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Stargates are real

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posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 11:52 AM
reply to post by Teratoma

yeah, seems like it. odd though since the breastplate was more of a jewish thing than a purely christian thing. i mean, the breastplates of the jewish priests were old covenant based. it might be the idea of non-forgiveness without repentance, which is not exactly what jesus taught. he taught to forgive whether the person repented or not. i think that's what luke is embodying when he forgives his father, repeatedly, even when his father has abused him to the point of lunacy and not once asked for luke's forgiveness (that is, till he's about to die). luke had already forgiven him though, which is a christian tenent. the old way of an eye for an eye, was old covenant. some christian religions don't teach that though.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 11:53 AM
posting to get it page over

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 12:06 PM

Originally posted by debris765nju
the entities have no physical form but they generate a substance very comparable to "liquid bandage" except stronger, that gives them a "physical" presence so they can move things.

This is a very interesting statement. I'm not sure if it's simply because I read something similar before, and I've never touched a "gray", but somehow this is consistent with my perception of how they would feel. I do think I remember reading that they had no internal organs. I recall something about a botanist being called in to help with one of the Roswell aliens, because their makeup seemed to have more in common with plant life than flesh.

Do they instantly photosynthesize this liquid bandage, or is it farmed/manufactured/grown in a lab, then teleported from there to here? How do you know this?

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 10:50 PM
reply to post by debris765nju

I find these two images hauntingly familiar to the picture that UNDO posted in this thread (God only knows what page, it's so long now). They actually appear on a clay jar discovered at Abydos, Egypt. Now that is what really jumps out at me, as I am colorblind. Some things I can see very well, while others are very simply indiscernible.

Great work by the way.

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 11:38 PM

Originally posted by debris765nju I was looking for a good photo of the brick Babylon Lion for my thread on "attacked out of time"

From Ishtar's Gate

Have you ever considered that your Star Gates are actually time gates too?

Teleportation Physics Study
DTIC Copy - AFRL-PR-ED-TR-2003-0034


Teleportation via Wormhole-Stargates
U.S. Air Force Teleportation Physics Study

Eric W. Davis, Ph.D., FBIS
Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin
4030 W. Braker Lane, Ste. 300
Austin, TX 78759

Two Kinds of vm-Teleportation Identified for the Air Force Study

• Traversable Wormhole engineered as a “STARGATE”
(via Einstein’s General Relativity Theory field equations, 1915)

• Faster-Than-Light (FTL) solutions of the Polarizable-Vacuum Representation of General Relativity (Davis,Puthoff, Maccone, 2003; , Puthoff, 1999, 2000) induce a flat-spacetime version of the Stargate via engineering the vacuum EM parameters

Part 1: What are Traversable Wormholes?

• Hyperspace tunnels thru spacetime, which can:

1. connect together remote regions within our universe
2. connect together different universes
3. connect together different space dimensions (for higher dimensional wormholes)
4. connect together different chronological periods within the same space region (backwards time travel!)

Part 2 - What are Traversable Wormholes?

• Traversable Wormholes possess:

1. normal or backwards time flow
2. normal or nonexistent gravitational stresses on space travelers
3. entry/exit openings (or throats) that can be made to be spherically shaped, cubic shaped,polyhedral shaped, generic shaped, etc.
4. flat entry/exit openings are possible – a true STARGATE or flat doorway through spacetime &dimensions!

Yes we have considered it... so has the Air Force

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posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 12:00 AM
reply to post by undo

Undo, have you given any thought to this thread with relation to ancient man, i.e. Neanderthal & Cro Magnon?

The reason that I ask is because I watched the History Channel today. There must have been 3-4 hours on the subject. It was fascinating. It went so far as to suggest "we (modern Sapiens) may have caused Neanderthals demise by way of a deadly unknown pathogen, as we came into contact with them during a 5000 year period, as well as possible inner breeding,

What fascinated me was Neanderthal needed 5500 calories of 80% meat (protein) each day to survive. Cro Magnon on the other hand, only needed 2000 calories daily, from 20% protein. Our brains were smaller also.

Neanderthal was a few percentage points closely related to chimps & apes, chromosomally speaking. I have been wondering for years about both humankind's coexistence and then one day we were the winners. Then I take into account your concept of Eve, the serpent & the 1st sin. Then comes the great human amnesia concerning the beings that you spoke of. To me I am beginning to get some solid mental images... I think. Could some of the Neanderthals walked through the Gate & into some miserable salt-mine elsewhere? It's said we walked out of Africa, & into Europe.

