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WWIV scenario:Romania/USA/Israel vs Russia/China/India/NK/Iran/Syria

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posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 09:22 AM
Hi.I was long thinking about this one.Who will win the next World War?(the fourth,coming after WW1,WW2 and the Cold War).
This is a war game,so please input new numbers for the respective nations.It will be good if your are a member of that nation,too.
By my limited knowledge ,the situation will be like this:

The Western Alliance:
Romania: 100 lenticular gravitational air vehicles,standard issued with:
2 plasma projectors
2 heavy lasers(10MJ each)
one magnetic field/cloaking field
antigravity engine (*EMP native)
1600 tanks .standard equipped with:
1 plasma projector
1 heavy laser
magnetic field/cloaking field
5 frigates ,British manufactured and re-equipped with:
5 heavy lasers
10 plasma projectors
two magnetic fields/one cloaking field
jump engine
2 submarines,equipped with:
antigravity engine
jump engine
10 heavy lasers
10 plasma projectors
one magnetic field
4 armies ,each having 4 army corps,each having 4 divisions,each having 4 brigades,each having 4 regiments,each having 4 batallions,each having 4 companies,each having 4 platoons,each having 30 men

USA: 26000 tanks
44000 APCs
2800 warplanes
3500 helicopters
92 ships
281 submarines

The Eastern Block:

Russia: 22000 tanks
36000 APCs
2500 warplanes
3000 helicopters
42 ships
310 submarines

China: 19000 tanks
30000 APCs
1750 warplanes
1250 helicopters
85 ships
315 submarines

India: 13000 tanks
21000 APCS
1080 warplanes
1115 helicopters
27 ships
200 submarines

North Korea: 9000 tanks
16000 APCs
553 warplanes
410 helicopters
19 ships
93 submarines



posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 09:52 AM

All Posters Read This!
Please could members refrain from starting threads that are based around:
what is your favourite gun
who would win if the ??? and ??? went to war with each other
who has the best army/navy/airforce/secret service........
etc etc ...
This forum is for information about Military weapons technology past, present, and future.

u2u me if you don't understand any part


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