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Stargates are real

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posted on May, 7 2007 @ 07:13 AM

Originally posted by undo

The Etemenanki (Tower of Babel) had seven layers. Each layer was a different color of the rainbow. This suggests electromagnetic spectrum, and perhaps associated technologies. It makes sense as I've found countless references to the craft and crystals, the gates and crystals, and there must be a connection.

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sorry undo but you're wrong there. you're not talking about the electromagnetic spectrum its the visible spectrum i.e. light. and also a wired gate would improve response times. for light to travel through a crystal is a third slower than a electron through a length of copper wire.

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posted on May, 7 2007 @ 09:36 AM
Geez, I just can't believe it!!! The most controversial topic, the most silly gets the most pages of discussion...This is such a scam by the author to sell an upcoming book or something..I can't come up with explanation. StarGate --- what a crap!!!! A BS! Wake up people!!!!!!!!!!

posted on May, 7 2007 @ 09:43 AM
Another troll replies without reading all pages --and then has the nerve to try to derail this discussion. READ THEN REPLY .


posted on May, 7 2007 @ 09:47 AM
Post removed.

See u2u for explanation.

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posted on May, 7 2007 @ 09:49 AM
airtrax -- -from your perspective --- what do you think about all this havoc?

posted on May, 7 2007 @ 09:52 AM
What is all this bloody noise..Star Gate ---what this thing supposed to accoumplished so you guys are so excited?

posted on May, 7 2007 @ 10:11 AM
Originally posted by BitDust

What is all this bloody noise..Star Gate ---what this thing supposed to accoumplished so you guys are so excited?

Thanks for your post BitDust, we always enjoy those wanting to learn. Please let me respectfully suggest that you take a moment to formulate your thoughts, perhaps collect them on a separate page in Word. Then when you have a few coherent ones, assemble them into readble form and then post. That way you don't have to clog up the thread with 5 posts, each one with a few spurts of insults and disbelief. I know that I, for one, would really appreciate your efforts. Thanks.

posted on May, 7 2007 @ 10:24 AM
formulate them in a separate sheet..? I think all you say is BS. How you can prove otherwise> StarGate --- visit a doctor --- he is your best friend on this one. StarGate --- what is it? Star Gate....wht ---- the gate to the star? What star? How do you see yourself getting there? Boy, just landing on a planet? Some one call a doctor.

posted on May, 7 2007 @ 10:29 AM
This site talks about stargates in a very same

I know it sounds silly--- but there is a lot of info on stargates --time travel--wormholes.

posted on May, 7 2007 @ 10:30 AM

Originally posted by BitDust
formulate them in a separate sheet..? I think all you say is BS. How you can prove otherwise> StarGate --- visit a doctor --- he is your best friend on this one. StarGate --- what is it? Star Gate....wht ---- the gate to the star? What star? How do you see yourself getting there? Boy, just landing on a planet? Some one call a doctor.

Doctor who??
maybe he will zap by in his T.A.R.D.I.S

posted on May, 7 2007 @ 11:00 AM
It sounds silly?? You bet. It sounds sick. Or it sounds 'money'. Some one has been hired to advert the book for a fee.
We are going to meet at the StarGate, leading back to USA, Florida, Tampa. You dont like it, too simple? $125 from NY to Jacksonville. Ah, okay, we talk about inter galactical travel..inter state travel no one mentioned...hmm..okay..
some talk about missing one tiny bit that make the GATE possible...And it is about to be discovered. I see. WHAT A RIP OFF. Wake up, people...start thinking.

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posted on May, 7 2007 @ 11:01 AM
look, this thread has established. largelu thanks to undo that wormholes ate theoretically possible. and there are som anomalous refferences in the bible and some earlier religios texts

scientifically a stargate could exist.

however the existance of one is still up for debate.

Undo, no offence but most of your research is based on the assumption that aincent religious text is more factual then it has currently been given credit for.

if you are right then the stargate of Eridu has already been recovered and is possibly in use/being researched by a world power. possiibly the US but more likely Europe, as there have been German led digs in the area before the war in Iraq.

posted on May, 7 2007 @ 11:28 AM
Here's a snipet from this site -
" In 1895, while conducting research with his step-up transformer, Nikola Tesla had his first indications that time and space could be influenced by using highly charged, rotating magnetic fields. Part of this revelation came about from Tesla's experimentation with radio frequencies and the transmission of electrical energy through the atmosphere. Tesla's simple discovery would, years later, lead to the infamous Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk time travel projects. But even before these highly top-secret military programs came about, Tesla made some fascinating discoveries on the nature of time and the real possibilities of time travel.