Neanderthals just couldn't cut the cake to survive. Somehow they were inferior physically & mentally. We Sapiens were the answer. We could do more with less.

Care to comment on how all this fits within your theories?

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 02:15 AM
reply to post by DREAMING MAN

Pretty good, actually. I wrote a thread on another forum on the topic of slavery as it relates to religion, here's the gist of it

Today's atheism extols the virtues of disengaging from the concepts and rituals of religion. The reasons given are as plentiful as there are human foibles, most of which outline the human condition. But the ultimate issue, at the heart of the debate, is "worship." This term has been intentionally misinterpreted, misconstrued and incorrectly applied. It is in fact the simple act of "work."

When you work, you are obeying the laws of your employer. Your employer is whoever requests goods and/or services from you. Even if you're self-employed, your work serves a common good or evil, and your employers are those who do business with you and the government that defines how you may go about working in that capacity.

Regardless of how it is portrayed, you take part in some form of worship, which is called "work", ultimately serving some higher purpose than you can serve on your own.

So when someone tells you that worship is bad but work is good, they are missing the entire point. They have swallowed the lie that they are somehow free from the slavery of religion or the gods.

Civilization of any kind is work and therefore worship. It is religion. It is servitude. To take part in a civilization, to add to the common good or evil, to function within its constructs, to adhere or not adhere to its laws, is to be an indentured servant of some power. This is the simple and frank truth of the entire history of homo sapiens on this planet.

You have to think past how you've been programmed to view certain buzz words. Words are weapons. They are carefully groomed to inspire certain emotional and psychological ideas in your mind. This is deliberate. When you work/worship the society and civilization in which you live, you are ultimately serving a master who you may not even be aware exists.

In fact, I'm going to suggest to you, that even if you do not believe in the existence of a supernatural or even hypernatural (power through extremely advanced technology) realm, that you are still serving one or many of its members in some capacity.

I view atheism as a lack of revelation, as servitude without representation, justification or even clarification, and it's highway robbery of the highest order. I'd even go as far as pointing out that this may be the reason why our governments have not been forthcoming on the issue of UFOs and extra-terrestrials. If we knew we were ultimately serving these other beings and that there was such a huge disparity between them and us, as regards quality of life, there would be mayhem and the backlash would bring down the governments of this planet.


See I get the sneakin' supsicion that the guys at the heads of our governments are all genetically tampered with, hosts, that the bible calls nephilim. And they have been so for thousands of years. I'd even go as far as to suggest that the most powerful leaders on the planet, are the hosts of the same beings who have run the planet down through the history of civilization.

Here's another post i made elsewhere on how all this fits together:
Alot of research has been done on the subject of reptilians as an extra-terrestrial species, but not much has been done on the subject of bipedal, upright, reptilians as an Earth species. Before I address the rest of my research, I thought it'd best to begin with discussing these enigmatic beings.

I have a picture of a statue from the sumerian city of Eridu. It's a being that looks to be part reptilian and part grey (alien). I believe it is depicting Enki, a sumerian "god." The word "god" typically sets off alarms in people's heads and they automatically interpret what they are viewing as mythological. I do not think this is the case for Enki. But before I get into the reasons for why that is and who else he might be, let's first take a look at him:

The image comes from the Baghad Museum in Iraq. Sadly, the statue is one of the artifacts that went missing during the first days of the War in Iraq. Here are the particulars:

• provenience: Eridu

• dimension(s) (in cm):
height: 14

• material: clay (baked)

• date: ca. 4000 BC

• description:
terracotta, nude male, with 'lizard-shaped' face and pointed head (hair piece?), holding stick in his left hand; shoulders decorated with applied clay pellets

It's the only statue that was found in Eridu, which by the way, was Enki's city. Notice it says circa 4000 BC. Here are close-ups and the side view of the statue:


Close-up side of head

Six or more fingers on his visible hand


Notice also that he didn't have teeth, he had fangs, as seen in the side profile of his head. Also note the lumps scattered around his shoulders and upper chest and the device he is holding. I believe these are all visual clues that indicate, not only that this was a real entity, but also that he was the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, the sumerian Enki, and therefore Satan, Lucifer, the Devil, and the Great Red Dragon of Revelation. In fact, he has more titles and identities than most people realize. When the sumerians called him the tricky god and the crafty god, they weren't kidding!

