole take risks, and deal with shady people once in a while...
I.E: a random scientist being suicided could always be a gambling debt gone bad, as much as a coverup.
so random "one time" wierdness can be disregarded in building a connection case...

But impress me... show some connections between the more obvious "leak cleanups" and see if there is a connection...

but easily half that list is just simple "death happens"
so lets refine that list...

good reporting, but i want to see more diligence...

posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 11:42 AM
Researcher’s Leonard Horowitz and Patricia Doyle have catalogued the extensive involvement and control by HHMI of research on the human genome. At least six microbiologists in that field with ties to HHMI have been murdered or died mysterious deaths (five since 9/11/01).

Associated with Howard Hughes Medical Institute

posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 11:51 AM
A common thread in the fabric of this web is the presence of two giant foundations; Battelle Memorial Institute (BMI) and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Billions of dollars have been funneled through these institutes to universities, private companies and individual researchers in the bio-genetic field of scientific effort. The money comes from government grants, contracts with various government agencies and from their own huge endowments. Both have extensive ties to the CIA and other government agencies involved in classified operations.

In a three part series (Anthrax, GOCO’s and Designer Germs) detailed Battelle’s management, or co-management of four super-secret government installations, one of which (Dugway, Utah) stockpiles and has produced weaponized anthrax.

One of the undercurrents in the development of the ability to change genes is the documented effort by scientists in several countries (including the U.S.) to turn the science into production of deadly designer diseases that attack only specific segments of the population.

According to an undercover FBI informant, American scientist Larry Ford (who had ties to the CIA) designed an agent for the South African bioweapon program that would affect only blacks. Ford later was considered a suspect in the attempted murder of his business partner and himself died from a shotgun blast that was ruled suicide.

One of the concerns of researchers, is that such bioweapons may have been perfected and the spate of some fourteen or fifteen scientists’ deaths is merely a cleanup operation eliminating those who know too much or are potential whistle blowers.

A second concern is with the vaccines and other "defensive" agents being hastily contrived. Could any of them actually contain dangerous designer genes? As states adopt the model Emergency health legislation, combined with the 1996 interstate emergency assistance compact, procedures will be in place to compel vaccinations under threat of detention in a different state.

These (unconstitutional) "emergency" procedures only require the declaration of any emergency by states’ governors. In the case of a health emergency, only a perceived threat is necessary, not an actual outbreak. And who will announce the existence of a "threat?" Odds are it will be Homeland Health.

posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 12:04 PM
Howard hughes himself was rather involved with CIA black ops...
maybe they made him an honorary spool (spook tool) so that they could use his many companies to funnel money and projects...

it seems to be the case... I beleive that also includes Raytheon co.

which would maybe lend another angle to the global warming scientists being silenced... (there are a heck of a lot more of those, so murdering them wouldn't be easy... shutting them up is though...)

But back to topic... It all revolves around DNA research... which is a very big bag...
Genetic specific bioweapons would be a realistic possibility...
and would require strict "you talk, you die" type secrecy...

Also (I am sure Soficrow would agree) maybe there is already a doomsday scenario on the board regarding the little understood Prion diseases, Ie: mad cow, CJS, many others...
(IMO that is what the cattle mutilations are about).

Good research and documentation...

one suggestion... small bites... easier to digest...

posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 12:29 PM

Originally posted by bsl4doc
So you think some invading aliens would be smart enough to travel possibly millions of light years, hatch a plan to take over the planet, but somehow their medical science is lagging a litte behind ours?


Obviously not if you read the entire post. Point is my ridiculous theory is no less credible than the originals theory.

posted on Mar, 21 2006 @ 01:15 PM

Originally posted by LazarusTheLong

Also (I am sure Soficrow would agree) maybe there is already a doomsday scenario on the board regarding the little understood Prion diseases, Ie: mad cow, CJS, many others...
(IMO that is what the cattle mutilations are about).

I agree that cattle mutilations probably are about tracking Mad Cow but don't think prion diseases are a "doomsday scenario" - I think it's the story of evolution. ...Ie., it's known that prions hitchhike on microbes like viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma etc - and now it looks like new hybrid species are emerging, mediated by prions.

We are back where we were before we had antibiotics and anti-virals - cuz what we have doesn't work any more.

Thing is - we are mutating and adapting too - even though most mutations are not visible. I'm hoping we adapt fast enough to stay ahead of the germs.

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