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The beginning of the Journey...

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posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 04:34 PM
Hi David,

One question I have always wanted to ask you was, what was it that started you on your journey? What event, or series of events were they that privately impelled you to step off the path you were on, and take the path you have trod now for many years?

For myself, it has always been an inner sense of 'knowing' something that during my youth I could neither put my finger on, nor articulate, but the 'sense' has never left me. Even today, whilst considering myself much wiser, and more considered in my discernment, the sense of wonder at mine own existence - ie, the imponderables - still has me looking for a response that I can accept with full satisfaction.

I have always approached life philosophically, and philosophy, has always approached my life, thus, man and inquiry became friends in mutual correspondence and searching. If there is one main issue in my life that I have felt impelled towards, it would be to relay a message that I consider to be the most self-empowering enlightenment one can allow to blossom and bloom within one's heart and soul, and that is...we do not die into oblivion, but continue a post-mortem conscious existence after transitioning through physical organic death.
It has taken me nigh on twenty-five years of (lay) study to finally accept this, as I tend to also approach subjects from a (lay) scientific (but open-minded) discipline.
I am currently working (writing) on a hypothesis that I am going to post here on the ATS board, detailing how I consider consciousness to arise. This hypothesis is derived from my search for a mechanistic (but not materialistic) explanation for how the mind and body interface. I think it will pique your interest, as I feel that it buttresses a lot of what you have been saying regarding frequencies and wavelengths. I call the hypothesis 'quantum-wave resonance correspondence' (QWRC).
I have already discussed it piecemeal elsewhere on other forums and have met with mixed reactions and responses, some positive, some negative, so I'll see what (if any) response it garners here.

One more thing. For some reason, over the last few weeks, your name has been appearing in the scope of my perception quite synchronistically. I've opened magazines and there you were; I dropped a book on the floor at my library, only to have it fall open at a page where you are mentioned, and of course, you have popped up at a number of websites I visited (and I have visited yours).

I cannot say that I fully agree with all you speak on, as I do not have within mine own experience what you have within yours, but I am glad you have stuck to your guns, even through all the criticism and ridicule. In the end, the message is the only thing that is important, what is done with it is up to those whom hear it.

Best wishes


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