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Islamic Terrorists Threaten Palestinian Christian Community -- Deadline Yesterday

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posted on Mar, 1 2006 @ 12:54 PM
The Palestinian Bible Society is a small society representing about 1,500 Palestinian Christians. The actual society began in 1999, and now has a staff of 11 Palestinians. Some of the services they provide are a Christian bookstore selling Bibles and other Christian material, scripture on billboards, computer rooms, multipurpose rooms and a library open to all of the community.

About a month ago, a pipe bomb exploded outside the building, but no one was injured. Two weeks later, an unknown group left pamphlets telling the Palestinian Bible Society to vacate the premises or be blown up. They also condemned the land lord for dealing with infidels. The pamphlets stated the group had until February 28th to vacate.

The situation became worse, and Palestinian Authority security officials requested the Christian society to lock its doors, which they did. Following this, they received a phone call telling them that the threat is serious, and locking their doors won't protect them or their children. The worsening of the situation is attributed to the Mohammad cartoons that have sparked violent riots throughout the world.

This is a story that hasn't gotten much attention in the main stream media that I've seen, but has been circulated among Christian groups. Hamas, the new majority in the Palestinian government, has stepped up to the plate on this one, stating they will work to protect the small society. However, members are concerned that a transitioning government amidst civil turmoil over the cartoons could hamper efforts. It will be interesting to see if the new Hamas controlled government can protect its citizens from terrorist attacks, and if they cannot, what effort will go into pursuing those who carry out such attacks.

As of now, I cannot find any news of an attack taking place today.

As a side note, Christians throughout the world should take note of the society members' reaction to these threats:

"It really breaks our heart that some groups are against the whole idea. We ask Christians worldwide to pray, not only for us, but also for those who are trying to hurt us, as Christ commands us to do."

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