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Hallowed be the Draco

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posted on Mar, 4 2006 @ 04:34 AM
Oh yea, you know there had to be thread.

Last season of StarGate: SG1 had the Goa'uld as the main alien villians. It wasn't a bad analogy of the dracos. Snake like creatures acting as parasites to humans. Going around stealing technology and enslaving worlds was the order of the day for them.

In the new season we now have the Ori. This new alien enemy captures the essense of the dracos far better. They are energy and feed off the energy of their followers. They offer technology and the path to enlightment. Basically, they offer knowledge for enslavement. I guess the Priors would be the Grays and the Humans that choose to follow that course.

Here's to another great season of 'Humans vs Dracos', on Sci-Fi.

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