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Hussein Fahmi confesses to 116 beheadings in Iraq

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posted on Mar, 3 2006 @ 07:17 AM

Fahmi confessed to carrying out 116 beheadings, including that of 24-year-old Japanese backpacker Shosei Koda, ministry official Maj. Raid al-Mafraji said.

Fahmi, who is of Egyptian and Palestinian descent, was captured by the Interior Ministry's counterinsurgency Wolf Brigade after a tip from local residents, al-Mafraji said. "We managed to arrest three other terrorists with him and seized a huge amount of weapons," he said.

Besides the 116 murders by torture the important part of this story is the location of slime birth............."Egyptian of Palestinian" desent. Note he is not a local freedom fighter battleing imperialist...............

Perhaps he should get the same fate as his victims.

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