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Stargates are real

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posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 12:34 PM
reply to post by zorgon

Yeah, sure. Underground water. Everyone knows that.

We're talking, here, about the AMOUNTS!

When they say that water the size of the Arctic Ocean is under Asia, they mean, I assume, in terms of surface area, not volume.

But to infer or imply that there was some sort of magical 'water table' that existed entirely below the 'crust', and somehow the entire planet inflated in size??? Come on....let's try some critical thinking.

Because that, besides being batcrazy, requires completely ignoring vast amounts of conflicting scientific evidence to tne contrary.

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 12:39 PM

Originally posted by BlasteR the "Dendera lightbulb".

Now what does that Dendera lightbulb remind us of?

A Crookes Tube

Crookes tube

A Crookes tube is an early experimental electrical discharge tube, invented by British physicist William Crookes[1] and others around 1869-1875,[2] in which cathode rays, that is electrons, were discovered.[3]

An evolution of the Geissler tube, it consists of a partially (but not completely) evacuated glass cylinder of various shapes, with two metal electrodes at either end. When a high voltage is applied between the electrodes, electrons travel in straight lines from the cathode to the anode. It was used by Crookes, Johann Hittorf, Juliusz Plücker, Eugen Goldstein, Heinrich Hertz, Philipp Lenard and others to discover the properties of cathode rays, culminating in J. J. Thomson's 1897 identification of cathode rays as negatively-charged particles, which were later named electrons. Crookes tubes are now used only for demonstrating cathode rays.

Wilhelm Röntgen discovered x-rays with the Crookes tube in 1895. The term is also used for the first generation, cold cathode x-ray tubes,[4] which evolved from the experimental Crookes tubes and were used until about 1920.

There is one more significant point..

Plasma was first identified in a Crookes tube, and so described by Sir William Crookes in 1879 (he called it "radiant matter").[1] The nature of the Crookes tube "cathode ray" matter was subsequently identified by British physicist Sir J.J. Thomson in 1897,[2] and dubbed "plasma" by Irving Langmuir in 1928,[3] perhaps because it reminded him of a blood plasma.[4] Langmuir wrote:

Except near the electrodes, where there are sheaths containing very few electrons, the ionized gas contains ions and electrons in about equal numbers so that the resultant space charge is very small. We shall use the name plasma to describe this region containing balanced charges of ions and electrons.[3]


So the Egyptian 'light bulb' is really a plasma generating x-ray device

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 12:45 PM
reply to post by weedwhacker

How about 'outside the box' thinking instead?

So tell me... where did the water from the Flood come from and where did it go?

Where did all the water from Mars go? Was it transported to Earth via Stargate to create the flood?

Maybe the expanding planet theory accounts for the disappearing water. As the planet expands the water seeps into the spaces left. If that is true the water on Mars is far below the surface and Earth will look like Mars eventually

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 12:53 PM
reply to post by zorgon

Firstly, I don't believe in the WorldWide "flood" story. Not if you're meaning like, from the 'bible'.

Ancient lore, likely from natural disasters such as tsunami, or natural 'dams' suddenly breaking, and flooding lowland settlements...those sorts of things are more likely the beginings of the 'flood' mythology.

NOW...ancient StarGate technology, and transfer of water from, say, Mars to Earth? That requires some math, and is way more than I can do.

So, I'll ask someone: HOW large is the StarGate aperture? HOW long would it take for a substantial amount of water to be 'transferred'?

This should be an easy calculation for someone schooled in hydrology.

Finally, the idea of the entire Globe being buried under a continuous sea of water beggars belief, and flies in the face of evidence, once again. At least, if you're trying to use the story of "Noah" and an ark....?

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 01:02 PM

Originally posted by weedwhacker
Firstly, I don't believe in the WorldWide "flood" story. Not if you're meaning like, from the 'bible'.

No surprise there

NOW...ancient StarGate technology, and transfer of water from, say, Mars to Earth? That requires some math, and is way more than I can do.

So, I'll ask someone: HOW large is the StarGate aperture? HOW long would it take for a substantial amount of water to be 'transferred'?

About this big...

About the size of Toyko...

From a map made in Japan 1610 showing the destruction of Mt Meru and the formation of the Himalayan range

Finally, the idea of the entire Globe being buried under a continuous sea of water beggars belief, and flies in the face of evidence, once again. At least, if you're trying to use the story of "Noah" and an ark....?

My Noah's Ark is a spaceship in orbit
And I think starwarp2000 can fill in some of my missing links, especially if Genesis starts AFTER the world was under water...

