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posted on Mar, 14 2006 @ 09:20 AM
Time and Space has a rate of frequency which is different to any other point in time and space....... just re-create that frequency and you have a joining of those two points.... so thus, time-travel and long distance travel is possible.

Also, there are alien crafts capable of travelling in Hyperspace (the reality USS eldridge went into when it dissapeared-reappeared)... if your mind is in conscious state, and in Hyperspace (which can be done) and you see a purple object in this realm, it indicates a craft in deep space travel.

Since 1969, majority of UFO sightings are 4th Reich, Secret Govt and Blue Beam Projections....... before 1969, there was more actual alien activity..

Kind Regards

posted on Mar, 14 2006 @ 09:30 AM
Evidence that the 'aliens' are more intelligent than us:-

Based on reports, they could mass manufacture crafts that exhibited flight dynamics that NO ONE on earth had mastered before even today! That alone proves that they are fully capable of rationalizing and critical thoughts to leap over boundaries we humans are incapable of at the current moment. If such 'aliens' are humans, rest assured that greed alone of human nature will NEVER allow such secrets to be secret for such a long time ( almost centuries )

Thus 'aliens' being intelligent in practical flight dynamics, it would not be too far out to make claims that they are capable in other areas of theoratical and practical applications of rationalized thinking such as social progress, medical advances, etc..

And being intelligent, how dare we compare our own miserable selfish egoistical grey matter conceptual thoughts we presumed as intelligence to theirs when we are still dependent on fossilized fuels to make that leap into the blue yonder, and have not even found a cure for the common cold?

posted on Mar, 14 2006 @ 03:34 PM
For perspective, lets look at our modern aircraft. In the dark ages, who would belive you if you said there was a flying machine that could lap the world in less then a day? They would think it physically impossible, and call you crazy for thinking of it. We have the same thought pattern here, assuming that because we haven't found a way to do it, its impossible. Humanity hasen't even gotten CLOSE to FTL travel, so right now its just a few dead germans telling us that we can't do it. (And by the way.. When Einstien made this theory, Mr.Gagarin was still being paraded around the SU)

posted on Mar, 14 2006 @ 09:03 PM

It is highly unlikely that aliens have taveled milions of lightyears to visit earth (1 lightyear = the distance light tavels in 1 year and nothing can travel faster than the speed of light THAT'S 1 OF THE LAWS OF MENY PHYSICS) i.e. the jurny would take thousands of jenarations.

Many modern physicists would disagree. While our current understanding of physics does not allow for exceeding the speed of light, it does allow one to circumvent it...(i.e. wormholes being one theoretical example). Also, WE are dedicated enough to go out in space for a multi-generational space trip, so it seems any others might be as least somewhere in the Universe.

The idea that older races than us lie in the stars is not only possible, but a statistical probability. It is also probable that they've developed on a similar exponential technology curve, and therefore may have developed interstellar travel.

UFO's are more likely TSGP's (Top Secret Goverment Progects).

One major flaw in that theory...they've been seen prior to manned flight, and some of the largest UFO flaps were seen by numerous military witnesses well aware of our flight capabilities...and some of these craft defied what we can do even now....

if you compare a pilots fool face mask (designed for high altatude) with a alian head the outline is exatly the same so if somthing is experamenting on us it is the goverment.

Exactly is a pretty strong term...and to assume that one cannot tell a pilot from an alien being is a pretty big stretch. The government is still trying to convince us that we somehow mistook 6' human dummies from tests that happened 5 years after the event for 4' tall alien beings.

also moast all UFO sightings are near goverment baces (area 51 in picticualr).

Many are, yes...but not all... Also, same issues...sightings before manned flight.

Dose any one agree/disagree with me?

Do you still agree with your original position?

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