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Knight World Online

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posted on Mar, 5 2006 @ 09:37 PM
Well i have to say that I love this game.I am currently logging as many free hours as i can.

Here is the url

it is free.With a few helpful things for buying the bronze silver or gold upgrade.Nothing to change gameplay just over all access.When the servers are full people who have bought access can still get in.Dont worry though there is alot of room.

You pick either to belong to either human or orc type nations then quest.Once you reach level 20 you can enter wars with the other nation.This feels alot like diablo only in 3d ans its free.

go to the website and register then download the client on the home page in the bottom left hand corner.

If anyone wants to chill with me in the game just look for or send a pm to me:Toraylin.I play in the xiegnon(or close to that spelling) server.Hope to see you there.



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