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 02:30 PM
I always looked at the 'Egyptian lightbulb' reliefs a bit differently. To me it demonstrates the Djed collecting energy (electrical, or maybe mechanical as in sound) from the ground, storing it in a circular capacitor, where it is discharged in a visible arc to a wire connected to ground, where it is 'recycled'/brought back into the Djed.

It seems (to me) that the Egyptians made some significant technological upgrades from older systems of energy collection and usage (look up the 30 complex structures made in the Nabta Playa region, dated neolithic, pre Egyptian). Holes dug over quartzitic formations in the desert, with carved stones inserted over each formation to form a kind of vibrating cavity that interacts with those buried natural formations.

Vibration of crystaline structures? Pulling the charge directly off of those or focusing those vibrations into piezoelectric plates? It's a big stretch but think acoustic levitation. Perhaps they used some specific cymatic shape to do useful work? If true, I think it's possible they could have achieved ultrasonic frequencies, as well, which may have allowed them to do many things with stone perhaps through cavitation and such, (carving large blocks with extreme precision, like a laser?).

Perhaps the Djed (upgrade) allowed those civilisations to acquire power year round, as long as water flowed under the pillars. I imagine you could literally suck the energy out of the area if over used. They may have kept this knowledge and tech in the priesthood/pharoahs (encoded) to guard against that, but the patterns of human nature suggest it may have just been because of sociopathic greed, power, and control.

I have very little doubt they at least made/had some kind of trancievers, and maybe even stargates. There are other reliefs showing what might be considered the opening of a 'gate'. It puts the Nefertari/Nefertiti stories into a new light (just look at her reliefs).

Megalithic circles are found all over the world, obviously including Egypt, and you can infer from other legends they were 'sacred' places that could be used to go to the Heavens or other places or just to do useful work. I mentioned in another thread, but just lately I've been looking into the legends of the Rollright stones. Ultrasonic pulsations resonate in the early morning to noonish. And some of the verses/rhymes of that stone sight strike me as coded, as well.

per wiki (I know, it's not the best place for accuracy, but I'm only lifting the rhyme). Italics are my thoughts...

A king and his knights were approached by a witch who proposed a challenge to the king and his court...

"Seven long strides thou shalt take,
Seven paces from the stones.

And if Long Compton thou canst see,
If you can get a long arc of electricity from the King stone to the witch's staff.

King of England thou shalt be!"
You're in business! There's enough energy in the area to harness to do work.

(The king failed to see Long Compton after the seven steps and the witch turned him, his good knights, and a bit later the whispering conspiring knights 400 meters away into stone. This is what the witch said.)

"As Long Compton thou canst not see,
The witch didn't get enough spark to cover a seven paced gap.

King of England thou shalt not be!
Not enough energy in the area yet.

Rise up stick and stand still stone,
Take your staff out of the ground to stop the ultrasound from resonating between the stones

For King of England thou shalt be none; Thou and thy men hoar stones shall be, And I myself an elder tree!"
You're not in business, so you're gonna have to wait quite awhile for more energy to gather in the area.

Well, call me crazy, but I find it interesting and in relation to the idea of ancient peoples quite possibly have more understanding of nature and how/what to do with it to do amazing things, (ie- stargates?)

[edit on 28-7-2009 by Flux8]

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 05:14 PM
The rose of the 'lightbulb' is beautiful. "Every rose has a thorn." Many ideas given in such a way that makes people feel as if they invented a new idea all on their own.

By coincidence, that shares light with my intended follow-up here. Still no decision, so we should just consider it a work in progress. (I note that) another thread was started by request.

Here is a link to a book, which I guess I can post:

Read the quick synop: "In this groundbreaking work of investigative journalism by the author of The New York Times bestseller Kingdom Coming, Michelle Goldberg exposes a global battle over women’s reproductive rights that pits reformers against an international alliance of fundamentalists, with profound consequences for both individual lives and worldwide development."

There has been female mutilation and female circumcision. The original practice is meant for the (egyptian) dead. There was no sin committed to the act since it made no difference to AI. Others obviously copied the act or "reinvented" (hence, lightbulb) it for their own means of a political device. Long story shortened, people practiced the act religiously to have (what was hoped to be) man (a purer male). The people didn't think of it as a political device.

Today, like as of this date today, there existed many means to prevent people to treat the act as 'indifferent'. Obviously we can oversimplify the explanation for why the act continued to corruption of power. More essentially, or a better way to explain what happened is that people of political power 'lost sight' of their more virtuous goals. The attempts to create a new human seemed like one could claim self-righteous knowledge to perfectly judge the new created man. This also alludes the obvious separation is societies where one society is expected to be treated as more godly than the society of the newly created man. The male circumcision is also symbolic to such wedge of societies. An inconvenient truth that circumcised males are not treated as if they have rights unless they join a rank and file system (i.e. militia).

