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London Zoo - Masonic PSYOP

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posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 09:53 AM

Freemasonry and Science

Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles

Regents Park, home of London Zoo, is one of inner London's most famous and popular Parks and was landscaped by John Nash, Crown Architect and friend of the Prince Regent. Incorporated into the design of the park are a set of paths forming a pentagram and in this online map of Regent's Park, note the centre of the park features an Inner Circle and Outer Circle. Note also that the paths drawn on the map don't fully represent the paths forming a pentagram, as shown in this aerial photograph:

If a closer look at Freemason Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles' Zoological Gardens is taken, the outline of London Zoo forms a pyramid and placed within the uppermost angle of the triangle, is Barclay Court Pond, obviously representing the all seeing eye (illuminated at night!). Inside the left angle, of the pyramid shaped zoo, compass and square geometry can distinctly be noticed. This geometry forms Bear Mountain, where Sloth Bears and Monkeys can normally be seen.

The Zoological Society of London was founded in April 1826 by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles and other like-minded individuals. Raffles was also the first President but died shortly after assuming his post in July 1826, one day before his 45th birthday; the organization lived on. The purpose of the society was research, studying animals in the comparative freedom of a leased site in Regent's Park. They intended to have a collection of living animals, a museum with prepared specimens, and a library. The zoo was meant primarily for scientists and the public was admitted by entrance fee as a means to finance their research.

Source with further information and pictures...

The Zoological Society had originally wanted the Inner Circle of Regents Park (source, with 1846 Map) to be the location for London Zoo (later taken by the Botanic Society) but had to be content with the northern location by the Regents Canal, adjacent to the Outer Circle ring road, in the Northeast corner of Regents Park. Inner and Outer Circles Map

In "The Jungle Book" (written by Freemason Rudyard Kipling), "Pocahontas" and in "The Lion King", Disney studios (founded by Freemason Walt Disney), repeatedly resurrected the theme of monarchy and the "animal kingdom", subtly reinforcing the belief that the hierarchy of relationships, promoted by bourgeois culture, are some kind of natural law.

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