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blacks ,whites, the in between and evolution

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posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 01:23 PM
Ok here you all go. I dont know exactly where to start with this but ill do my best. Ill have a couple of questions for you all to answer. all dont need to be answered.

1. If everyone walked out of Africa who was created first. Someone dark or someone light?

2. Would evolution play a part in this to make people darker or lighter at some point?

3. If you believe that aids is man made. Then was it really developed to kill of blacks and homosexuals. And why?

4. Who was Noah's father? I just cant remember his name, but didnt noah's father question the paternity. The reason for this i hear is because noah's skin and hair where white meaning Noah's parents must have been dark skined thats a funny one.

5. Was it Rome who oraganized the christian crusades? That would be funny see as how they are involved in killing chrst

Lastly if aids made to kill blacks how would that benefit the new world order or the illuminati.

posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 01:47 PM
1. Most likely dark skinned as that logitude has a lot of sun light and dark skin prevents a vitamine D overdose (D is catalysed by sunlight). The fact that most people with pale skin freckle or burn when in sunnier areas makes this pretty certain.

2. Yes, Logitude determines what is most benefitital. The longer a group is in an area, the more their skin tone reflect that. In the far north where is it darker, the light skin live longer and survive better. Toward the equator, the reverse, those with dark skin have less chance of sun damage.

3. I doubt it was man made. And unless someone made it themselves, they can't answer this question. The question will tell you more about the person answering it than anything else.

4. Noah was semetic, thus he probably had a dark tan skin. Middle estern Hebrews have dark tan skin as well, most of those who immegrated from the north (mostly after WW2) are lighter. I HIGHLY doubt noah's skin or hair were white, where did you get that information?

5. Rome was pretty much just another big city by the time of the crusades. Though it was the Roman Church that helped push for it. Also, they weren't involved in killing Josua son of Joseph (aka Jesus), those people were dead almost a 1000 year earlier. Thing and people change over time. Rome circa 33AD has little in common with Rome circa 900AD which has little in common with Rome today.

posted on Mar, 9 2006 @ 05:00 AM
Some people say aids was created by the CIA to control world population, others say it was part of a Polo cure which went wrong, the vast majority of people say its microbe evolution.
But I bet with global warming this thing will be done for real in order to turn 3rd world food consumers into food exporters for the West (that's if the amount of land available for groups is reduced too quickly).

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