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Abductees: Help Prove Aliens Exist... Here's How!

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posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 01:53 AM
I don't necissarily agree with that. I don't think the abduction phenomenon is just a bunk of crazies, there has to be a kernel of truth there somewhere.If the abduction scenerior proves to be false then what's happening to some of these people? They can't all be lying.

I think one thing that everyone can agree to is the fact that something is happening, whether that be mentally or physically, it has to be something and what better way to find out than to sabotage yourself to capture them.

i didnt mean to imply that abduction claimers are nutters or liars there have been good cases in the past that seem to be geniune at least to them.
and the case of travis walters i think was his name could be wrong witnesses to the abduction some sort of proof can be seen but others who claim to be abducted time and time agian from their beds at night with others around them who see and hear nothing on every event well icould be wrong again but i feel it is more a mental thing than physical some of these people just suffer from night creeps and to deal with that they in thier mind produce abduction .
this is just my opinion from the research of done in the past
but if you can be taken from youre bed with others near even sleeping next to you time and time again the abductors have some amazing power over us and the physical world around us, spooky hey

posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 04:58 AM
First, they dont mind being captured on cam, what are we gonna do, arrest them because of kidnapping?

second, your tapes will be debunked as a hoax or it will be put in the cover up, so its a wast of money and we live in times we cant afford to waste money..

do you guys really think if an abduction is taped that the goverment acknowledge it and says yeah guys it happend, they are here and they are abducting..

Ofcourse not, it will go in the cover-up, you will get intimidated and threatend or it will be said to ba a hoax

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posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 08:56 AM

There comes a point where something is so blatently real and true, that people can't write it off as a hoax any more. Seeing as a perfectly clear image of an alien has never been captured, I would say this is the first big step.

posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 10:48 AM

Originally posted by Yarcofin

There comes a point where something is so blatently real and true, that people can't write it off as a hoax any more. Seeing as a perfectly clear image of an alien has never been captured, I would say this is the first big step.

Ooh boy, you are so wrong...

There are aliens captured on film, with a triangular craft hovering above them

the tape was confiscated bij the English Mi6, and they handed it to the american government... it has gone to Area 51 to be put in the computer archives.
After a crash of the HD they hired peoples to recover it because the info was much to important to is said the HD in that computer was 50 TERAbytes big, but thats not the point.
The point is that the computer personnel they recovered things, also the videotape.
well not the tape in its full glory, but they managed to take some shots of it out of the base and they published it.

Now...the story is full of gaps, but the shots were analyzed again and again and again and it is proven AUTHENTIC!!

Now, that means the shots and the vid are authentic, but it still could have been a hoax like a puppet or a dummy.

But why would someone spend so much money on such sophisticated dummys that move like a human, drops a device in the plants and searches for the man that is taping it?
The guy of the vid was scared like hell and was sitting down in the bushes with heavy breath attacks.

And the flying triangle hovering in air and flying would you fake that...the vid and the shots are authentic so that too then must have been something like a dummy or a device..

And wy would it get confiscated bij Mi6 and handed over to the cia who puts it in the archives at Area51 (well not Area51 but another place they moved all of it long time ago, i just call it Area51 so everyone gets the point)
If it all was fake, why would Mi6 hand it over? they inspected the place and they have computer and video experts... cia too, why would they keep it if they found it was a hoax?

They just confiscated it and putted it in the archives...see how easy they cover things up?

If you really want the story AND THE PICS than go to
and type in the search box Jaime Maussan, and then watch the ufo conference video that shows up

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