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Stargates are real

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posted on Oct, 3 2008 @ 12:41 PM
reply to post by reconpilot

I think you misunderstood me, I was not stating it was sleep apnea, but very similar to the effects produced by sleep apnea. My question was if you are prone to sleep apnea, how would you know which you were experiencing.

posted on Oct, 3 2008 @ 12:53 PM
for some reason, ats is not auto updating on new page creation, even when i use the double arrows, so i'm posting this so i can read alien carnage's latest post.

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posted on Oct, 3 2008 @ 07:16 PM

Originally posted by AlienCarnage
reply to post by reconpilot

I think you misunderstood me, I was not stating it was sleep apnea, but very similar to the effects produced by sleep apnea. My question was if you are prone to sleep apnea, how would you know which you were experiencing.

I take it you suffer from sleep apnea and have a better understanding of its effects . The draining effect I speak of does not happen to me when I am asleep . Other things do . Its not like I obsses about these events to much . Its just one of many things I have grown aware of .

I think what you are saying is that hallucinations can occur as the result of hypoxia , a lack of oxygen , correct ?

yes ,as a pilot I am well aware of the dangers from lack of oxygen but no I dont think its sleep apnea .

What I experience when I am wide awake would have to then be explained the same way !

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 07:44 PM
My current theory
has to do with limitations on this "dimension", and a kind of matrix-y view of the "universe".

When I was a kid, I came to the conclusion that if the 'universe' was truly 'infinite', then anything I could possibly think of was not only possible but reality. Right? for it to be truly 'infinite', it had to include not only enough space for everything I could possibly imagine, but also every slightest variation thereof. As unlikely as any of it might be, it absolutely has to exist somewhere.

I don't quite see things this way now, but I can't exactly tell you why.

Now I think that all of that may still be likely (and then some), just not in this universe/dimension.

In this particular version of my theory, the 'stargate' is the 'god machine'. I have talked at length
about my "meatbag-materializer". The machine the ancients abused, creating studly "angel" bodies with to get busy with the daughters of men.

Whether you interpret the description of the creation of the Nephilim literally, a carnal and perverse coupling of 'angel' and human resulting in hybrid monsters - or as a metaphoric description of a tampering of the genetics on the planet - this fits.

This 'realm' was created for us. Enki brought us here, but not from elsewhere in the galaxy. This planet is the only one like it in the 'universe'. It was designed with exactly the amount of raw material to perpetuate the life systems in it, particularly humans.

The 'god machine' was the point of origin for everything here, and it acts like a 'replicator' from Star Trek. The 'big bang' was not the creation of the realm, but the introduction of all the materials that would be used.

Someone who knows more about the Annunaki, who is also willing to entertain my idea might be able to back up the notion that at some point, the god machine had served its purpose and the only ones using it were abusing it (making man-headed dogs and vice-versa, serapis and so on?)

And so it had to be deactivated.

In the shuffle, many malevolent 'hybrid' souls were left bodiless, yet bound to this world.

It's my opinion that through an elaborate system of incubus/succubus/possession activity, these 'bodiless' ones have circumvented the closure of the god machine, creating armies of grays, sasquatches, insectoids and reptoids - using mutations of hybrids of kidnapped DNA found here. They have none of there own. That is, not until they reach their goal. Ever since the god machine was turned off, they have been actively pursuing an agenda which involves getting it turned back on.

I realize this is nothing new; I just want to know if I'm on the right track.

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posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 07:50 PM

In short, i'm suggestion that the 'stargate' is not designed to bring things from point a to point b in this universe, but to bring whatever the user needed from the 'other' realm to this one.

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 08:52 PM
Nice work.

Sumer was one of the first places I started too. But to really get that " I dont understand, that cant make sense" feel, study what is left of the Central americas, and South Americas. Start in central america, they had one, and the gateway of the sun may be remnants of one(its a large door way, with astrological signs and events around it. They would speak of a "winged 'serpent'" that came from the east. The egyptians believed that one can arrive at the underworld, by boat. Central Americans said "A serpent-king arrived with companions on a boat from the east and they were the one who brought them to civilization and they taught them their secrets". The further the culture and legend grows it becomes european-ized, and now the myth speaks of a european coming from the east, we now have two existing myths with one individual. Could it be that some orginization of a higher power knew all of these places these supremes went too. and simply mocked the gods, we have/had detailed descriptions of how they act. After time passes and history is made we only have tiny traces right. Someone deliberately replaced history, with the tribal, primitive notions, someone has the evidence, thus we are left to think what we think. If you noticed the same horrible, defacing and destroying only goes on in the place that have "serpent-kings", "glyphs of giants", "places with superior geometric monoliths, and equations. so on and so forth.

