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ATS.C: The Conspiracy Hour: ATS Podspace Overview (Pt.4, 4th March 2006)

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posted on Mar, 4 2006 @ 04:57 AM

PODcast: The Conspiracy Hour: ATS Podspace Overview (Pt.4, 4th March 2006)
NrKy wraps up this week's show with an overview of the podspace at ATS for the past week, and pretends that he had an interview with Skeptic Overlord.

length: 26:24
file: atscpod_1502.mp3
size: 12382k
feed: atsc
status: live (at time of posting)

posted on Mar, 4 2006 @ 03:39 PM
On this week's show:
-Mentioning my blog at and how I think myspace sucks since murdoch and his cronies at newscorp bought it out. (someone find me a real blogger tool plz)

In the Totalitarian Tiptoe segment this week:
- An article from titled "Here's something to chew on: ID in teeth", about RFID tags being developed that can be implanted into teeth, and how I oppose the use of human RFID tagging.
- An article from titled "US Congress grills Internet execs on China policies" about Yahoo, Google, and Micro$oft's poor records in foreign nations (including but not restricted to actions such as giving the chinese government information about political dissidents, blocking their blogs, filtering out 'politically-sensitive' websites, etc..), and how a law might be passed that would make it illegal for US tech firms to filter content in foreign nations.
- I spoke for a while about the reactions to the mohammed cartoons, and holocaust rememberance, and how they are part of the Divide and Conquer method of global control, used by the Illuminati to subjucate humanity.

This week in the Aliens, UFO's and Other Strange Phenomena segment:
- Chemtrails, chemtrails, and more damned chemtrails (I'm obsessed!!)
I spoke a little bit about the possibilities of the reasons behind the chem sprayings, different paranoia states relating to it, and what we should do in reaction to it.
- More on the orgone technology and it's so-called 'ability to dissipate chemtrails/clouds', just re-stating my position on orgone technology.
- Echelon. 'Jam Echelon Day', October 21st 2001... EVERY DAY SHOULD BE JAM ECHELON DAY!
- Is the Serpo hoax/internet rumour really a pre-emptive ad campaign for an upcoming video game?

This week in's PODSpace and NrKy's interviews:
- Skeptic Overlord's "Skeptic Overview" makes a return to ATS PODSpace
- Skeptic Overlord replies to some of NrKy's questions in his Overview (So I get to pretend I had an interview for the week)
- A newcomer to ATS PODSpace, Umbrax' son, singing the spiderman theme (damn this was soooo cute!!!)
- Myself, Benevolent Heretic, and MrWupy getting bored and making a 'Show your love of the Skeptic OverLORD' podthread, where we pretended to be having sermons and singing hymns to appease our LORD, the Skeptic OverLORD.
- 'ADD Boy', aka. 'WERE_ALL_GONA_DIE', aka. 'WAGD' hurting himself for attention on 'ATS Jackass'. (LOL!)
- Finishing off the show with a beautiful song sung by Benevolent Heretic from, titled 'Middle of Me' (download from

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