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Stargates are real

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posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 05:03 PM
reply to post by zorgon

man...I love the color green.

The cast for the new movie does look promising, and though i wasnt a follower like said before, I have been looking forward to this particular movie. Now - even more so..
. Thanks again Zorgon

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 05:25 PM
the actor playing spock was in the TV show Hero, as a mass murderer who could travel through time like some kind of wacked out jack the ripper meets charlie manson. it's goign to be hard envisioning him as spock.

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 05:32 PM
reply to post by undo

hold on a second Undo
, Sylar cant travel through time (yet?). First he has to eat/nibble(?) Hiro's (he's the time traveler)brain in order to access that ability. But he does have a slew of abilities including super hearing, telekenisis, freezing...etc.

On a Star Trek related note, Nichele Nichols and George Takei both play parts on the show. Takei (offed last season) played Hiro's father. Nichols will be returning this upcoming season.

....but he (Sylar) does bear a very strong resmblance to Leanord Nimoy.

Now, I say yet only because for upcoming season, supposedly a major player is going to be killed. However, we do have a time traveler in the show and any time you do that - well things can and most likely be changed "again" to suit whatever paradox/timeline.... umm I suppose I'm rambling too much about tv, aren't I? - my apolgies.

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posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 06:31 PM
syncronicity seems to be showing me aliens atlantis angeles are all connected.

i watched the movie jumper last night and that had tons of symbolisim in it.

in it hayden wore a shirt that had the word star on it and the A had a circle or halo over it and today i saw stargate atlantis which had A and a circle over it as well.

jumper was based off a book, but the writer said the movie was far away from the source material.

also the coliseum in Rome which looks a lot like the unfinished tower of bable was in the movie too.

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posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 06:05 PM
reply to post by Shawn B.

I noticed quite a bit of what I'd consider symbolism in that film too. Not entirely sure how I'd interpret it but the Sphinx imagery (and other things) seemed to hint at things discussed at length in this thread.

And speaking of synchronicity, I did some digging around (literally - you should see my closet) for the comic Real Stuff by Dennis Eichhorn, that I mentioned a few pages back. To reiterate, Real Stuff is an auto-biographical comic written by Eichhorn and illustrated by various 'alternative' comic artists from the era (1990s).

In the 6th issue, Eichhorn chose to dedicate 4 pages to a dream he had that involved "jumping". I'm including a scan of one of the pages. I'm not too keen on the art here, and I wince whenever I encounter "disorienTATEd" and the like, but I digress.

The book Jumper, by Steven Gould, came out in the later part of 1992. The issue of Real Stuff with the jumping story came out in April of that same year. I do not think that one was influenced by the other. If I were to guess, I'd say that this is evidence of a concept I mentioned many pages back - that creative people have 'easier access' to the 'collective consciousness'.

Of course, as illustrated over and over in this thread, teleportation is nothing new, but the similarities in Gould's story and Eichhorn's 'dream' are noteworthy. It's hard to imagine that one didn't influence the other, or that they both didn't get the idea from an existing source, but the timing suggests that they were working parallel to each other.

Anyway, here is a page:

...Eichhorn's work itself is full of synchronicity; if half the stories in Real Stuff are half true, the guy has truly led an amazing life.

Want more? When discussing movies and video games with stargates/portals/etc, I don't recall anyone mentioning "Serious Sam" ...I'm playing 2002's "Serious Sam, the Second Encounter"... I'm currently making my way up the Tower of Babel. Sorry Undo, but according to this [sarcasm]TOTALLY ACCURATE[/sarcasm] game, the Tower and Ziggurat are two different things.

...Well, while not being the most intelligent game I've ever played, the graphics are very colorful and the maps are pretty amazing.

Take a look:

ATTN: Zorgon... I replied to your U2U, but shortly thereafter, the U2U system went down... It still shows in my outbox as being unread, but I'm wondering if you ever got it... Anyway thanks for sharing those pics. I was tickled to find out your avatar is actually a portrait of the man himself. Many kudos.

Plus, I'm fond of saying "Some people like triangles, some like squares; but my favorite shape is 'belly-dancer'." You da man!

Since we're sharing personal material, I thought I'd show you guys one of the things that I do:

...That's my ex-gf and I in the drawing. If anyone wants to see more, feel free to click the "AFS" link in my profile. (Caution: bad words and blasphemy).

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 08:06 PM
Nexus magazine ran a story a few years back about the war on Iraq being about a stargate that is burried in some ruins in the old sumer capital of Uruk. Who knows, probably is something burried there and the Americans think if they blow up enough things theyll find it.

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 12:26 AM

Originally posted by TheBlackDog
Nexus magazine ran a story a few years back about the war on Iraq being about a stargate that is burried in some ruins in the old sumer capital of Uruk. Who knows, probably is something burried there and the Americans think if they blow up enough things theyll find it.