Michael S. Heiser, a scholar of several biblical languages has this to say about the "Serpent in the Garden"


What that essentially translates to for our purposes is that there was a species of "angel" that was reptilian, called Seraphim in biblical texts.

In a book entitled "God's Plan for Man," a theologian by the name of Dake describes this planet as belonging to a group of angelic beings, who were "created" before us. This was their planet. They went through their time of testing, advanced technologically and went out to colonize the other planets of our solar system. He refers to this ancient time as the angelic dispensation. We are currently in the human dispensation.

As a result of this research I believe I have found a trail that proves we were not from this planet initially. That it belonged to the reptilian species, some of which became powerful, holy angels and some of which rebelled and became subject to temporary, fragile, physical existence. To delay the inevitable, they've been cloning host bodies and using advanced technology to postpone death.

I think the evidence for this is in the fossil record and the trail of artifacts from 3900 BC and earlier. This wasn't our homeworld, in fact, it still belongs to Enki (Lord Earth), who even offered it to Jesus (Yeshua) in exchange for his servitude. In fact, I theorize that is also why we are here. Not because Enki had enlightened us, but he had brought us here from somewhere else and taught us just enough civilization to work for him. This is most elegantly depicted in the film STARGATE, when we see the Egyptian Ra (another name of Ea, which is another name for Enki) discussing how he had created our civilization.

You see a short clip of Ra telling Daniel this in this youtube excerpt from the feature film, around 5:00 into the clip

If you have seen the film, you might remember how it shows what the being who is IN the younger Ra looks like and that he is almost a duplicate of the statue from the city of Eridu.

To support this theory, let's look at some of the other statues prior to 3900 BC. Note the baby's hands/arms/head:

And to show it's not a fluke, here's another. Look at the baby's head

In this image of a Mother Goddess, you are lead to believe she is a human. In fact, someone decided to make a fake head for her, as she was not originally a human. Here's the evidence

The original was a mottled green, with large clawed feet. sitting on a throne which has lizard heads on each side. It was falsified in the first picture, and several items were removed, covered up or added, including the original color, the clawed feet, and the fact the throne was surmounted by lizard heads. Her originally head probably looked more like this:

In fact, all the statues older than 3900 BC, even the Mother Goddess statues, were reptilian.

This is not our planet.

In the early days of egypt, however, you can see humans frolicking with greys and reptilians in this image

i've colored in the image to show which ones i think are greys and which human and which reptilian

green: reptilians
pink: greys
blue: humans

In the book of Genesis, it is said that the serpent loses his legs as a punishment. I believe this indicates he was removed from the body or host body he was in or perhaps signifies the first time he and his compadres are changed physically so that they must inhabit a host body to be able to perform actions they were accustomed to performing normally.

In either case, he shows up again almost immediately, so something happened during that time frame that allowed him to get back to the busniess of running the Earth. It could be that the image I posted above from Eridu, was the new host body and that we have no surviving pictures of his original appearance.

In the TV show Stargate SG-1, the Serpent gods are called the Goa'uld. They are serpent-like, miniature dragons. They invade a host body against the original owner's will and take over all the mental processes of that body by burrowing up the spinal column and residing in the skull. In the film, however, the Goa'uld is depicted as a glowing grey-reptilian being, who is superimposed by the human body it inhabits. Both of these are viable possibilities.

Let's follow Enki's trail, now that we have some idea of what to look for. Remember, he is the owner and god of this planet. This is his property for the time being. Don't let anyone fool you - he never left. The other anunnaki may have evacuated, but Enki and his entourage, came back as soon as was possible, of that you can be certain.
There's really no way to know how many planets/moons, he is in control of, but for certain, this is his planet. If he's not on the surface, he's above it or has someone maintaining it in his stead.

Anyway, we see him as the Serpent in the Garden, referred to in later biblical texts as the Devil, Lucifer (his former title), the Great Red Dragon, and Satan. In sumerian texts, he is Enki and the Great Dragon. In akkadian texts he is Enki, Ea, and Enki-Ea. That is, till he takes a new host. He has a couple clones to choose from, as is indicated in the Epic of Gilgamesh: Either Enkidu or Gilgamesh. Enkidu dies so Gilgamesh is elected.