All of these people "we(the future people)" attack do not possess "technology" to defend themselves. Its always almost a 'futuristic' takeover.

With that in mind compare that to this magician in central american idol Kalasasaya and a nameless idol in tiahuanaco, Bolivia, hold unidentifiable objects in there hands. They built towering towers according to local legends in 1-7 day minimum. Here is the sticky stuff, I believe in Palenque, there is a statue of an idol carrying what is known in Nahuatl as xiuhcoatl(the english translation is fire serpents)legends speak of the xiuhcoatl being able to 'emit burning rays capable of piercing and dismembering human bodies'. Gun? Something better. Laser stands for l(ightwave) a(mplification by) s(timulated) e(mission of) r(adiation)], could that be the fiery dismembering?Who knows.
The more we discover the more we learn that our ancestors might have known more then we give them credit. What if our ancestors are actually us, going back to the past using these very hidden stargates. Time wouldnt be linear It would be what the natives americans and africans refer to as the "Great circle of life". That would explain how some of the ancients posessed so much, and how we get these reptilian geniuses and fire serpents.

Reptiles and insects are the most evolved and sophisticad species. Insects created the first sounds on the planet and used them to lure mates. It is possible that we have even the same brains, our underdeveloped reptilian brain is responsible for 'translating' and hold some of the most precious knowledge.
sorry for typos.

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 08:05 AM

that's a really intersting concept. i don't know what to make of it. what made you decide it wasn't an actual gate?

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 09:53 AM
reply to post by undo

Well, I still think that it's a 'gate', but that it's primary function is to bring stuff from one realm to the next. Something else I've thought of is that the 'realm' on the other side of the gate might not actually be the one that the ancients live in. I think it may be something similar to the 'loading program' in The Matrix, containing nothing but energy, that the god machine transforms into solid matter in the shape and form of whatever is needed on this side.

I do believe that the gate can be used to transport something from one part of this realm to another, but that it takes a shortcut through the world on the other side of the portal.

The thing that made me arrive at this is the notion that the ability to materialize a physical body was somehow taken away from the 'angels'. This has always screamed 'technology' at me. And when you consider all of the contact with the 'gods' that supposedly stopped - and the nature of the contact that began later, it makes sense that there are those who'd be interested in getting their hands on that technology. Or just getting hands!

If you don't have a body, but need one to get anything done in this world, find the meat-bag-materializer. Do whatever you can to get someone with solid, opposable thumbs to turn it on for you.

It's pretty similar to the Replicator storyline on SG:A now that I think about it.

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posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 09:58 AM
And looking at it from this angle, the idea that the CERN project is related to stargates and the 'big bang' makes me go hmm.

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 01:28 PM

oh, i see. i think there's also the problem of knowing the difference between a demon and a fallen angel. some think they are the same. i'm not so sure.

for example, it has been said that the demons are the disembodied spirits of the nephilim. who were not fallen angels but hybrids of fallen angels and humans. their physical bodies couldn't be resurrected, thusly they body snatched. this is different than infestation, however. from what i can tell, anyway.

let's say that enki was like a symbiote, removed from the host body he had been occupying in Eden. he's then supplanted into another host. is his symbiote flesh or is it a spiritual force? i think it's both, but primarily for our purposes in this discussion, is his original form physical? i think the text suggests it is.

this is how a fallen angel can be distinguished from a demon, i do believe. i could be wrong of course.

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posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 02:21 PM
reply to post by undo

I think you're right, that they are 'physical', but not not necessarily from this 'dimension'. I think it's quite possible that like on the show, the ancient gods are just men, with no abilities greater than ours, their only advantage is a greater understanding of how things really work, which enables them to master physics through technology.

Enki may not have created this realm, but I think he may have 'terraformed' it. I think technology is in place to keep the souls of the people he brought here from ever 'escaping', and that after the gate was closed, he had to go through a lot of trouble if he wanted to physically walk the earth.

This involved building the pyramids to circumvent the part of the reincarnation process that resets the identity and memories of the subject. He would be reborn and at a very young age could identify himself as the Pharaoh.

He's made many attempts to reestablish a gate, but has had to be patient with the shortcomings of humankind as they develop technology of their own, but I believe that we're at a point where we can combine our own state-of-the-art with the 'forbidden knowledge' we've been given throughout history to do just what he needs.

