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The What If Game

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posted on Mar, 4 2006 @ 04:36 AM
I don't know if you guys are familiar with alternative history games, but here's how it works: you take a turning point in history and suggest that something either VERY trivial, or something that was VERY likely but didn't actually happen, did happen. From there, you construct a new timeline going forward from that assumption.

This is a history buffs game, but don't be scared. Take guesses. You don't have to be able to back up your ideas right away. We'll talk about things and make them work. This isn't going to be an advanced game in all likelihood- just a little mental exercise in the name of fun.

So I'll get us started with a background, an assumption, and an initial change.
Then somebody else suggests what might have come next, etc etc. Please don't post twice in a row. Please don't post a HUGE chain of events- just something fairly straight forward- basically you should only be making one or two "what ifs" in a post.

If you disagree with somebody's what-if, explain why, we discuss, and decide, then replay from the point of error if needed.

Title: Indian Nation.
Background: The year is 1863. The American Civil War is in its second year. The Indian Territory (Oklahoma) is allied with the Confederacy. Most of Europe is slightly pro-confederate. Russia is pro-union, but only because they are anti-Europe. Russia and Britain are on the brink of war at this time as well. The Russians have sent their navy to American ports so that it will not be trapped in Russian ports by ice or by British ships if war should break out.

Point of Divergence: What if Napolean III of France dies in 1863, and with him dies French support for England's stance against Russia, causing Russia to believe they have another chance to hit the Ottoman Empire and possibly cut Britain off from India?

Result: Britain and France go to war in 1863. British Warships attack Russian ships in New York harbor. American guns open up on the British, and Britain, already angered by the insult of the Trent affair in 1861, allies with the Confederate States of America. The Confederates win, and the 5 Civilized Tribes gain independence in Oklahoma, as well as recongition from Britain.

So... What next?


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