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Artificial muscles and polymer modifications.

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posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 12:37 PM
Allright, this mornign i started looking into some new technology that i heard about a while ago to see what progress had been made in this department.

Heres what i was thinking. I saw something somewhere about a year or two ago about artificial muscles, they were in research on how to make things respond to electricity.

Similar to real muscles, only made from non organic materials.

They have some interesting new things though like the use of nitrile gells and carboxyl gells.

I haven't quite got a solid understanding of the science behind this yet but i understand the ideas and applications of such things.

One idea was that this caould be integrated into a suite made of say neoprene or something and used to amplify strength and speed in a human.

The only problem is however that the artificial muscles have the potential to be very strong so neoprene might lack the needed support.

Also this stuff is great in the manufacture of prosthetics.

heres a couple links.

polymer modification for artificial muscle

wikipedia search results for polymers

This is the arm wrestling of robot and human lol.

robotic arm wrestling match against a human.

So who knows what about artificial muscles and has thought of some applications for them already. androids possibly?


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