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The "Aliens" come from inner earth?

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posted on Mar, 5 2006 @ 09:48 PM
Well this is just an uneducated guess but i would want some answers for these questions i have as well.

I've been reading stuff about so called inner earth. its said that earth is actually donut shaped, with holes in north and south poles. these holes lead to a new world, where advanced and peaceful species lives, and they use some sort of projector to cover their world from us.

Well, this of course seems quite obvious to be some fiction at best. but however, combining some of the myths/stories/fiction going on here, i could make quite nice story : )

first, the myth about advanced race existing on earth (including pyramids and such). what if it was back then when homo sapiens species started to develop, what if the other species (also a humanlike) existing on earth was more sophisticated, advanced and importantly more peaceful. what if we sort of pushed them our of the surface of earth, what if we we're the stronger (albeit not more intelligent) race?

according to evolution theory a species would develop to the way its envinronment requires. it could be that humans that developed from the apelike creatures, were quite intelligent and creative. but the dangers in wilderness, such as wild animals required us to be more stronger and not as kind/peaceful to survive. so what could have happened, is that the creative and intelligent species didnt want to fight with us, or maybe we just reproduced more faster, so we kind of won over them. therefore they dediced to retire to another lands. and eventually they found new lands from inside the earth. so they went there, but also visited the outer earth occasionally.

this could explain the myths such as pyramids, which were actually made by the more creative and smart kind, to whatever purposes. maybe they wanted to inspire us or maybe they wanted to show what they are capable of. who knows.

also, the myth about atlantis, well, if this were true, the city could actually exist there. in the south pole.

then the myth about ufos, about the greys etc. if the race went to the new lands inside earth, they could have developed to a quite different form than us. if it was literally inside earth, or so that the light from sol couldnt reach them, they would have to rely on the inner sun. which could mean they didnt have as much light as we do. this could partly explain the look of the "greys", of course if we are to believe that the greys are actually the good folks from inner earth

and then the ufos, providing that they were the more intelligent and creative race, they could have developed technology way beyond ours. maybe they are a community of people, and not diveded into countries like on outer earth. and maybe they have deep interest in science and in creating new stuff. instead of our kind being interested in worshipping something that we ourselves created.

if by their guidance we created the pyramids long time ago, and if there really was a city called atlantis so long time ago, then i dont doubt at all that by now they could have ufos and such.

maybe they want to observe us, but not reveal themselves for reasons unknow. maybe they think that our kind is not ready to know, or that we would use them and their technology. because if they had advanced technology, then im certain they would have to protect it from us, providing that they would reveal themselves to us. and maybe they would have what it takes to defend their technology, but it is also so that there is only one earth and u wouldnt want to destroy it. be it from our hands or theirs. and also, if they really are a peaceful bunch of folks, then im not sure why they would seek to cause even possible war.

this to me makes more sense, (if we wanted to prove that someone else than us did the pyramids etc myths), than the theory that there was an advanced race that could travel through space. after all, creating a few pyramides isnt quite on the same scale than interstellar spacetravel.

anyway, if anyone bothered to read even some parts of my text, then i hope u liked it

i dont know how many of u have heard about the inner earth theory and that the earth is actually a donut shaped, but if u could provide some links i'd appreciate that.

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posted on Mar, 5 2006 @ 09:52 PM
If you haven't read it yet, you'd love the Lacerta files....(easy google online). It's utter tripe of course, scientific-wise, but it's an interesting read on the subject.....

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