An Exopolitical Perspective on the Preemptive War against Iraq
How Does the Historic ET presence relate to US policy in Iraq?
Dr Michael E. Salla

Our main operation base and air field in Iraq.... in the middle of nowhere... except right next to UR

The New Archaeologists?

More on this soon I just uncovered some interesting data

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posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 12:31 AM
reply to post by Teratoma

I will look thru my U2U's but I did not see any highlighted... or you could just send again

As to the 'belly dancers' I did find one really awesome image in my search for Iraqi looters...

I am sure Undo will like this one... she's kinda cute... if you can get past the toes
The wings are okay... no different than the Faeries

Now I have another LOOTED TREASURE form Iraq to share...

The Baghdad Museum gave the US ARMY Corps of Engineers a complete list of GIS coordinates for all the digs in Iraq... It is ASSUMED that it is so the Army can protect these sights....

So for now we will go with that...

However what the US Army has... WE now have...

Got a pen and paper handy?


Assyrian capitals

* Khorsabad -- Dur-Sharrukin 33o 20' N 44o 13' E
* Kuyunjik & Nebi Yunus -- Nineveh 36o 24' N 43o 08' E
* Nimrud -- Kalhu 36o 06' N 43o 19' E
* Qalat Sherqat -- Ashur 35o 29' N 43o 14' E

Babylonian cities

* Aqar Quf -- Dur-Kurigalzu 33o 24' N 44o 18' E Map 2
* T. Harmal (in Baghdad) Shaduppum -- 33o 22' N 44o 28' E
* Babylon 32o 33' N 44o 24' E
* Birs Nimrud -- Borsippa 32o 23' N 44o 25' E
* Nuffar -- Nippur 32o 10' N 45o 11' E
* Warka -- Uruk 31o 18' N 45o 40' E
* al Muqayyar -- Ur 30o 56' N 46o 08' E

Later sites

* Hatra (Parthian capital city)
* Zibliyyat (E of Abu Salabikh)
* Khirbet Jaddala
* Pai-kuli

Major excavated sites

* Tell al-Hawa 36o 43' N 42o 27' E
* Tell Koshi
* Nemrik 36o 46' N 42o 47' E
* Tell al-Rimah 36o 08' N 42o 31' E
* Tell Taya 36o 11' N 42o 43' E
* Yarim Tepe 36o 42' N 42o 25' E
* Telul eth-Thalathat 36o 34' N 42o 32' E
* Khirbet ed-Diniyeh -- Haradum 34o 26' N 41o 36' E
* Tepe Gawra 36o 31' N 43o 14' E
* Tell Billa -- Shibaniba 36o 26' N 43o 19' E
* Sheri(f) Khan -- Tarbisu 36o 23' N 43o 07' E
* Arpachiyah 36o 29' N 42o 57' E
* Balawat -- Imgur-Enlil 36o 09' N 43o 30' E
* Qalinj Agha (Arbil) 36o 05' N 43o 47' E
* Tell Hassuna 36o 10' N 43o 06' E
* Tulul el-Aqar -- Kar-Tukulti-Ninurta 35o 32' N 43o 29' E
* Qal'at Jarmo 35o 34' N 44o 55' E
* Yorghan Tepe -- Nuzi 35o 22' N 44o 18' E
* Tell al-Fakhar 35o 11' N 44o 09' E
* Gerd-i Resh 35o 20' N 45o 22' E
* Tell as Sawwan 34o 17' N 41o 58' E
* Tell Aswad (Ramadi)
* Tell al-Dhibai (in Baghdad)
* Tell Mohammed (in Baghdad)
* Tell Asmar -- Eshnunna 33o 32' N 44o 58' E
* Tell Ishchali -- Nerebtum 33o 43' N 44o 39' E
* Khafajah -- Tutub 33o 38' N 44o 40' E
* Tell Agrab 33o 34' N 44o 46' E Map 3
* Tell Aqr (Badra) -- Der 33o 14' N 45o 58' E
* Abu Habba -- Sippar 33o 03' N 44o 18' E
* Tell ed-Der (near Abu Habba)
* Tell Uheimir & Ingharra -- Kish 32o 33' N 44o 39' E
* Ishan Mizyad
* Tell Ibrahim -- Kutha 32o 44' N 44o 40' E
* Tell ed-Duleim -- Dilbat 32o 09' N 44o 30' E
* Tell Uqair 32o 44' N 44o 43' E
* Jemdet Nasr 32o 35' N 44o 44' E
* Abu Duwari -- Mashkan-shapir 32o 21' N 45o 13' E
* (Wanna es-)Sadun -- Marad 32o 04' N 44o 47' E
* Abu Salabikh 32o 16' N 45o 05' E
* Fara -- Shuruppak 31o 45' N 35o 03' E
* Abu Hatab -- Kisurra 31o 50' N 45o 26' E
* Ishan al-Bahriyat -- Isin 31o 56' N 45o 17' E
* Tell Bismaya -- Adab 31o 57' N 45o 58'
* Tell Ibzeikh -- Zabala 31o 44' N 45o 52' E
* Tell Jokha -- Umma 31o 38' N 45o 52' E
* Tello -- Girsu 31o 37' N 46o 09' E
* Al-Hiba -- Lagash 31o 26' N 46o 32' E
* Al Medina -- Bad-Tibira 31o 46' N 46o 00' E
* Tell as-Senkereh -- Larsa 31o 14' N 45o 51' E
* Tell al-Oueili 31o 13' N 45o 53' E Map 3
* Tell el-Lahm -- Kisiga 30o 50' N 46o 20' E
* Tell al Ubaid 30o 58' N 46o 05' E Map 3
* Abu Shahrain -- Eridu 30o 52' N 46o 03' E
* Tell Mahuz (Arbil Gov.)
* Kifrin (Haditha)
* Jebel Al-Tar caves
* Tell Umar -- Seleucia
* Umm al-Aqarib -- Umma 31o 36' N 45o 58' E
* Tell Shmid 31o 44' N 45o 52' E
* Tulul ash-Shuaiba [about 20 km SW of Basra, 6 km E of Zubair]


