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posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 09:56 PM
I'm sorry if this thread's going to be closed as well but I just had to know the purpose of this..

How come Romania's Army suddenly became so hi-tech??

Romania: 100 lenticular gravitational air vehicles,standard issued with:
2 plasma projectors
2 heavy lasers(10MJ each)
one magnetic field/cloaking field
antigravity engine (*EMP native)
1600 tanks .standard equipped with:
1 plasma projector
1 heavy laser
magnetic field/cloaking field
5 frigates ,British manufactured and re-equipped with:
5 heavy lasers
10 plasma projectors
two magnetic fields/one cloaking field
jump engine
2 submarines,equipped with:
antigravity engine
jump engine
10 heavy lasers
10 plasma projectors
one magnetic field
4 armies ,each having 4 army corps,each having 4 divisions,each having 4 brigades,each having 4 regiments,each having 4 batallions,each having 4 companies,each having 4 platoons,each having 30 men


And subs with anti grav?
Jump engines?? Like the 'Pogo stick' jump?

This is the Romania I know:

Air Force OrBat


posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 10:33 PM
It didn’t, its just the work of someone who had way too much time on their hands, and of someone who frequently watches Star Trek, Star Wars and UFO shows.

[edit on 6-3-2006 by WestPoint23]

posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 10:41 PM
if you read his original post it was a future not a current war one

posted on Mar, 7 2006 @ 12:04 AM
My bad.. but then shouldn't have all the forces advanced accordingly?

posted on Mar, 14 2006 @ 05:50 PM
Well,I don't have to much time,because every night I have to read the elucubrations of people saying WW2 and holocaust never existed,to name a few ,in order to discerd very precious and little infos and save the sorry asses of some people recently.
Other then that,I do this since 1999,and last 5 years I had sleepless nights ,I wrote 500 emails to various morons in leadership positions.And well,most people do not believe me,some say I'm crazy,of course I don't have all the links all over the net where I read all this info about secret societies and secret techs and so on
..But if watch closely the people on this forum,most of them are soldiers who indeed did not have the time to inform themselves and believed all the political crap they saw on TV ,believing that their profession is everything worth knowing
Well,I'm a politician,i like to think that's the most important job on the planet,but recently I surfed military true forums,like and read ,humbly,what other people knew and I don;t

The only thing I learned in communism ,after swearing on the red-yellow-blue flag my oath 20 years ago,(in april,ok) as a "country pioneer" was that if you have a piece of info and don't share it with others it;s worth a rat arse;next day you could be dead or imprisoned.

To answer your question ,Daedalus:
1898: a merchant discoveres that rotating weights weight less
1919:first flying saucer
1951:laser "rifle"
59?heavy lasers
1966:plasma projectors and magnetic fields
1968:Russian forces are pulled back of Bucovina(tank melting???)
1973: cloaking
1979: city-large shield
antimatter,jump engine(hyperspace)

posted on Mar, 15 2006 @ 04:03 AM
I really want to see some picture's of this weapons or some link's or anything. I know the much of Russian tech. left in Romania, but high tech. i don't beliave. Serbian army with Romanian army made Soko aka IAv Orao aka IAR-93 warplane.
That what i know.
Make me bealive.

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