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NEWS: AP Video...Bush warned 4 days ahead of Katrina

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posted on Mar, 3 2006 @ 04:18 PM
Mr. Bush's sole obsession is to "git the terrorists" and nothing else seems to matter.

He was warned and he said "I WASNT TOLD. I DIDNT KNOW"- that is what we are still discussing here? He is either devoting waaaay too much time to the terrorists, or he has a very serious problem with his staff.

My guess is nobody is communicating properly because its hard to keep up with lies and the confusion is mindblowing to these people.

posted on Mar, 4 2006 @ 11:23 AM
i remember myself seeing this video on CNN, this is what came out of bush's mouth - "there is no need to worry we are fully prepared." then after no one showed up when katrina hit i knew bush will be replaced sooner or later.

posted on Mar, 5 2006 @ 12:23 PM
Here's a conspiracy theory for ya.

How do we know important people in the local govt. didn't purposely botch the entire situation, with the help of the media to make the President look bad and hope it will effect the next Congressional election and presidential election?

Fact is, Governor Blanco and mayor Nagin are either the biggest idiots on the planet, quite possible, or they purposely botched the entire response.

I don't live in La and have never been there but even I have known for atleast ten years that if a hurricane of Katrinas magnitude hit NO, the result would be disastrous. How is it that the Governor and mayor handled it so poorly and acted as if they were completely caught off guard?

Nagin waits until the last day to order an evacuation. Pure ineptitude or on purpose?

Hundreds of busses are left on low ground to be flooded. His response, "they belong to the school board". My response, SO!!!!! It's a state of emergency idiot!!! Who reading this would allow those busses to go unused and left to be flooded no matter what the school board said? Would the board have really said no? I don't give a damn what the board says! I'm the ranking official in this city! Find some drivers and start those busses now! It's called leadership.

We know the red cross was prepositioned and was trying to get to the Superdome. The Governor denies them access. Why? Because it's not safe and we don't want more people to go to the Superdome. Huh???? So we punish those in the Superdome? Let's get some more shots of those poor abandoned people dieing in the Superdome! Inept or on purpose?

The media falls all over itself reporting on all those poor black people abandoned by the President. It shows a real race disparity when it comes to poverty. The poor black community was hit especially hard. Remember all those pictures of only black people walking through the water? We know there were whites. Why the focus on blacks? We now know there was a disparity. Far more whites parished than blacks when looked at it from a per capita stand point. Why were all those white people abandoned by their govt.??? Mayor Nagin is black and he did say NO would be a "chocolate city again". Genocide? Was this a secret plan to remove the white folks and make NO entirely black or "chocolate" as the mayor said??? What if a white mayor said his city would be vanilla again? The media and the Jesse Jacksons of the world would be falling all over themselves labeling this guy as a racist. "Chocolate" city, not a peep. Conspiracy?

I'm sitting there watching the news. It's a split screen. One side has the governor saying the levees didn't fail, the other side shows water rushing into the freaking city!!!! Incomputance or trying to make the situation worse by not warning the citizens of the worsening situation?

Again, I'm sitting there watching the news. Adm. Allen is warning No citizens not to try to come back to the city because it is still hazardous and hurricane Rita looks like it could hit the city also, this is common sense. An hour later, Nagin is on my tv telling people the Adm. is not the mayor, that he is in charge so he will call the shots and wants people to start coming back. Was this fool really oblivious to the fact that Rita could hit NO? Again, complete idiot or trying to purposely make the situation worse?

This is just some of the stuff we know!!! We only know what the media "informs" us of.

Sure President Bush should share some of the blame. He never should've appointed one of his cronies to head FEMA and the President should have known just how inept the local officials were. Sure Florida was pounded by hurricane after hurricane the prior year and came through OK, but that doesn't mean the local govt. in LA isn't corrupt and inept. The media coverage has been extremely biased. The largest part of the blame should be placed on Laurell and Hardy running the state and city.

The next 2 elections we will see a resurgence of the talk about Katrina and how Bush allowed all those poor people to parish from not only the Dems. but also the media. I guarrantee it. Conspiracy to control elections? Hmmmm

Here's what boggles the mind. Other than the old and handicapped. How is it that that state, which has been controlled by Dems for years, had so many people that couldn't get out on their own? I've had hard times. I supported my family of 4 on 8 dollars an hour and yet I know for a fact, I would've been able to get out. In no way shape or form would I have relied on the bureaucracy to save me. Who created all these poor socialistly oppressed people completely dependant on the govt. How do healthy people get so dependant on their govt. that they can't take care of themselves? Why 6 months later are we reminded constantly of the fact that these poor people still need help and that Bush dropped the ball? Conspiracy to win elections.

posted on Mar, 5 2006 @ 03:50 PM
One of my best friends is a member of the coast guard stationed in LA, his house was whiped out too and not once did he say anything about President Bush screwing up. According to him, troops were assembled the disaster relief was ready but the Governor would not allow the troops into the state before the hurricane hit. Bush was on the phone constantly with him trying to get him to allow the troops to enter the state. Without being in there when it hit they were unable to keep law and order and provide the support they could have. The city of NO turned into a gang land after the hurricane hit, they stood outside firing on military hellicopters and we want to ask "why was there no quick response?"

posted on Mar, 5 2006 @ 04:02 PM
Here is a great read about Katrina. For the record the military and local authorites rescued about 70,000 people immediately after the storm. I can only hope for the next big storm that at least some of the newscasters who were so quick to bad mouth our government on their efforts get washed away.

posted on Mar, 7 2006 @ 02:05 PM
Bush doesn't know a damned thing period...the only honest thing he has ever said during his tenure is the"I don't think" prelude to whatever denial of responsiblity he is asserting today.

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