As far as the distinction between angels and nephilim goes, I must say that I'm dissatisfied with the bible's explainations. For example, I don't like the idea that a 'perfect' spirit creature, possessing the knowledge of the universes, becomes absolutely evil incarnate the very second he disagrees with 'god'. I think this was an over-simplification on the part of the scribes.

SO... Without worrying too much about who's who, it's easier for me to understand that the 'fallen angels' and/or their 'nephilim offspring' had their physical bodies taken away, and that they've established an agenda that involves getting them back. Suffice to say, some kind of extradimensional entities want to open a portal. Perhaps the reason has nothing to do with needing bodies - but they farm/clone/manufacture vessels for themselves out of local fauna and flora to get more physical work done towards their task of reestablishing a portal.

As much of your own research seems to reveal, it's all about the gates. It was the source of the gods' power here on earth, and I think that's because their real power was technology that enables them to bring whatever they imagine from the gate's realm to this one.

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posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 12:58 AM

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 12:10 PM
reply to post by undo

I've been thinking about your symbiote theories, and how they might fit in with what I'm talking about. I have always thought that the 'serpent' was used in the garden because of the lack of any other human bodies to 'possess' to deceive 'Eve'. I've often speculated that the various creatures of the earth took varying levels of energy and concentration for the ancients to control, but that their specific traits made them useful. I think humanoid creatures have been made out of reptile, insect and amphibian DNA, but the best way to influence mankind is to control a human.

Perhaps controlling a human body from the other side takes too much energy and concentration, but controlling a simpler symbiote is easier, and acts as an 'adapter' once it fuses with the host's nervous system?

I think the symbiotes were a product of the stargate/god machine, but while Enki had access to it, he had little use for them - he could make a 'perfect' human body for himself. Once the machine was shut down he couldn't make more, and they probably didn't reproduce, so they died off. Or did they?

Now all along I've been going on and on about 'god' somehow making it impossible for 'spirit creatures' to materialize physically in this plain. What if this was actually just the destruction of the device by the people - (burying the gate?) and the scribes for whatever reason credit Jehovah?

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 03:17 PM
reply to post by Teratoma

the "people" didn't just credit Jehovah. some credited Enki, depending on if you're reading the mainstream version or the biblical version. well actually, they don't credit enki with destroying the tower/gate, but he plays a part in having it built and then a part in confusing the languages of the people who built it. the only place (so far) where i can find a description of this event that actually makes a linear timeline, is the bible. in the sumerian-akkadian version, the destruction of the tower is skipped entirely, until you get to some time in babylon, when the etemenanki (the later name for the e.abzu and tower of babel, t'would seem) was destroyed by an invading army, repeatedly. the thing just couldn't stay built.

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 05:26 PM

Originally posted by undo
reply to post by Teratoma

the "people" didn't just credit Jehovah. some credited Enki, depending on if you're reading the mainstream version or the biblical version.

By "scribes" I'm talking about the guys that wrote the bible - it's they who credit these things to Jehovah. Destroying the tower and confusing the languages. So here I'm talking about the biblical version.

Was part of the tower a UT? Was it transmitting an electromagnetic signal that enabled communication between Nimrod/Enki's minions? I like this idea.

It's all starting to make sense. I suppose what I was trying to ask is, did the people cut themselves off from the 'gods', then later make up a story about how it was 'the creator of all things' who actually cut off contact with man? And by the way, there are no other gods, any 'evidence' of their existence was just planted by 'the devil' to throw you off track?

Your mentioning the etemenanki makes me think the repeated 'knocking down' of Nimrod's tower by Jehovah is the same story. So what was actually the work of a persistent invading army was credited to god by the scribes.

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 06:01 AM
reply to post by Teratoma

well if enlil is jehovah, then the "Scribes" are telling you his version of what happened. whereas the mainstream texts of the time, only tell you enki's version. enki wasn't in control of sumer, initially, although the sumerian texts suggest he was the first to arrive on the scene (i'm assuming after the first cataclysm that destroyed the reptilian culture/civilizations). enlil shows up, however, and he's not very happy about what has happened to his "black headed people."

sitchin says that enlil was mad that enki had made people in the first place, and that he was even more angry when he found out enki had taken the original clones and modified them to be reproductive. of course, he claims to have gotten all his theories on this subject from his translations of the texts written by enki's scribes.

all you really have to do to figure out which version (enki's or enlil's) is more accurate, simply compare.

for example, in the story about enki's namshub it says:

The whole universe, the people well cared for,
To Enlil in one tongue gave speech.
Then the lord defiant, the prince defiant, the king defiant,
Enki, the lord of abundance, whose commands are trustworthy,
The lord of wisdom, who scans the land,
The leader of the gods,
The lord of Eridu, endowed with wisdom,
Changed the speech in their mouths, put contention into it,
Into the speech of man that had been one.

