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Thoughts of Hope

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posted on Mar, 4 2006 @ 02:45 PM
Greetings Fellow Believers,

I've just finished a book that I hope all of you read: "Nature's End" written by Whitley Strieber and James Kunetka. It is a fictional tale of disaster, stuggle, and hope. What I learned from it was that there is an inevitable grouping of individuals who despise mankind.

Every zealtrous organization has enemies. We are the opponents of zealots--yet we join together in with the same fervor and idealism that would seek to sabotage their plans.

I wrote a short poem years ago, as a novice, in the hope that some of you might understand its meaning.

I have seen life through the eyes of kings,
and wept the tears of a thousand years.
Tremble not, ye hearts of men,
for we stand before the battlements of eternal tomorrows.
Who shall stand with me, sword and shields in hand,
to taunt the shepherds beyond the walls?
We are all brothers in act and deed.
We are all Brothers in the Hunt.

Not very lyrical. The author is an amatuer. But I firmly believe that some of you can grasp some small sense of the meaning. If a global conspiracy exists, we are the foot soldiers determined to survive. The aftermath is uncertain--but our idealism, courage, and hope prevail.

Do not succumb to fear and impotence. Strive. Suffer. Succeed. These are our strengths that cannot be overcome.

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