* Shanidar cave 37o 05' N 43o 52' E
* Palegawra 35o 39' N 45o 07' E
* Zarzi N 45o 06' E


* Ctesiphon
* Babylon 32o 33' N 44o 24' E
* Ashur 35o 49' N 43o 14' E
* Kerkuk 35o 28' N 44o 26' E
* Arbil 36o 12' N 44o 01' E
* Sulaimaniyah
* Dohuk
* Kut (Wasit)
* Amara (Meisan) 31o 51' N 47o 10' E
* Nasiriyyah (Dhiqar)
* Basra
* Baghdad (Iraq Museum)
* Mosul

Location Data sources: M.D. Roaf, Cultural Atlas of Mesopotamia and the Ancient Near East; compiled by Nicholas Postgate and Dr Eleanor Robson

Well okay its still missing a few but hey....

Note to those late comers who might thing this is off topic... since it is our contention that the stargates are tied to the Sumerians its not off topic to track the Sumerian artifacts and what is happening with the US Army 'in charge' of all the major sites in Iraq...

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posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 01:00 AM
reply to post by zorgon

Damn... I was gonna reply to TheBlackDog's post but I'm glad I deferred to the experts.

And it may be the vodka, but I had to read the following line:

Originally posted by zorgon
...I did find one really awesome image in my search for Iraqi looters...

...three times before I realized it didn't say

Iraqi hooters

...but yeah, I see what you mean about those feet. I've put up with worse flaws, but that was just in their personalities. Still, I'd be going for the clippers before sharing my bed with a lady with tootsies like that.

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posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 06:21 PM
people argue over who that is -- lilith or inana. matches lilith better but if it is also inana, well, that's an interesting addition to her list of names.

what gets me is that blasted ring many of them seem to be holding.

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 06:54 PM
What gets ME is the lack of CLOTHING

Yeah yeah never mind that...

The other day is struck me that all the pictures of people from those days wear very little clothing.. especially the common folk.. the history books and the art of the day all show the workers wearing little shirts and not much else...

YET when we see the Bedoins and other Arab tribes today... they are covered up...

If you have ever lived in the desert you CANNOT spend all day outside in the sun mostly naked... the sand blasting from the dust even with a minor breeze... the sun at 120 F... the dryness of the air...

Your skin would crack and burn in a very short time...

Yet when we see their images they are always shown as fair skinned... very soft looking unblemished skin...

So what are we missing here?

Was the Sun different back then that it did not dry and burn exposed flesh?

Was there something in their genetic makeup that made them impervious to the ravages of sun, drying winds and dust abrasion?

Anyone who doesn't think this is odd... please step out into the Nevada desert in July with just a pair of shorts for half a day

Something is not right here...

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 08:03 PM
reply to post by undo

YES, the actor cast as young Spock is Zachary Quinto, he also played 'Sylar' on the TV series's called 'ACTING'!!!

Zach actively campaigned for the role in Star Trek XI, based on his obvious physical resemblence, and possibly his tremendous desirew to be a part of the Icon that is Star Trek.

Nimoy is in it as well....spoiler....there is possible time travel involved.

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 08:20 PM
reply to post by weedwhacker

.it's called 'ACTING'!!!

"Calm yourself, Bones." - Admiral James T. Kirk

Eh, I saw the opportunity.

