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how to save the world

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posted on Mar, 4 2006 @ 01:53 PM
science my good friends simple as that. concieving of notions directly influencing the material scape we can act against the enviromentally degrading effects some careless entities have brought about this earth. increasing the manifold in which we conduct efficiently coherent resourceful allocations of industrial output. not only with bold new steps towards a more afluent future but a faster cheaper more easily maintained one. drastic situations of progressively impeding effects will be oblitorated at the hands of the very worthy comprised composed scientific directive, nullifying the mundane redundancy of the not so imperative facets of modern life, churning forth greater amplitudes in situational awareness factors and resourceful efficiencies. humanity will triumph, all will be well, and my hyper reactive vitamine ciggarettes will be manufactured by micro-robots for free, with a complementary nano-combustable hyper efficient litgher for the fire igniting the flames of ignorance abolishing fury.

wisdom the esoteric tradition of teaching, will spur great onsets of emotional compensation. creating larger networks of love around the field of direct communicatory achievements. society will flurish with good natured intellectually progressive intuned people, that care not for the betterment of power or supiority over the next man but that the equality of the situation rides on what can be maintained communially.

that and try and not drive so damn much, the oil in your car can be used for lots of more important things, like send new technologies to poor people.

this all starts here and now with you and me through this digital interface we can discover exciting new outlooks in science and wisdom to save the world for the betterment for peace for the world. good day, good luck, and good work people of ATS

no need for bad karma

posted on Mar, 4 2006 @ 02:02 PM
so blinded are we by the promises of information rather then knowledge. science is not the answer. unfortunately science is nothing more then a tool. a tool can be used for good just as it can for evil. for every good achivement it can be utilized in abusive evil manner. nuclear energy gave us a power source that would be far more productive, only to be followed with the atomic and hydrogen bombs, one of the biggest mistakes of mankind.

the only way to save the world is to save ourselves. to do that you gotta start with the new generation. a lil aycronm(sp?) for you
T.he H.ate U. G.ave I.nfants F.**** E.veryone
^thug life, made by tupac.

it is true though, the hate we give our generations to come will screw everyone over in the end. we need to make a change in the generations to come in order to make a change for the generations to come.

posted on Mar, 6 2006 @ 09:14 PM
esoteric tradition of wisdom teachings will help direct the science towards the adhenerce of proper utilization and development. confiding in the emotional compensation of the many for the greater good of mankind, for the nullification of violent discourses and the anhiliation of hateful inhibition we can perturb the onset of this deplorable manifold and associate the direction of technology to a degree in which inherent evil is obolished. science does not harbor evil, ignorance, misunderstanding, and neglagence does. science does nothing but facets regards of intellect towards the general motive of healthy productive lives. have faith in mankind to interdependantly work together to create some great things and stiffle the inhibition of the evil. nuclear arms of have been neglected due to the flourishment of wisdom and integrety of good natured people who work towards the betterment of the world . wisdom has shown us the light of living in harmony and not using nuclear weapons. prescison laser guided explosive missles have a large role to play in the securing directive to maintaining a healthy flow of technological directive. destroy and explode those who will allocate all worth to evil intent. techology that will effectively abolish evil by making foods, sheltering, and productivity of the earth advance exorbitnantly! maintaining a widened field of information is imperative towards the adherence of scientific directive, imperatively utilizing ever single ounce of resources towards an enhanced societal outlook. thats why we have some great science and technological websites out there guiding us with the light to the situation of advnacing components of every facet of technology, my favorite being nano-technology. a field im certain you are all aware of. now and here is the time to really get it together so we yes we the people of abovetopsecret can save the world, or at least get us one step closer to the realization of equalization of wealth and power. so we can all have a helping hand in the development and allocation of funding to what and where our scienctific directives lead us to. you know why you guys, i will tell you, because its easier to try, thats why.

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