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Chris Styles & The Shag Harbour Incident

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posted on Oct, 22 2002 @ 09:59 AM
I saw Canadian UFO Researcher Chris Styles at the UFO Seminar I attended yesterday in Bordentown, NJ. He gave a talk on the 1967 Shag Harbour Incident which occured in Nova Scotia and created quite a stir....

He was 12 yrs old at the time and recalled that his Grandfather who lived in Shag Harbour called him up and gave him all the details of the incident. The RCMP was called in and the HMCS Granby was sent in from Halifax with a compliment of 5 divers to search the floor with high powered torches....

Local fisherman and townsfolk were pressed into service with their fishing vessels to search for the unidentified object which broke formatio and splashed into the harbour. Later on a Soviet Sub challenged the 12 mile limit to get a look see but Canadian Naval Vessels forced them to back off...

Styles showed off documents from the Canadian National Archives and The Air Desk (Canadian Project Blue Book) which shed further light on the matter...

His recent book Dark Object gives a full account of the Shag Harbour incident and is very interesting. Styles also had a video on the incident which he sold for $20 US/$150 CDN and was very enjoyable....

Bullwinkle, He told me Burton Cummings & The Guess Who played Parliament Hill his past July 1st and drew a big crowd, even Randy Bachman showed up !!!

How come you did'nt tell me ?


The crash was originally phoned into the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Detachment in Barrington Passage Nova Scotia by a young fisherman, as a possible airliner impacting the surface of the waters adjacent to Shag Harbour, a small fishing village some 130 miles southwest of Halifax on the Atlantic Ocean.

The report was at first greeted with an accusation that the caller had been drinking but caller was soon re-contacted (at a payphone no less) when others began calling in with a like account of an airplane crashing into the waters of the "Sound" by Shag Harbour. (Some 10 people reported the decsent of an aircraft into the water) 3 RCMP arrived on scene, all of which are principles, still living and have been interviewed.

Object was described as being ~60 feet long showing 4 lights while still airbourne and decending at a 45 degree angle. Viewed by witnesses (at least 20) from about 280 degrees of circle. On the water it was flat dome shaped. ALL PHONE IN REPORTS OF IMPACT WERE OF SMALL AIRLINER OR LIGHT AIRPLANE. AUTHORITIES CLASSED OBJECT AS UFO.

Dozens of people arrived at vantage point and watched lighted object drifting with the ebbtide. Object remained on surface for about five minutes then sank or submerged. Reports of wooshing sounds were reported. Attempts were made by local fishermen and 2 of the Mounties to get to the scene to offer assistance and look for survivors. Found only a patch of thick foam similar to shaving cream,only yellow in colour and glittery in nature. The patch was eighty feet wide by 1/2 mile long. Fishermen/searchers swear that this was not sea foam were spooked by it and did not like sailing through the stuff though they had no choice since this was the area where the craft went down.

Also encountered bubbles coming to the surface and expressed concerns about bouyancy.Nothing was found that evening an since federal and military agencies reported no missing aircraft the RCMP tagged the object as a UFO in a report filed to the Air Desk in Ottawa early the next morning.

Royal Canadian Navy and RCMP divers were brought in on the morning of the 6th to attempt to recover wreckage but were unsuccessful. Local and regional press and television arrived and filmed part of the search which was within a 1/2 mile of shore. In the meantime the event was given a great deal of coverage by the press including banner headlines in the Halifax daily newspaper the Chronicle Herald-Mail Star.

The evening of Oct4/67 were rife with UFO reports all over eastern Canada, one very strange event reported by Air Canada pilot and 1st officer. Radar targets by offshore trawler. There was a report of an object reported by another Mountie and three game wardens (they were staked out in the forest trying to capture some deer jackers) thirty miles north of Shag Harbour same time, believed to be the same one reported in the fishing village.

They were astute enough to take a compass bearing on the object that proved to be on a direct heading for the fishing village. A time lapse photograph (slide-Ectachrome-64) was taken of an object bearing in that direction by a professional photographer which we have obtained copies of but cannot be sure this would be the same object due to distance from sighting. Slide also shows star smears from time lapse while object(s) stay rock solid.

What began as an interesting story (the 'trapping" of an object 80-100 feet down being serviced by another object) by seven naval vessels off Government Point, Shelburne (also the site of a sub listening station and Magnetic Anomaly Detection -MAD grid) has expanded to include the muting of military witnesses, most of whom have not been in the forces for 15 or 20 years, refusal of Canadian Coast Guard documents and the tampering with of same, and local witnesses who offer evidence of this event while being questioned on another.

posted on Nov, 1 2002 @ 04:45 AM
Sky did a program on this subject a while back.

One of the divers claimed he stood on top of the submerged craft and observed someone(thing) inside.

It (the craft) later moved off, still submerged.

posted on Jul, 21 2008 @ 12:25 AM
reply to post by TheCat

I had heard the same but have so far been un able to find any transcripts of a conversation and it's really irking me...the account of an eyewitness who saw the said extraterrestrials is something i findmuch more interesting than a downed USO

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