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Experts Join Judicial Watch in Suit Over Release of 911 Evidence

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posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 05:36 PM
Scholars for 9/11 Truth, a society of experts and scholars, has joined Judical Watch in a suit against the US Department of Defense for the release of information, evidence and videos which are essential to understanding 9/11. The original suit from Judicial Watch focused on videos confiscated by the FBI after the event at the Pentagon, but this new alliance widens the scope of the information being sought. In addition to the Pentagon surveillance tapes, they are now seeking inventories of plane wreckage, catalogs of photographs and videotapes, and results of any tests and examinations.
(PRWEB) - Duluth, MN (PRWEB) March 1, 2006

"It is outrageous that the government is withholding this vital information", said James H. Fetzer, founder and co-chair of the society. "This concerns one of the monstrous events of our time and deserves to be in the public domain." The group, whose members include such prominent figures as David Ray Griffin, Morgan Reynolds, John McMurtry, Wayne Madsen, Robert Bowman, Webster Tarpley, and Andreas von Buelow, has been speaking out against what its own research suggests has been complicity by elements of the administration in the crime.

Judy Wood, a professor of mechanical engineering at Clemson University and a full member of the society of scholars, has emphasized the importance of this material for those studying the collapse of the Twin Towers and World Trade Center 7. "This material has the potential to resolve crucial questions about the forces that were responsible for the buildings' fall, including the possible use of incendiaries and explosives", she observed. "It is of great importance that we have access to it."

According to Professor Fetzer, the SEC possesses knowledge of "put options" on American and United Airlines, which are suggestive of advanced knowledge that the attacks would take place; Secretary of Transportation
Norman Mineta gave very important testimony to The 9/11 Commission, which it chose not to include in its report; and the Secret Service conducted itself in a manner suggesting that it knew there was no serious threat to the President, even following the attacks in New York, while the commander-in-Chief ignored the unfolding drama.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

While of course it is impossible to determine how effective this will be, if the recent suit by Stanley Hilton is any indication, this will likely go nowhere. But on the other hand, does bring more credible heavyweights to the table, including prominent professors and others that refute the official story based on the evidence.

The group believes that the White House is incapable of investigating itself, as is evidenced by the incomplete information presented in the 911 Commission Report. This report left many questions unaswered and many issues unaddressed such as the removal of evidence from Ground Zero.

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posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 06:51 AM
Way to go TRUE AMERICAN......Im sorry I took so long to find this. You got my vote!
......Now with Charlie Sheen out there making some noise mabey America will open its mouth also. Lets get more facts out there!!

posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 09:29 AM
Scholars for Truth Member Murdered

Originally posted by billybob
Michael Zebuhr, a Phd. student of Professor. Judy Wood (Mechanical Engineering, Clemson University), was murdered yesterday by a shot to the head in during a mugging in Minneapolis on Saturday, March 18th, 2006.

This is all too strange. I missed this post, too. Thanks TA, and thanks tommy98201 for bumping it up. I can't help but wonder WTF going on. This stuff really has to be brought out in the open for investigation.


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