The convience of that truth winds back up into this stargate discussion. While one society is busy to (re)create technology like stargates and resurrection machine and other devices, that society could now be judged as those who enslaved the newly created man.

The word 'fallen' in the context of Satan is more than symbolic then not being able to sit in a certain throne. It also means how there has been a reverberated 'huge change'. Where once Satan was thought as on a throne in such exemplified godly society, Satan now realizes the (mistaken) dream that has distracted from... Job.

Real reproduction, resurrection, and stargates shall require virtue. There have been many fakes as even this one has so witnessed. Earth is not to be simply thought as a resource that can be taken apart and used everywhere else in the Galaxy. The 'fire' as hinted in the bible would not be some act heavenly father or other biblical deity, it is simply from what would look like a bug here on Earth. This kind of bug looks like an insect... yet burns... very very brightly.

Hmmm... there is a planet that has circular rings, a borealis like surface, and an eye (of a storm). Something to consider. That Shoemaker comet is like a tickle to smile over the pain caused by one left shoe worn on a right foot because one doesn't seem to have a left foot or right shoe and has to make do, like a female mutilated/circumsized to maleness.

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 06:41 PM
reply to post by Flux8

in the stargate tv series and movie, they had levitation rings that are formed on the same artistic premise as the backbone of osiris (djed... pronounced "zed" or "zet" or "tet")
here's an example of why the writers apparently thought such a thing

and here's a demo of the zat transport rings from stargate

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 07:46 PM
The picture of the Djed you posted is a perfect example. Look at it with fresh eyes.

One hand holds a curved scepter (most reliefs show it checkered and could be symbolic of hooking on to/harnessing power. Positrons running against electrons, in current popular theory) and the other hand holding the thresh (in more detailed reliefs it is a short staff that terminates with many lines at a 135 degree or so angle. Could be symbolic of a bundle of wires of gold. The conductor).

In this pic the Djed is holding these two symbols with ficticious hands up at the 4 discs, symbolising that the Djed is made with those components at this point.

The body of the pillar is made of varying layers of carved quartzitic stone (in the same conceptual fashion as the resonation chamber of the great pyramid). In other reliefs it could be taken that a hole is dug in the Earth (down to solid rock, or maybe the water table??) and the pillar is inserted so that the 4 rings remain above ground. Those rings are balanced vertically on the pillar in stages and rotate, but imagine them to be 4 Wimshurst discs that each rotates opposite of the next one.

see for details

Look at that article, specifically the pictures of the machine. Notice the electrodes and their curved configuration needed to pull static off the plates? That's where the Was staff comes in; pushed close to the 4 rings in all reliefs where they are found together.

Well, the body of the pillar literally pulls the energy from the ground, in layers, like a super vibrating pump (piezoelectric effect). They are deposited and separated by the juxtaposed spinning plates. As the plates csupercharge they are pulled off bythe Was staff. Or it can charge the air with a strong electric field (the ankh, usually shown at the top of the pillar. It denotes a specific frequency, literally). Add in some Tesla-esque ideas about energy transmission/usage and whoopie!!! you're playing with the power of the gods. Well, that's the idea/concept anyway.

I really think they were doing this during the neolithic era across the world. The Egyptians just perfected it/made it bigger, stronger, and more reliable.

The Djed is the backbone of Osiris (Osiris = the study/knowledge of natural forces... not a god) because it is a powerful electric generator/accumulator. Everything you want to do must be powered by something, therefore, it literallyis the backbone... not symbolically religious mumbo-jumbo. It's real tangible stuff, and those who wouldn't know better (the general populace) would see the awesomeness of the power being thrown around by these priests and pharoahs, and it scared them into submission. How can you go up against the power of a 'god'?

And those 'in the know' better hide that knowledge away/codify it for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, ego is bigger than discretion in mankind, so they ended up bragging about their accomplishments fairly often in the form of their artworks. Lucky for us that they did!

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 09:32 PM
reply to post by undo

I want one!!!!

Seems this guy is using one two...

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 09:37 PM
the problem with the light bulb theory is that it's described as the serpent emerging from a lotus blossom and going across the sky in the accompanying text. now a serpent going across the sky could be several things:

1. the constellation of serpens, draco or hydra
2. the constellation eridanus (the river)
3. a wormhole
4. the milky way

i'll limit it to those 4 because i don't want to get heavily into the religious aspects of it.

