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We Are The NWO

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posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 04:35 AM
Those of us who are on our way to becoming more enlightened are the NWO, it is a change from Democratic Government to Personal Government.... Any music, movie or action that is for equality/personal choice of any kind is of a new order, we've been following someone elses best wishes for generation after generation, paying taxes to have decisions made and carried out for you, We're slowly creeping towards a time when the masses will be governed by themselves as scary as it sounds. We're akin to a pot before it boils over, and the powers that be are trying their hardest to keep the lid on and the heat down because it empties a lot of rich decision makers pockets. We have evolved to a point where we're intelligent enough to know violence solves nothing which is why the decision makers give us choices to flex our machinery in war, the thrill of utilizing our new found, well oiled mental tactics in the "playing field"
While they sit back with no blood on their hands saying it was merely a choice, one out of many.

The media flips things and has us fingering the very thing destroying the NWO and also has us calling "them" the NWO.
We are the new thinkers, the new personal politicians.. and the old school democratic politicians are whirrling us around with ideas hard to let go and functioning so out-dated.

It would be well for us to be wary of the new means of information and stop scheduling ourselves around television schedules...

Although whichever way one looks at it, there are two sides to it...

The positive/negative NWO, filled with intelligent thinkers who are self governed
(positive/negative, because some people fear the idea of the individual who is respondsible for themselves and themselves only where they are the law maker and law enforcer for themselves)

or the negative/negative NWO, 10% filled with intelligent thinkers who are self governed, and 90% filled with slaves who are told what to do and are given a variety of choices selected by the 10% intelligent thinkers.

I ask you this though, hasn't the negative/negative NWO already established itself and begun protecting itself against the newer positive/negative NWO?

posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 03:01 PM
Yeah that's true... Its really not a matter of nwo coming to power, thats assured, but of what form the nwo will take.

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