frankly, this doesn't make any sense at all unless the namshub is a device that brought new people with new languages to the scene. because why would he punish the people he had specifically asked to build the thing? you see little snippets of where he's being given credit for enlil's stuff, and enlil's being credited with enki's stuff, and it's all jumbled up so that it really doesn't make any sense

the texts also seem to suggest that enlil is the eldest of the two, and in charge of everything that transpires on the planet, that is, till the people choose, once again, to follow after enki and the council of 70. it is at that point, enlil steps back and says, "if you think you can do a better job, have at it" (my modernistic paraphrasing)

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 10:31 PM
reply to post by Teratoma

Excellent input terratoma . I think your dialogues with undo have really bought a breath of fresh air back in to this thread .
My huge weakness is that I get way to emotionaly wound up about this subject sometimes because what I have experienced / can remeber is I know only a fractional understanding of the whole story . Its very frustrating because I do know now WHY my own family is so torn up by this whole business .

Whats really frustrating is that for me the characters in this story are all to real and yet who would choose to believe me ?

So much of this investigation of earths secret history is a case of asking intelligent questions AFTER you have spent a lot of time pondering the moral and ethical dillemas that Enki's family created .

The real value of dialogue is that it fires up different perspectives to explore . So many times its taken me months if not years to get the right context of my friends replies to my questions. Its very easy to completely misunderstand the answers I get some times from my main source.

Hopefully ,when I see him again I can ask some more pertinent questions .

I think I am right in saying that the machine was partially disabled when it sank under the ocean . It could no longer be used as an offensive weapon . certainly it was built as an integrated weapons system with awesome firepower .

Holding souls ransom was another use to which it was put to force the hand of Enki's enemies .

I think it helps if you nut technology back to basic principles . If a magnet stores at its core a tiny black hole that constantly generates and recycles energy back to its source through a continuos doughnut shaped loop , then logic would suggest that the magnetic field draws and stores information as it cycles around .

Its a bit like birth and rebirth . Bodies have limited life but the soul carries the vital upgrades for the next incarnation or updated software if you will .

However , if the souls memory is erased along with the energy stored in it , you have a soul cage . Or you can hijack /piggyback that soul so another entity can ride on its back . The spine is a snake body. Take away the limbs and its pretty much the same .

I think thats what 'mah' meant when she said she had a monkey on her back !

I will also ask about CERN .

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 10:50 PM
reply to post by Teratoma

Lots of 'out of the box' thinking in your post terratoma, I like it .
It reminds me of all the stuff I have waded through .

You know , I had to rag shame and harrass my family in to telling me at least part of the story .

I dont wish to sound boastfull when I say this at all , but I am part of the blue blood loop . But with knowledge comes responsiblity and the need for secrecy /discretion . I understand that better now . Within my own blood families there is much division sadness and anger over the machine and its legacy .

In our family it is said 'what you dont know wont hurt you ,what you dont know wont make you cry '. That is so very true .

The reason it has taken me so long is because I was not ready when I was younger . The knowledge would have been to devastating ,to painfull .
It still is , I have real trouble dealing with it sometimes .

You are a very creative thinker and thats a huge help in getting to grips with this. Do take care though . You have to grow and mature with the knowledge you recieve otherwise it can overwhelm you . I say that in all seriousness .

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 11:13 PM

I think your dialogues with undo have really bought a breath of fresh air back in to this thread .

was it getting mundane? stale? not sure what i'm doing wrong, but whatever floats yer boat.

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 11:58 PM
reply to post by reconpilot

Thank you for your comments. I feel that something put me on a tangent of thought when I was very young, and that tangent brought me to Undo's thread. Nothing too hokus pokus, just things that I was curious about or let my scope of vision wander and wonder about my whole life happen to be backed up by a lot of the research she and her colleagues have shared here.

Obviously a lot of us around here are very passionate about the subject but we're all just trying to figure things out - that's why our theories are rather nebulous. I might have a radically different theory next week!

If anything though, I've had to grow and mature to a certain point to arrive here. Not like I've 'ascended'
but I've been suspicious of the 'official record' since I was a child; now I'm pursuing true spiritual growth and trying to shed the baggage of my upbringing. I don't really have a 'belief system', but I like to collect 'what ifs'. Still, I seem to be arriving at some conclusion, or at least things are making more and more sense. And if half of my notions turn out wrong (I hope they are!) I'll still feel like I'm on the right track.

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