To find all the details of this event, it is necessary to read the history of several prominent figures from the same time frame. They are all the same host that Enki has inhabited, just depicted with name variations due to cultural boundaries. For example, Enki was the following people in the Akkadian period, who are all the same individual:

Narmer and

When Narmer dies, he is named Osiris (greek word, in egyptian it is Asar). The stories of this individual all seem to point to the idea that he is modified after he is born, and as the result of a request -, he offers to be inhabited by Enki's "serpent." Now I dunno if that's true or not, but once he's a host for Enki, he sets about rebuilding Eridu, on the same spot! This turns out to be the Tower of Babel. Babel = Eridu (also called the Etemenanki at a later date).

As described in the text, Enki supposedly uses the 'namshub' or the nam-shub to change the languages of the people. I do not agree with this simplified version of it. I think he shipped more people here from offworld, people from all over the universe, who spoke different languages, were different races and had different cultures, which confused the heck out of everybody. It was at this point, the project was halted. He left to Abydos Egypt and built the Osirieon, where I theorize, he planned on trying to build his "Babel" there instead. It was here he founded dynastic Egypt. (at this juncture, he is the emperor of the known world and has no council. but one forms upon the death of his Narmer/Nimrod/Enmerkar/Gilgamesh body)

Not long afterwards, his host body dies and he has to seek out yet another host body, which is the premise of dynastic egypt. The pharaonic line is a series of hosts for Enki and his spouse, who is also a serpent.

At some point, he makes a little foray from Egypt where he shows up as the King of Tyre. Ezekiel marches in and addresses, not the king of Tyre but the Serpent in the Garden, who is in the king of Tyre. It's a pretty amazing moment in the texts.

There's several examples of his compadres as well, in various rulers and leaders, all over the planet and down through history. But doncha wonder - if he no longer had the pharaonic line, where'd he go? It's the end of the egyptian dynasty.... I'll give you three guesses and the first 2 don't count.

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 02:35 AM
To Zorgon, and Undo.....

Prepare to be shocked.....!!!!

I am actually a big fan of the Stargate series, as depicted on TV via the Science Fiction Channel, originally inspired by the Motion Picture.

For Undo, your latest very long post, showed a clay sculpture with obvious male genetalia....indicated in the description as a possible Reptilian, and you note the possible six-fingers.... but, nonetheless has male genetalia, more human like and indicative of other works, say MichaelAngelo's David.

If you can focus on that one, and possibly explain in more's the series of photos where you show the overall form, then zoom in to the shape of the head to make the claim of ET. (or, as seen below......)

OR.....have you considered the possibilities, as suggested in the latest 'Indiana Jones' movie, that the clay sculptures could, in fact, be humans whose heads had been altered, from birth, to form the shape to try to imitate the 'gods' that they worshipped? IF there were attempts to imitate (best form of flattery!) these 'gods' as seen by ancients??


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posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 02:42 AM
reply to post by weedwhacker

It IS possible they were human, but the point I make is that I believe the one from Eridu was a host body for the Serpent in the Garden. The mammalian features may just be part of the reptilian species as a bipedal race. OR these could be indications of tampering with the DNA of humans, creating hybrids, but regardless, I believe that first statue is Enki, which the evidence seems to point to. it was the only statue found in his city of Eridu circa 4000 BC and no statues of actual humans (Where the head is human, and the skin isn't depicted with scales) prior to that time are available for comparison. Male or female, they are all reptiian- headed and scaly- skinned.

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 02:52 AM
reply to post by undo

Thanks for the quick response.

I don't think we're going to agree on the 'garden' bit, nor the Young Earth Theory either. Going on a limb here, would you consider the possiblity of ET influence in our development, but not on the 'specific' timeframe as supposed in the Old testament?

Meaning....before the advent of writing, all lore was handed down orally, and sometimes 'edited', if you catch my drift.

Not intending to burst your "Bible Bubble" at all....I am keeping open the possibilities of alien intervention, but I think it has either been a very, very, very, long process harking back for hundreds of thousands of years.....or, we just clawed our way to viability, in Africa....adapted, then thrived, and as hunter-gatherers spread around the planet, eventually finding niches almost everywhere but Antarctica.....all of this mostly, in an explosion of adaptablity, in the last 20,000 years or so.

