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Blackstar Spaceplane Shelved?

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posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 09:37 AM
Aviation Week & Space Technology is reporting that a secret government spaceplane codenamed "Blackstar" is being shelved due to budgetary constraints. AW&ST says that they are coming forward with information on the project because of the reported shelving of the program.
For 16 years, Aviation Week & Space Technology has investigated myriad sightings of a two-stage-to-orbit system that could place a small military spaceplane in orbit. Considerable evidence supports the existence of such a highly classified system, and top Pentagon officials have hinted that it's "out there," but iron-clad confirmation that meets AW&ST standards has remained elusive. Now facing the possibility that this innovative "Blackstar" system may have been shelved, we elected to share what we've learned about it with our readers, rather than let an intriguing technological breakthrough vanish into "black world" history, known to only a few insiders.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

If indeed Blackstar is real, it would be a shame to shut the project down simply because of funding problems; especially considering NASA's ongoing problems with the shuttle program. Of course the other possibility goes back to the SR-71 program's shutdown. I've always said that in order to shut down the Blackbird they must have something better and if Blackstar is real, that proves it. Therefore it stands to reason that by shutting down Blackstar, they must have something better!

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