[edit on 28-7-2009 by undo]

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 09:41 PM

Originally posted by undo now a serpent going across the sky could be several things:

5. A bolt of lightning

Originally posted by Flux8
Look at that article, specifically the pictures of the machine. Notice the electrodes and their curved configuration needed to pull static off the plates? That's where the Was staff comes in; pushed close to the 4 rings in all reliefs where they are found together.

Tesla Generator anyone?

Another KEY

Another Staff

It is interesting to note that this piece is at the Brooklyn Museum under this heading

Exhibitions: Magic in Ancient Egypt: Image, Word, and Reality

December 22, 2006–October 18, 2009
Special Exhibitions Hall, Egyptian Galleries, 3rd Floor
How the Egyptians, known throughout the ancient world for their expertise in magic, addressed the unknown forces of the universe is explored in this exhibition of twenty objects from the Brooklyn Museum's world-famous collection. Ancient Egyptians did not distinguish between religion and magic. They believed that the manipulation of written words, images, and ritual could influence the world through a divinely created force known as Heqa, personified as the eldest son of the solar creator Atum. Heqa could be used by the gods to control and sustain the universe and by humans to deal with problems of ordinary life. The exhibition includes a relief of a son of Ramesses II, Prince Khaemwaset, who became legendary as a sage and magician; a bronze figure of the goddess Isis, known as "great of magic," holding a cobra that also had magical powers; a magical healing stela inspired by myths of Isis healing Horus of a scorpion bite; and a headrest with images of Bes and Taweret, deities who protected the dead and the living. The exhibition also examines connections between magic and medicine, including the consumption of liquids imbued with magical powers; and the use of magic after death through such objects as funerary figurines that were created to carry out any work in the afterlife the gods might require of the deceased.

This exhibition is curated by Richard Fazzini, Director of the Brooklyn Museum's excavation at the Temple Precinct of the Goddess Mut in Egypt.

So a main stream museum says the Egyptians used magic

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posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 10:08 PM
reply to post by zorgon

or a bolt of lightning, i suppose.
the other problem i have with the idea is that i don't really believe they had or used stargate or transportation tech by the time dynastic egypt was in full swing. they may have, but i dunno.

the original theory was that when nimrod (narmer) brought the nibru gate, called the DUR.ANKI, to Abydos and placed it in the OSIRIEON, that its secrets and knowledge of its whereabouts passed on to Isis (Inana). She made a deal with the council to keep it locked up and hidden away. Remember the council was formed from the leaders of the people who were brought through the BABEL gate. nimrod reopened that gate and he wasn't supposed to. he reopened it and shanghaied more slaves from other places, for the rebuilding of Enki's World Order. he reestablished himself as leader of the known world, emperor of the lands from egypt to china.

this apparently was not a popular decision and he was dethroned and the BABEL gate, reburied. parts of his story can be read in the dismemberment of Osiris story, Enmerkar and the Lord of Arrata, the biblical texts, the Enuma Elish, the NAMSHUB OF ENKI and even hints of it are in the Epic of Gilgamesh.

remember this all starts pre-dynastic egypt, akkadian period in mesopotamia, which is right after the black sea flood. most of the civs, cities, towns and tribal lands, had been by water and had been flooded out.

of course, this is all theoretical. i also believe because she was pressed to rebury it and its secrets, that items associated with it became ritual objects and their original meaning was lost in a sea of symbols and ceremony.

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posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 10:15 PM
King SOlomon was talked about as to having certain controls over demons and whatnot, could he possibly have used a stargate to bring demons to control?

Is there any stargates in Egypt? I think there might be one under hte Sphinx or one originally in the great pyramid.

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posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 10:21 PM
reply to post by skeetontheconspiracy

you might want to read the thread once you are on a pc or laptop (might be a bit heavy for mobile phone)

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 10:48 PM

So a main stream museum says the Egyptians used magic

just wanted to comment on this little bit.
i read a book years ago called ancient egyptian ritual magic or something to that effect. i really don't know what to make of it. i can't decide if the rituals were their guesses as to what the ancient tech was, or if they retained the info and were mimicking it for public consumption but using it literally, otherwise, or if even the common folk knew about it but more modern translators had no idea what they were talking about and missed the inferences.

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 10:54 PM
Thank you for putting that up, Zorgon! I've never seen that before, but that's what I was refering to! In all reliefs, the serpent(s) is a bolt of electrical charge. Symbolic: A viper which can strike out and kill anyone it 'bites'... high voltage! There is a positive and a negative charge, which is described in other reliefs, as well. You need em both to make a current. Capacitors come into play, too. That would be the orange balls usually depicted. Sometimes they even show the charge coming off of them. BTW, the curvy hat on peoples heads with the two feathers coming off describes ion wind from most likely a negative charge, which for the reason why I'd rather not get into.

