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Amazing, real animals

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posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 10:39 AM
I read about an amazing animal last night and wondered why I had never heard of it before since it absolutely shocked me what this bird is capable of doing. How many other amazing animals are out there that I had never heard of before? Many, I am sure. That is why I am starting this post ...

What is the most amazing, real animal you have ever heard of?

The animal which inspired this thread is the Bowerbird.

It is a species of bird in which some male types build these decorative avenues (bowers) to entice a female to mate with him. Some build bowers and then proceed to mix pigments and paint the walls of their bowers! Some types, like the Vogelkop bowerbird build large huts like in this picture:

Here is an informative site on them with great pics:

If you know of an amazing animal, will you share it? Post pictures if available also. Thank you!


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