With these experiments in high-voltage electricity and magnetic fields, Tesla discovered that time and space could be breached, or warped, creating a "doorway" that could lead to other time frames. But with this monumental discovery, Tesla also discovered, through personal experience, the very real dangers inherent with time travel.

Tesla's first brush with time travel came in March 1895. A reporter for the New York Herald wrote on March 13 that he came across the inventor in a small café, looking shaken after being hit by 3.5 million volts, "I am afraid," said Tesla, "that you won't find me a pleasant companion tonight. The fact is I was almost killed today. The spark jumped three feet through the air and struck me here on the right shoulder. If my assistant had not turned off the current instantly in might have been the end of me."

Tesla, on contact with the resonating electromagnetic charge, found himself outside his time-frame reference. He reported that he could see the immediate past - present and future, all at once. But he was paralyzed within the electromagnetic field, unable to help himself. His assistant, by turning off the current, released Tesla before any permanent damage was done. A repeat of this very incident would occur years later during the Philadelphia Experiment. Unfortunately, the sailors involved were left outside their time-frame reference for too long with disastrous results.

Tesla's secret time travel experiments would continue on in the hands of others who were not as concerned with humanity as Tesla. We are left with rumors and speculations on who may have become the heirs of Tesla's research -- hopefully, someday these secrets will be revealed once and for all."

To the nay sayer's --read and educate yourself before you respond.

posted on May, 7 2007 @ 12:03 PM
Educate ??? Visit

Lets see how you manage among these guys!

Ha-ha-ha- gate---buu-ha-ha......cheersl

posted on May, 7 2007 @ 12:14 PM
just a little education won't hurt. Not that I managed to do so through my lifereading but ...along with me --- start reading basic nature postulates --- interesting...whre you be tomorrow.
After couple of days reading forum I mentioned your questions are stripped to the point of emberasement.
Enlighten, bet you can...


posted on May, 7 2007 @ 12:16 PM
Post removed. Check u2u.

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posted on May, 7 2007 @ 12:17 PM
Post removed, check u2u.

[edit on 5/7/2007 by Djarums]

posted on May, 7 2007 @ 12:25 PM

Well, part of the problem is we've been taught to believe that our ancestors were either delusional or grasping at straws (and of course, the all popular - stoned on magic mushrooms). But if they were witness to advanced technology, among other things, this would certainly translate to some of the passages you read in the ancient texts.

For example, in the hindu texts, the vimanas and the weapons employed by the "gods", are certainly advanced for the time frame. Here are a few examples:

Gurkha, flying in his swift and powerful Vimana, hurled against the three cities of the Vrishnis and Andhakas a single projectile charged with all the power of the universe. An incandescent column of smoke and fire, as brilliant as ten thousand suns, rose in all its splendor. It was the unknown weapon, the iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death which reduced to ashes the entire race of Vrishnis and Andhakas.

The corpses were so burnt they were no longer recognizable. Hair and nails fell out. Pottery broke without cause... Foodstuffs were poisoned. To escape, the warriors threw themselves in streams to wash themselves and their equipment.

I used H1 to quote it instead of EX because people appear to ignore the smaller texts in EX and Quote boxes. Here's the link


Here's another from the same link:

The Saubha is at once Salva's city, flagship, and battle headquarters. In it, he can fly wherever he chooses.


However, the Saubha becomes invisible. Krishna then loads a special weapon, perhaps an ancient version of a smart bomb? I quickly laid on an arrow, which killed by seeking out sound, to kill them... All the Danavas [Salva's troops] who had been screeching lay dead, killed by the blazing sun like arrows that were triggered by sound.

However, the Sauba itself escaped the attack. Krishna fires his "favorite fire weapon" at it, a discus shaped like the "haloed sun". The discus breaks the Saubha in two, and the city falls from the sky, killing Salva. This is the end of the Mahabharata.

Cloaking technology?
Sound-seeking missiles?
A single weapon capable of destroying three cities at the same time?

There's more, in other ancient texts, as well. If these are just hallucinations, they are certainly futuristic hallucinations.

posted on May, 7 2007 @ 12:27 PM
After this your Stargate enigma vanishes and remembers as childhood dream. Simple silly, bright, hopefull, desires to be in charge universaly, another world is possible beyond ours, mine in posetion to rule.

posted on May, 7 2007 @ 12:33 PM
this topic is disnay land for real adults. Comon guys. I just have fun

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