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 02:53 AM
As far as the theory of Enki using the pharaonic line as host bodies, it sure would explain why they would empty the contents of the skull. And that opening of the mouth ceremony is sure suspicious. Not to mention calling each corpse Osiris.

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posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 02:54 AM
reply to post by weedwhacker

You didn't read the whole post. Please re-read it so i don't have to retype my response to you.

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 03:01 AM
Oh wait, I see i didn't post it. getting my posts confused i guess.
I agree with Dake in his book "GOD'S PLAN FOR MAN," that the planet was inhabited before humans came along. It's an old earth and that the prior residents were what we came to call angels. The word, as described by Michael Heiser is seraph, which means fiery flying "dragon", which probably be better translated as glowing, shining, serpent, capable of flight either with real wings or technological wings. The plural for it is seraphim (look it up). An entire race of angels that are serpentine or reptilian in appearance.

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 02:49 PM
Has anyone seen the movie The's Stephen Kings lastest's pretty much based on Enki and his abzu.

Besides that, it has ton's of messages in it...definately worth checking out.

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 05:57 AM
reply to post by Jalana Dax

wow, no i haven't seen it. knowing stephen king, it's probably scary! i don't like scary movies. my adrenal glands are worn out enough as it is.

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 10:15 PM
Speaking of movies, one that just came out on DVD is "Jumper", with Hayden Christensen & Samuel L. Jackson. A review on IMDB said something to the effect of, "Great idea, shame about everything else."

Personally I didn't think it was that bad; but I think it was my affinity for the premise that put me in a more "entertainable" frame of mind. It's about a guy who, due to a genetic trait, can teleport anywhere he wants. I won't go into too much detail about the movie itself, but there were a few things I found pretty interesting in it. One of these was that, for no reason pertinent to the plot, one of his favorite jumping sites is on the head of the Sphinx. Another was that in the background story, people with the ability to teleport have been hunted by a secret society called "Paladins" since the dark ages.

There's lots of talk about wormholes, and the Paladins have a device that allows anyone to follow a jumper through their wormhole scar.

Where it may have lacked as a movie, I think the premise would make for a great TV show, if handled well. I think folks here would probably enjoy it too, so I'm recommending it.

What else I found curious is that while teleportation is an increasingly more common subject in sci-fi, the way this movie presented it was familiar to me. I used to read a comic called "Real Stuff" (Fantagraphics Books, circa 1990) by Dennis Eichhorn. Dennis used to write for the alternative press in the Pacific Northwest in the 80s. His Real Stuff comic was a collection of autobiographical stories, illustrated by various different comic artists. Some of the stories were just illustrated versions of his dreams. One of those was a dream in which he "jumped" from one place to another, only randomly and without control. What I found interesting about this was that he encountered others in the locations he was jumping to, who explained to him that he was "jumping". He also went to crowded places where he was told there was no room.

I don't know why that always stood out as curious to me, but when I saw this movie, I couldn't help but think that it either may have been influenced by the comic, or more than likely, they were both influenced by the same thing.

So what "thing" is that? I'm not talking about teleportation in general, but mention of it as "jumping" specifically. Does anyone know of any other source this could originate from?

(Don't think "Puddle Jumpers" and Gen. John P. Jumper didn't cross my mind!)

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posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 10:27 PM
well jumpgates close enough?

Babylon 5
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
EVE Online
Fading Suns
Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The X Computer Game Series

Marvel Comics

In the Marvel Universe, Jump Gates are used by the United States Government to connect each state superhero team of the Fifty State Initiative with the Negative Zone's Prison 42 and in turn the other states Jump Gates. However, State jumps wear down the point between positive and negative space so the jumps are used sparingly.[1]

An alien race called the Shi'ar, use Stargates which can transport matter across intergalactic distances. There is a large Shi'ar stargate on the edge of our Solar System, but it requires a massive amount of energy to activate, and is hazardous to use since it has the potential to destabilize a star.