So you want a clean house, eh?

Sigh. Why's it always have to be me that goes the extra mile? What? Do I look like a carpet to walk on? Last time I looked, I was a human being. Don't push the nice lady with the short fuse.

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 09:05 PM
reply to post by zorgon

this thread has taken a decidedly bizarre turn into the subject of nudity and green slave belly dancing girls. can't say i'm terribly fond of the topic, to be honest.
why did this happen?
don't answer that. i don't have the attention span to deal with it and ambigous answers drive me nuts.

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 09:07 PM
reply to post by Teratoma

that's an interesting coincedence.
ah well, thanks for the posts.

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 10:32 PM
reply to post by undo

Sorry, Teach - we promise to behave! I'll venture forth an answer anyway. The thread is quite long, and like Zorgon said, it was just a fun break. I really don't think anyone here would've allowed it to digress any further or for much longer.

And not to harp on about teh noodz, but maybe they depicted their gods that way for the same reason the renaissance painters and ancient Greek sculpters did. Admittedly, I don't know that reason. Is it a reference to 'devine perfection'? It certainly must have been easier.

And Zorgon, wasn't the region thought to be a much greener place back then? Not the harsh desert realm it is today?

Undo - your comment about Lillith/Inana caused me to Google the names. It seems the idea that they are one in the same is pretty common. I also found a page by someone who thinks Hilary Clinton might be her too! I dunno, why not!?

Do you have any theories about what those rings are?

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 01:21 AM
For the sake of fun breaks, another one of my weird thoughts came to my mind earlier today that the two rings this ‘Lilith’ happens to be holding in her hands are none other than work out tools to increase her guns.


posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 04:01 AM

Originally posted by Teratoma
And Zorgon, wasn't the region thought to be a much greener place back then? Not the harsh desert realm it is today?

Well that is the point I am getting at... We keep seeing the History programs showing us slaves working in the hot dry desert... wearing at best flimsy white cloth... We get that from the inscriptions on the walls to be sure...

Now the Nile region was lush and the Cedars of Lebanon sure were... but the Pyramids were not built in lush green areas as far as I know...

So I guess I will have to 'dig' into it some more... something is nagging at me about this... can't put a finger on it yet... just a gut feeling that we are missing something important

To Undo I'll stop posting naked bird footed 'beauties' if you stop posting them thar reptiles

Oh hey BTW it seems these two are back on the returned list... at least they were at the time the museum sent this...

They also have one of those 'turkey's' that I haven't seen before...

Now I have worked all day on the 'Looters' pages and the DoD response... I will put that out tomorrow

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 09:45 AM
reply to post by zorgon

While there's arguable scientific evidence of 'The Great Flood', I was taught that before it, part of the Earth's atmosphere consisted of a "canopy" of water or moisture. I don't know if I go along with that, but I've often wondered how different the sky would be during those times if it were true.

Similar schools of thought teach that man, being 'closer to perfection' lived longer back then, so perhaps people were genetically more 'heat-resistant' as well.

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posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 11:51 AM

Well they look identical (the rings) to ones i've seen being held by ancient egyptians and which i had originally thought were gate symbols. so i'm going to venture a few preliminary guesses: a gate symbol? a key of some kind? a device for operating the gate? erm, a religious symbol? an indicator of status, as a gate "lord" / "lady"? i have no idea but it does look very gate-ish to me.

found the egyptian version
it's called a SHEN in egypt, frequently held by gods in bird form, and is later depicted as the ankh. it symbollizes eternity.

if you elongate it, it's the cartouche that holds the name of the person the data is about.


the turkey looks reptilian,too. the stripes on the legs is the indicator.

and for everyone
here's a very interesting carving from Seti I's tomb.

full image here:

it dawns on me that maybe some of the defacing, where it was said one pharaoh had wiped out the other pharaoh's face for religious reasons, was in fact an effort by someone later on, to hide the nature of some of the pharaohs

Check this out, from the Theban Mapping Project,
data on Corridor "K"

Corridor K
The entrance to the corridor is reached through the floor at the rear of the burial chamber J. Belzoni found the sarcophagus of Sety I, now in Soane's Museum, London, atop the entrance to this tunnel. At least the first part of the tunnel consisted of a divided stairway. The tunnel has not been properly excavated. In places, probes throughout the debris indicated that the walls were smooth and well carved. The floor consisted of a divided stairway and the ceilings were smooth and sloped down regularly, although at the beginning of the corridor a series of stepped red brick arches constructed by Carter covers the original ceiling. Gates appear to have been placed at intervals down the length of the tunnel, the first of which is visible on the Theban Mapping Project plan of the tomb. In 2001, a project to geophysically explore the corridor was approved by the Supreme Council of Antiquities. No results have yet been published.

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