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* In Body Experience *

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posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 02:27 PM
this is my first post ever on ATS, but i have beenr eading post and topics on the site for awhile now

any way, the important bit... i have a friend who i have been talkin too for awhile, she shocked me afew days ago and told me about sumthin she sed she didnt tell many people. i asked her to give me a description of what she told me so that i post it here and this is what she sed:

'First off i get a really bad headache. And then I don't really know what happens I close my eyes and I'm having this vision. I can see
exactly what the person giving it me saw and feel exactly what they felt. Like if they were being strangled I would be able to feel hands
wrapped around my throat. best part is I don't die. This has been going on for as long as I remember'

my reason for posting this is that im curious for answers about this. i dont think that shes makin up (but i suppose it could be a possiblility), so a few questions about it:

can any of you give explanation/reasons for this?

any one else experienced or heard of stuff like that before?

Thanks for any help!

posted on Mar, 5 2006 @ 11:14 PM
Yes I have heard of this before,in many cases it is called channeling or clairvoyance.In this it is percieved that our minds are like antenae of sorts recieving and transmitting information.In most people it runs in a sort of way that we more or less sense the world around us.While others can sometimes see past future and the lives of others,many prophets are said to be clairvoyant.

There are different levels of how the mind transmits and recieves information.Some can only sense and see what is physically infront of them.

The most commonly found form of esp or channeling is what we call feeling.When you enter a room and feel tension because there is an argument or something we are picking up on the energy and information sent by others.

In many circles of study people say that a ghost ,which is a low level energy spirit of a dead person.happens when a person dies under certain condition's and their physical body dies and their information and energy system seems to stay intact within our world/dimension/plane of exsistence

Anyway here is a link to Stir of Echos starring Kevin Bacon.It pertains exactly to this type of phenomenon.This is a good review of the plot and charcters without talking much about the actual movie.which i think is really good.


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