Jump drives are the main FTL technology in many science fiction universes including:

* Owlein species (such as plicans) fold space in the novel Johnny Mackintosh and the Spirit of London by Keith Mansfield, in which the term FTL is explicitly used.
* The Foundation Series of novels by Isaac Asimov
* Darkstar One, a computer game
* The Alliance-Union universe of C. J. Cherryh
* The Reunion (MMOG) [1], a sci-fi MMOG
* Battlestar Galactica (2004), which specifically references the term FTL
* The Alderson drive in the CoDominium series
* Wing Commander series of computer games, movie and novels
* The FreeSpace computer game series, worth noting here that ships can use their own jump drives to perform FTL travel within a star system, but need to use "Jump Nodes" to travel the vast distances between stars
* Battletech series of games and novels
* Heavy Gear series of games
* The Nights Dawn Trilogy novels by Peter F. Hamilton, used under the name ZTT (Zero Temporal Transit) Drive. It is worth noting that momentum is conserved, so a ship might spend days synchronizing its relative velocity with its destination before jumping
* The Traveller role playing game. Note that travel by jump drive in Traveller takes approximately one week, regardless of distance traveled.
* The EVE Online MMORPG where its used to allow ships larger than stargates (capital ships) to pass between solar systems, as well as forge temporary gates.
* The Heighliners of Frank Herbert's Dune "fold space" using the Holtzman effect
* Starlancer PC and Dreamcast video game, which presents a quick yet brief jump to another part of a solar system
* DarkSpace, an online-only PC game.

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 10:29 PM
reply to post by Teratoma

Hey, Teratoma.

Just Netflixed (oh, darn, I just made a company name into a verb....darn this English language!!!) the movie 'Jumper'.

You're right, it has a great premise, just not written nor directed very well, with far too many continuity problems ... glad I saw it at home, instead of paying $10 per person each!!!
(that looks redundant...oh well)

For instance, the role of his mother in his life....very poorly handled....but I will not include spoilers, just in case others have not seen it.

So, I'll give it a
if you rent it, and for seeing Hayden. Morgan Freeman, an otherwise excellent actor, seems to sleepwalk through it....

(Possible reason to see it....the production spent a LOT of money to have the Colliseum to themselves, for the shoot....eventually they got kicked out by the Italian Archaeology Board, or something, and had to build re-created sets for some of the pick-up shots, and second unit work)

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 10:46 PM
reply to post by undo

Wow Beth you really know your sci-fi. I guess what I didn't make clear enough was that I'm looking for a point of origin for the kind of 'jumping' referenced in the movie and comic I mention. Not so much technology-based or dependent on physical gates, but more like Nightcrawler from the X-Men.

Though I suppose with all of the sources you mention, and the countless others that exist, 'jumping' could be an almost generic term for it by now.

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 11:56 PM
reply to post by undo

I want to thank you for the long & informative post that held much information. I 'm glad that you took the time to post your newly updated color version of the Abydos-Egyptian-Naqada Jar artifact. I would like to take a moment of time to explain some things about it.

As historical art is concerned, I would like to believe that the Naqada Artifact ranks on the level or above that of the famous French cave paintings that date into ancient antiquity. If we are to accept the Naqada jar for what it is- a depiction of three separate entities- Humans, Grays, & Reptilians, then we have made a leap of profound understanding into our past, present & future. It also has deep & unfathomable connotations that challenge ourselves & our system of beliefs. But historically speaking, beliefs have been known to change over time. A noteworthy one was Galileo.

The Naqada Artifact is an anomaly within itself. It simply should not exist as such. It does not fit the criteria for artwork of the period to which it was found. It bears no resemblance to any Egyptian artwork for it's time line. We could simply cast it off as a crude ill made jar that survived the last 6000 years. At 4000BC, Egypt was alive with a system of beliefs, especially at Abydos. The Naqada Jar is alive with some form of spirituality. With that we can be sure of. The artist who created it, broke every rule within every rule book, in it's making. It is an enigma. Was it made by illegal means, and somehow allowed to get past all the checkpoints only to survive for others to guess it's story?

Anyone who can Google the place of Abydos, will very quickly see that it is not like the rest of the country. The buildings are markedly different. Egyptologists say that it dates to 4000BC, while some historians are completely stumped by the architecture. It is not Egyptian. Abydos in itself is an anomaly. It should not exist as such. Some even say that it may be 10,000 years old or more. Who knows? But to be sure, I would not trust Dr. Hawas.

I would like to conclude my post with one final point concerning the Jar. Upon close inspection & scrupling, I personally find the depicted scene rather unsettling & unnerving. Deep within my subconscious I admit that it leaves me with a very negative feeling. Quite honestly it is haunting. It has a power within that is so overwhelmingly expressed as a message of vanity & control. Subjectively, I see innocence in the presence of evil incarnate. Thus ends my observation. (Not quite a thousand words for a picture).

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