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Britishs are wasting delicious food

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posted on Mar, 3 2006 @ 01:34 AM
Recently I read a newspaper that said so many Yangzi River Crabs overrun in every rivers in Britan. The UK govenment has odered to catch and destroyed them roughly. I bemoan so mach as this kind of species are really delicious food in China. May be don't you know this species you can sold in China for 80-100 RMB per 50 gram! Such expensive most of Chinese has not choise to eat for long time some one even never to eat. In China, you invite people to eat Yangzi River crab means to coorespond to invite your friend go to star-hotel for dinner. Unfortunately, nowadays, because killed too many lead to be obliged to man-made breed, so now, in China, few of few freshwater crab are pure-blood Yangzi river crab. which means those called yangzi crab are too small maybe only 200-300g per crab, and taste are not as well as several decade ago.
But, the new hope is England. We know that Yangzi crab come to Britain by ship's ballest-water of cabin two or three hundreds years ago. There is no nature enemy of the such crab in Britain Island, so those crab in Britain are pure genuine Yangzi river crab that are so big and fat cause me very veeeeeery greedy:w: What's knid things britishs done made god give them those delicious! But the fool govenment ordered to destroy them.:bash:
Surely, if you are a british, you may doesn't know how to eat those crab. I show you here.
It is an actual lazy man's delicious. you get the way to eat them much more easier than other good food. You take a big boiler, then put some clear water in it. you may can catch some those crab in a river nearby your home. wash clean, tthen enlace them as this picture showed
Of cause these crab you catch must be alive as syanine, the more powerful pincers, the better taste. then you put the enlaced cleaned crab in bowl. remember, the top numbers in a bowl should be two or three, don't put too many in one bowl, tthen you put the bowl in that big boiler. Braise it use mid-fire, after boiled, you turn to littile fire continue to braise for prox. 20 minutes. after that time make sure the carapase turn to red. you can take the out. when you braise the crab, you put some vinegar must be deep-red vinegar, don't use white, about 30cc-50cc in a small bowl with littile ginger and shallot chippys. Now every thing is ok. you rind it dip crab's meat in vinegar to eat. What a best delicious on the earth!?

In China, some rich man even use special tools to eat crab.
Some warning is don't eat too much, avrangerly two or three is ok, and don't eat crab and persimmon simultaniously, because those are belong to cold charisma in our Chinese medicine. Of course, even you eat too much as me has done before, then feel not comfortable. just drink some warm water will be ok. I have never heard someone feel uncomfortable before include myself. Ps, the pricers of Yangzi River Crab will be very powerful, esp. a genuine Yangzi Crab, which can cut your finger I have heard adaults said while I was a child. so be careful!

For this, I think you British resolve two problem, one is killed many crabs your govenment don't like, two, you can taste some delicious food that over Billions people are unlucky to no choise to eat.
Seriously, if you are a bussiness man, if you run a company can export those pure-Yangzi River crab to China, you will be more rich! Don't forget make a comunicate to me as your partner! That's an opportunity to earn much money!

[edit on 3-3-2006 by emile]

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