I just had an ah ha moment. 3 spherical charged capacitors surrounding a curvy central capacitor. If your not familiar, look up 'lifters' and how that works. Hmmmm

This picture describes all the devices that can be powered, what they are basically used for, including possibly levitation. It's kinda like a conversion of an older era Egyptian symbol set to a newer era symbol set. The bird at the top is symbolic of the pinnacle of achievement from this knowledge; flight. Underneath it should be read as two halves starting from the center and linking concepts outward to the next. One side is positive charge, the other side is negative charge.
(I hope I tagged that correctly.)

There are so many other reliefs I could show but this one seems to encompass the big picture. It's a pictoral tech manual. Pretty strait forward. No religion or spirituality.

Also, to put something else into modern day context, any time you see a 'god' sitting there or holding something out to someone/thing in these reliefs it's kinda like saying 'you must possess the knowledge of or use electricity, or structural/mechanical engineering, or water technology, or circuitry, or mathematics, or cymatics, etc'. That's what the priests were going to school for in the first place! It's like saying you need to have a degree in this or that, or you must use the knowledge of this or that. The names of the gods are the names of those specific sciences needed to understand the ultimate knowledge of Osiris, (which is understanding nature and how to control it).

Chew on that for awhile, then pop on over and take a look at Ed Leedskalnin/Coral Castle/Rockgate park... Hmmm, Rock 'gate'?! That was what he named it, other people renamed it Coral Castle.

Maybe it was to focus on his 9 ton swiveling door on the grounds. But, if you consider he specifically mentioned understanding how the Egyptians built massive structures out of stone using only relatively primitive tools, and all the other odd experiments he did besides studying magnetism/electricity, I wouldn't doubt he had a functioning 'gate'/portal.

Another poster on another thread made an interesting connection. Ed published his book 'Magnetic Current' in 1945, after he'd already done many of his EM experiments. He talked about making a bigger/better/more powerful wheel or device which he was trying to patent. Maybe he did physically build and use one. 1945 Flight 19 disappeared in the Bermuda triangle. Over the radio, hours before they disappeared, they kept saying that their compasses couldn't be trusted. They kept changing direction on them. Now, Rockgate park is just outside of Homestead, Florida... right next to the Bermuda triangle. What kind of experiments was he doing? Opening up a fluxing gate perhaps? On accident? Food for thought.

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 11:02 PM
my thread is ...

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 11:13 PM
reply to post by Flux8

i read something to this effect regarding the ark of the covenant. that it and the temple that housed it, was a huge static electricity generator. the problem i have with that theory is related to a little known story in the old testament. apparently the philistines figured out how to carry it without getting zapped. they stole it and took it back to their "city." a month or so later, they returned it claiming it had caused them to have "hemorrhoids" (which i think is a seriously funny mistranslation) and they made little gold statues of the hemorrhoids and returned those with the ark. now i dunno about you, but something ain't quite right with that story. how would a static electricity generator give hemorrhoids? well i don't want to know how in the sense of direct object lesson just a theoretical "What the heck?"

posted on Jul, 28 2009 @ 11:27 PM

Originally posted by undo
reply to post by zorgon

remember this all starts pre-dynastic egypt, akkadian period in mesopotamia, which is right after the black sea flood. most of the civs, cities, towns and tribal lands, had been by water and had been flooded out.

Dont' forget the pastoral neolithic people in the Nabta Region. Digging 2-3 meter holes in the desert ground directly over quartzitic formations near the Playa. How did they even know where those buried formations were in the first place, let alone what they could possibly do with them? But, according to what they built over them and around them we know they were important for something, (we just don't know exactly what that is, yet). Put it together with the 'calendar formation' close by, and Dr. Brophy's idea that nearby stones represent 6 bright stars (3 in Orion's belt) and there distances correlate to the actual distances of those stars to us given the base unit of 0.799 meters = 1 lightyear.
Put that together with the 3 pyramids at Giza... Orion's belt, again.

I wonder if there's periodic resonations going on over those formations, just like the ultrasound detected at the Rollright sight in the UK)? I don't think the researchers brought the equipment to detect it. What reason would they have to.

Anyway, I'm telling ya, this stuff goes way back before Egypt, all over the world. Someone was busy distributing that knowledge. And that's why I love hearing your knowledge on the myths/legends, Undo. Clues within clues! Our legacy/history is such an intricate and beautiful puzzle!

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